Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days Challenge: 31 Days to a Fruitful Marriage

Every year, The Nester has a 31 Day Challenge in October. You pick a topic that you will write about for 31 days, so it's called 31 Days to...
You could do something about your home (31 Days to a More Organized House), or something about DIY (31 Days to More DIY Projects). I tried this one time before and ended up only doing about a week before I gave up. It was hard to write for 31 Days!!
Well, this year I've challenged myself to doing it again, this time, I will actually finish. So, this year, my topic is:

I will be starting my topic tomorrow and will (attempt) to write for 31 days on this topic! I have added all of the days' topic on the right side of the blog and will link the days so you can get to them easily.
I hope to see your here and that I have some things that are helpful for you!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some Changes...

We've been going through a bit of a transition at the Whitehead household the last month or so. I haven't really talked too much about it because I wasn't ready, to be honest. It's just a lot of change and I've been trying to figure it out in my head.
As of three weeks ago last Friday, I am no longer a full time work out of home employee.
I can't believe I just said that.
It's been the plan for several months now for me to go into real estate and it was always assumed I'd be doing that part time, while keeping my full time job. Plans kind of changed when Jason got his promotion. He'd always has a job that allowed him a lot of flexibility. In sales, especially after you've been in a position for a while, it just sort of happens that way. He could take Avery to daycare and pick her up, he could take her to doctor's appointments, he could even do chores around the house in the afternoon, while I was at work. I had some flexibility in my hours, but not much. When I worked from home in July, which was his first month in his new position (at home also), I realized just how much dedication this new position was going to require for him. I took on a lot of the household responsibility. When I went back full time to the office in August, I realized it was going to be really hard to make this work on a day to day basis. Especially since he'd be starting to travel a lot more and I would be the only one to do everything.
At first, my job was really eager to work with me and let me either go down to part time or let me work from home a few days a week. They didn't want to see me go. We talked about it for a while and were just going to see how things worked out. I was about to have to take off a few weeks for surgery, so we would see how things would pan out. I knew my heart wasn't in coming back to the office. I knew that there was a different path God was calling me down, but I was really hesitant about it. After a while, it became clear what was going to happen. We both decided it was best if I didn't come back and we parted ways on excellent terms. I felt OK with that.
Now, I am going to be focusing on being a real estate agent, something I've always thought about doing, just never been able to do. It's a job I can have flexibility at and also work from home. Just so everyone doesn't weigh in on my schedule, I am not in it to make a million dollars, but I do want to contribute financially in some capacity. I think this will work out. I am not sure how it will all end up working out, but I know I can take it one day at a time and see how things go. I am pretty excited.
Well, that's my last few months in a nutshell. You just never know what plan God has for your life.
I leave you with a picture of a kid with no worries, except not dribbling her fudgsicle on her pants.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Fall/Winter Holiday To Do List

I have told myself that since I have some time on my hands this year, I am going to do some things for the holidays that I don't always have time to do, or haven't felt I had time to do. I crossed my first thing off already - paint some pumpkins!!
My landlords are the absolute nicest people to us. We will come home and find treats, and this week, we came home to four pumpkins on our porch. They are always so nice to think of us! I decided paint them and do a chevron and striped pattern. I want to do the other two maybe like this...
or this.
My next to-do for fall is to give the pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks a try, not because I like pumpkins or lattes all that much, but because I guess I am just a sheep.
The next on my list is to try a new pumpkin patch with the kids this year. I love the one we've gone to but it is so far away. This place in Grapevine looks so cool and has a real corn maze!!
This is also the year I am going to order some personalized Christmas stockings. I think about it every year too late, and by the time I do it, Etsy orders are either too full or too backed up to get them in time..
#11093 Christmas Stockings
We have a very tall ceiling in our living room and last year, a regular sized tree just didn't cut it. I want to go shopping on Black Friday because I heard that's when 10' tall Christmas trees are their cheapest. The one at Walmart I just saw was $250 and I think that's actually not bad. Yikes.
We have the kids for Christmas this year, so I'd actually like to spend one whole day in a Christmas movie marathon in our PJs, with good holiday treats, watching all of the classics (and these aren't even all of them!).
I would actually like to feel pretty and thin enough this year to be in our photo for our Christmas card. And I would also like to feel comfortable enough in my body to not look back at Christmas morning with a look of disgust. Oh my goodness, did I just say that out loud??
I just added the photo below because, well, that's awesome and oh so true.
Well, this is definitely a good list, I think!!! Have a great week!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not Really Coherent Wordful Wednesday

