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Journal For Avery

I received this journal as a shower gift at some point, and before Avery was born, I decided to make it into a journal for her. I began writing letters to Avery while she was still in my tummy. I told her about her birth, I documented some of her milestones. I wrote in it a lot more often as a baby because her milestones were so many, but now, I write in it at least 6 times per year, especially after holidays or her birthday. My last entry I wrote my testimony and how I came to know the Lord, and not just when I got baptized but how I went away and came back to Him. My plan is to tell her stories of my life like how her dad and I met or things that happened to me in school. I want her to have something in my handwriting that she can read and come back to when she needs help or guidance or comfort.

Doing estate sales, I find a lot of treasures, and a lot of those things that are valued most are items that have handwriting and that document something historical, either in the family or…