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Musings of a 35 (almsost 36) Year Old Woman

My poor blog has been sorely neglected lately. Not sure why I haven't added much to it this last year, but tonight, I felt I had some things to say. Dogs. They are a gift from God, and I truly believe that. My dogs are my companions, my friends. They are always excited to see me walk through the door. Even if I've only been gone a few minutes, they greet me as though they haven't seen me in a lifetime. They love my hugs, my kisses, my presence. They follow me around the house, watching me to see if I'm going to do something different than I have ever done, if I have a treat to give them, watching me in anticipation to see if I'm getting ready and about to leave them. Walking in between my dogs through my house is an exercise in agility, as it's almost like manipulating an obstacle course. They sleep soundly when I'm in the same room. I watch my pups curl up on the floor next to my feet, just happy and content to be near me. My pups have been with me now go…

Christmas in Pictures