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Last Day of School

For REAL??? These kids are going to be in the 5th and 2nd grade next year?
I just can't believe it. We thought ice cream was in order!!

Dining Room Befores (And a couple afters)

I just thought I would share with you a few before pictures of the dining room. I am working on the windows and curtains right now, so that's what I am focusing on.

These curtains are AW-FUL. They are from Ikea and were cheap, cheap, cheap. I thought I would find something to hold the place of curtains while I was searching for something I really wanted.

When I put these up, I didn't realize how sheer they were. Sheer is the wrong word. They were basically fishnets.

Yuck. Just looking at them grosses me out. I also got cheap white curtain rods, as I was getting like, 10 at one time. Well, they aren't my favorite either, but they were $1 each, so I was willing to just deal with it.

The curtains were so long that I had to tie them up. Hideous.

Just about the only thing I liked about them were that they were bright and white. I knew I wanted something similiar to replace it.

Here are the two windows together. Please don't mind the mess on the table. Like I said, I am re…

Memorial Day In Roswell

Our trip to Roswell was a success! We made it there and back again, so that's success, right? The trip there was much better than the trip back. Avery slept about an hour on the trip there and was just fine being in the car. The way back was a different story. I think her tummy was hurting and she just didn't want to be in the car seat (who can blame her!) She was really fussy and sometimes, she just plain wailed and cried. We were ready to be done!
My boss let us borrow a power inverter that allows you to plug in a regular plug into a box that is plugged into the car lighter, so we could watch the laptop as much as we wanted. What a lifesaver. I don't know what we would have done if Avery couldn't watch movies. This was our set up in the back seat...

(I just love sleeping babies and there gooey chubby cheeks!)

We stopped to grab some dinner on the way. If this doesn't describe the trip, I don't know what does...

There really were aliens everywhere in Roswell!…

Close Encounters of the Third Kind...

Today we are headed to lush, green, tropical...

Ok. What I really meant was hot, dusty, brown Roswell. But at least we get to see Nawni and Poppy! But not before we had a tire blow out and a need for four new tires on my car. So, five new tires today. Sheesh. If it's not one thing it's another!

Upcoming Dining Room Transformation

I am so excited to be bringing you this news....
My dining room is getting a makeover! This is how it looked when I started.

Actually, the truth is that it looks a little different. I painted the lampshades black and put up some horrible curtains that are still in my house.
But as you can see from this picture, the transformation is taking shape.

I think I had mentioned this, but that table and chairs was a hand me down from my parents. We've had that table as long as I can remember and now, it's mine! It's a really pretty set, but I've had some ideas for how to redo it for a while. If you look in the above picture, it's a wash of brown, what with the hardwood floors and wood paneling. So, I started thinking about what I want to do.

I bought some Ivory spray paint and will be painting all of the chairs and base of the table. It will then get some glaze to bring down the brightness of the color and bring out the detailing. The top of the table will get stained a dee…

Half Birthday

I cannot even believe I am saying this, but...guess who is 18 months old?? Avery Grace is 18 months old. Here is the last picture taken last night, where she is closer to one than she is to two today. (she's sure got the 60's shaggy do going on, doesn't she?)

Avery has grown so much in the last six months. She is currently wearing a size 5 diaper, a size 6 shoe, and 2T to 3T clothes. I have a feeling before the next post I do like this (her 2 year!) she will be using the potty. She is very tall and I would guess weighs about 30 pounds. She is a big little girl! Of course, Jason and I are both tall, so I think we expected that.

Avery can run now, she can climb, she can almost jump, and she can spin (pretty fast!). She has no fear and will try anything we tell her. Or she will just want to be a daredevil on her own! She loves to be upside down, she loves to be thrown, she loves to be tickled, and she loves to try new things.

Avery can say alot of words. Just guessing, I woul…