Photo: Cousins :-)
These are some cuties, I have to say! Colbi wouldn't look at me, she was fascinated by my pant leg!!
Today has been a good one so far. I was able to visit with my sister this morning, then go to Walmart during the week day, which is actually a pretty relaxing experience. I have some plans for projects that I am not ready to start right now but sometime in the near future, so I was picking out some fabric and paint. Then, I went down the toy aisle and mentally gathered some birthday and Christmas gift ideas for the kids. I was also able to go to the gardening section and look at some flowers. They didn't have much of a selection today, but that is also something I'd like to think about in the future. While I was there, I also saw that they are now making flavors of my very favorite creamer and I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and try my first one out!! (I got the cookie one, in case anyone is interested).
In the past couple weeks, I've been not working and "recovering" (I put that in quotations because rest really hasn't been on my radar, as it probably should be), but my time and mind have been free to focus on other things besides work. I have to say, it's been a great experience to get this time, while limited, to really just hang out and let life happen and take it in.

I got on an interesting comment conversation on Facebook and it led me to think that Facebook needs to have different divisions:

Stay at Home Mom Facebook Feeds

Pictures of Food Facebook Feeds

Christian Verses and Comments Facebook Feeds

"Back in My Day" Facebook Feeds

Pictures of my Kids/Grandkid Facebook Feeds

I Am Looking for a Job Facebook Feeds

Very Long Status Update Facebook Feeds

I Am a Negative Nelly/Nancy Facebook Feeds

I think that covers most all updates, right??

Well, I am off to either lay down or paint my bookshelf, it's really a coin toss at this point.

Monday, September 16, 2013


This is our new Bible study at our church that we will be going through. So far, I have really enjoyed it. I love Bible studies of all kinds, but I especially love the kind that are very life-application themed. They are all life-application themed in some way, but some, like perhaps, particular studies over a certain book of the Bible, aren't as life-application themed as this one is. This one asked you to focus, a lot, on your own life and how you get strength from God.
How DO you get strength from God?
I was watching my newsfeed on Facebook the other day, as I've been really focused on this topic for the last couple of weeks. I wanted to see what people said about it. I saw a lot of these -
(Ironically, a few of these versus come from Isiah...maybe a good book to read, huh?)
I saw so many pretty pictures with verses from the Bible in them. A lot of them made me feel good. Verses like this are encouraging, aren't they? They remind us of God's promises.
I wonder, though. How many people actually believe these things in their heart of hearts? I saw many of these verses, followed by status updates full of questioning, full of uncertainly. If we know these things to be true, why are we still so weak?
I just want to challenge myself to not just read these verses for a quick "shot in the arm." To temporarily make me feel good for a moment or two, but to know these verses and the stories behind them. To know WHY these verses are important. These verses are important because they are part of bigger stories the Bible tells us about how God provided this strength to certain people. These verses help us to truly have strength, not just make us feel better when we are having a hard time, but to know with all of our heart that our God really is bigger and stronger than our problems, if we just ask Him to be, and then do things His way when He shows us the path to take. It's so simple, yet it is just so hard sometimes.
I came across this quote in the Bible study: "It often seems more difficult to trust God than to obey Him...The circumstances in which we trust God often appear irrational and unreasonable...Obeying God is worked out within well-defined boundaries of God's will. But trusting God is worked out in an arena that has no boundaries." - Jerry Bridges
This is so true. I have just really loved this study and am looking forward to learning and seeing what more God has for me.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Cost DIY Piece of Art

