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Rainforest Cafe

Because today was kind of a crummy day to go swimming or be outside, we thought about where we could take Avery that would be fun for her. We decided on the Rainforest Café. We have only been there once with the kids, because it is close to the kids' mom's house, and Avery didn't like it at all. She couldn't quite understand that the animals are not real. They are kind of scary for little kiddos. But, we went today, and she liked it a lot more! They do have some pretty cool aquariums. I swear, kids can't look at an aquarium without wondering where Nemo or Dori are.
Avery found a cheetah above us that freaked her out at first, until she realized it was not a real cheetah.
I had a hamburger and fries, and between that and the other carbs I've had this weekend, I will be in the gym hardcore this week!

Mom's Day

Well, it's been a week, and I am just now posting pictures of Mother's day!! We go the same church, my parents and my family, so it's nice to see them there. This is a good picture of us, I think. We got this great artwork from my daughter's Sunday school teacher, Mrs Rikki. This was such a nice surprise and such a nice gesture for me - I get handprint art, but never art that is laminated with such beautiful thoughts next to it, that will actually stand the test of time. I will cherish it always!
We went out to eat after church at a little Mexican restaurant by our house that we like. And I got some smooches!
And I gave some smooches.

Later on, my mom, sisters and I went to the movies, then went out to eat. This little cutie pie was there!! She is getting so big.  2011 2012 2013 2014 My, time flies!!

Happy Mother's Day

When I was in my 20s, I knew I wanted to have a family. Yet, I was still hesitant on how much kids would change my life. So, while I knew I wanted kids, I knew I wanted them a certain way. To be married for a while, older, having traveled around for a while. Before I had to settle down. God stepped in and I realized all my plans for kids had changed, because I had met two wonderful children. Children that would change my life forever. Children that I knew I wanted to be with always. When Jason and I got together, we thought, "Two kids is enough. We can feel content and complete with our two." God stepped in and I realized all our plans for more kids had changed, because I learned there would be another little one to join our family. And she came in and I couldn't figure out how we ever thought our lives were complete without her. And the three we have love each other. And the three we have make us crazy. And three we have make us busy. And the three we have make us ha…

Mom's Night Out - A Real Movie Review

For starters, let me just say that I've read a lot of other reviews out there about this movie, like these. I know it currently holds 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics are skewering this movie. But for some reason, actual movie goers are loving it. And I was one of them. If you are expecting a Hangover style comedy, in which all of the moms get hammered and black out and lose all control, this isn't it. Nor, do I think, would we want it to be. Something about watching that on screen would put a lot of people off. If you are OK with looking at motherhood and family from a Christian perspective - and anyone that goes to watch this movie would know it's a faith based movie, so all of the people who went and were surprised, sorry! - it's going to be right up your alley. Let me be very clear. I am not sure how all of my church friends might feel about me saying this, but I laughed the whole way through The Hangover. Well, I laughed the whole way through this one, too. This m…

A Busy Day in the Life

I actually like days where we have a lot on our agenda that requires us to get out of the house. Sometimes, when I have Avery, I feel like she is so bored. These are the times I want to have another sibling - so she can have someone to play with besides me or her dad all the time. When her brother and sister are here, we never see the child. When it's just us, I won't lie - it's hard find stuff to do with a 3 year old all the time. Today, we had a full schedule. I didn't take a picture at every single place, but here are a few. Our mini-van needed some routine maintenance that apparently can only be done at the dealership, so we started the day spending a little over an hour waiting. Good thing I had my fully charged tablet and the dealership had really good Wi-Fi! Since I knew she'd need to be well behaved, I bribed her in the morning with some donuts. Donuts really aren't a regular occurrence at our house, not that I think they are bad, I just always forget…

What is the NACA program?

I recently became a qualified Realtor for a home ownership program called NACA, which stands for the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. I am pretty passionate about this program because I personally know how difficult it can be to qualify for a mortgage these days and this program, while not easy and not "free money," places home ownership in the grasp of many who might otherwise not be able to have it. I thought I would give a few points of the program! 1) NACA is not a "low-income" program, a grant, a subprime mortgage program, or an entitlement program. It is actually quite the contrary. 2) NACA doesn't look at your credit score, but rather your most recent two year credit history. If you have been through a financial hardship, such as a divorce, four years ago and your credit score has suffered because of it, but you have positive payment history in the last two years, this would be a great program for you. 3) Since this program qualifies p…

Swimming Lessons

Avery started her very first swimming lessons today!!

She was really excited and has been for weeks....

Until she realized she actually had to get in the water. She freaked out a little bit, I was really worried. But then, I found the right bribe (a snowcone) and in she went. I didn't take any pictures of the actual class because I didn't want to be a distraction, but it's 5 kids and Avery is the only girl!! Ha ha. She did really well and we did get a Sonic slush because the snow cone stand turned out to be closed! Here's hoping of 7 more classes of cooperation and learning!

I still can't believe his big girl is this same girl...

and this same girl...

and this same girl (this was last summer, Sophia was 8. Recognize the bathing suit in the picture above and below?)

Have a good Monday night!!

Bad Blogger!

I have just really fallen behind on the blogging lately! Not that anyone cares or anything :-) But it's not like we haven't had stuff going on these last weeks!! Our city got a new Dairy Queen and we are all pretty excited about it. Like, really excited. Like, you'd have thought the Royal Wedding came back through our town or something. But, we had to go and get a Blizzard!! Avery had her first ice cream of the season from the ice cream truck. We won't be getting ice cream from him anymore, either. $7 for two things, I don't think so! But Avery liked it, as evidenced by the dribbling of chocolate down her shirt (and shorts. and shoes.)
Avery loves my heels. LOVES them. The other day, she was aggravated because I was wearing them to church and she didn't get to. "Cam I wear them, mom???" (Cam, not can!)

Our town had a very cool festival the other day and we got to go! Avery is 4'2 and can ride all of the rides. My stepdaughter wasn't 4'2 u…