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31 Days to a Fruitful Marriage Day Twenty Three: Picking Priorities and Keeping Them

Priorities are tough because our priorities seem to change with every passing day. there are some priorities that we set for our time and then priorities we set as examples for our children. Being intentional means setting priorities and keeping them, no matter what happens during our days. It can be challenging, but worth it.
Our first priority in our marriage should be finding time for God. How much time is up to you and God, but at least once a day, time needs to be set aside. Our second priority in our marriage should be our spouse. Whether or not we want to admit it, our spouse is who we've chosen to spend our life with, they need to be the most important person, aside from God. Our third priority are our children. It's tempted to make them #1, but we shouldn't.
After that, our priorities need to be decided between to the two people in our marriage. Questions like: Will we be a two-parent-working home or will one of us stay home? How many activities should each child get involved in? How many activities should we individually be involved in and how much time should we spend in those hobbies? How much time will we spend in service to the church? How will we spend our money each month? These are all ongoing concerns that take money, time and energy away from our families that should be discussed and considered. Both spouses should have equal input on the priorities and their positions should be considered very carefully. After a decision has been made, it's important to stand by that choice and live life according to the priorities we set and not sway. If a priority decision isn't working, alter it to work.
Living lives by the decisions we make is incredibly important because it forces us to be intentional, which in turn, allows us to be fruitful.


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