It's always a little misleading to say "no cost" because at one time or another the materials cost you something, right?
I bought two canvases several months ago at Hobby Lobby for $5. I used one for my living room and the other one has been blank for a while now. I redid Avery's room (I guess I need to show those pictures, huh?) and bought five cans of spray paint. I had four of them leftover and decided to do a little project. I spent about $4 on some puffy stick-on letters for another project and had lots of them leftover. So, I supposed if you want to really break down the cost, it really cost me more like $30. But, since I have used these materials for several other reasons, I had them laying around, so I spent no money just to make this piece of art for Avery's room.
I used these puffy letters and the other canvas for something else and realized that these letters were so good for what I was about to do. I pulled all of the letters in the alphabet and stuck them on the canvas. These letters stick great but come off really easily which makes them so good for this.
I have a new comforter in her room that has lots of colors in it. I chose it because it wasn't just pink. I was tired of "just pink" in Avery's room. This comforter has brown, lime green, and blue as well. I painted a few pieces of furniture the blue and green, so I decided to go with pink and blue accents for this project. The first think I did was remove one letter in each line and spray paint the empty spots blue.

Once the paint was try, I replaced the letters and removed one other letter in each line and painted it a darker pink. I then painted the outside edges with the darker pink as well and let it dry.

A project like this, where you have to let several things dry, goes a lot faster on a 100 degree Texas afternoon. :-)
I then taped off a thick border around the canvas with painter's tape. I then painted the inside a lighter pink.


Just like magic, I removed all of the letters and tape, which came off perfectly and voila!!
I could really see something like this selling at Target. I just love that I got to make a customized piece of art for Avery's little girl room!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nothing, Really.

I've been in kind of a writing rut these past few days. This last week has thrown me off my schedule - I had surgery and am still recovering. Today was probably the worst day, as far as soreness and pain go. I was surprised about that, considering my surgery was Tuesday. I am not one of those people that does recovering well. I usually push myself too hard too soon, when I should be just resting. I was worthless today but still didn't sleep as much as I should have. And here it is, 9:15, and I am writing on my blog. Oh well.
I haven't been able to pick my daughter up since Monday night. She actually stayed with my family for a few nights and that was hard. I missed her a lot. Now that she's back, it's hard for her to understand that she can't climb on me, I can't pick her up, and she can't hug me super tight. But, I am getting a lot of cuddling from her, as much as she can. I love it. It's the best therapy in the world. Today, she came and stood in front of me and was fixing my hair and she said, "Mommy, I just love you so much." Pain or not, I couldn't help but squeeze her and kiss her a million times. What better phrase has ever been spoken???
Avery is really into reading "by herself" these days. She is a lot like Jordan in that aspect. He will go in his room and read every night before bed. Avery has started doing the same thing. She takes books to "read" while she is lying in bed. We will leave her door open and the hall light on so she can see. I will read her a book and she will start at the beginning and tell me what she can remember about the story. I really am amazed at her ability to recall words. She also loves to look at the pictures and put the story in her own words.
I started thinking about her 3rd birthday party. 3 years old. Already. We still have a little less than 3 months and I am certainly not trying to rush it at all, but I can't believe I am thinking about it. It just blows my mind how fast life goes. It really makes you want to use your time on this Earth to the best of your ability and not waste a moment, doesn't it?
Three years ago today, this was me. 29 weeks pregnant. Makes me sad sometimes to think I won't be having another one.
Two Years ago, here is me and my sweet baby. At the time, she was having trouble handling it when I left the room.
Last year. She was really getting into taking care of her babies.
This year. Here she is with her one year old cousin at Gigi and Pops house.
I love those little munchkins.
Looking forward to a great week of resting and recuperating!!