Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days to a Fruitful Marriage Day Fourteen: Having a Fruitful Marriage When Marriages Around You Are Broken

When you have a group of friends, it's going to be pretty common that more than one of their marriages will be not only broken, but downright unbiblical and disrespectful. But what do you do when marriages around you are broken and your marriage is struggling right along with the rest of them?
The people you choose to model your marriage after is a pretty important thing, which is why we discussed joining a church together. When you are surrounded by marriages that are all just hanging on by a thread, it's hard to know where to turn when things in your own marriage start to get rocky.
If your marriage is strong and you are noticing a need for marriage help for those around you, it's a good opportunity to start a marriage Bible study in your own home and invite couples you know are looking for help and don't know where to turn. What a tremendous opportunity for a ministry!! If your marriage is suffering, consider your married friends and whether or not you have an adequate support system to nourish your marriage. Especially if you are surrounded by people who give you bad advice because of their own feelings of their partners, and I've seen some pretty terrible advice, you might want to consider looking elsewhere for some new married friends. The only way to really help is to pray and ask God for guidance, and for some good, open, strong married friends to meet. This is a really important step to a fruitful marriage.

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