Friday, September 28, 2012

What's going on in Whitehead World?

I feel like a terrible mother (not really) cause I haven't really taken many pictures this week. My phone seems to be on constant low battery and I feel like I am in a wurlwind of activity, so pictures are just the last thing on my mind.
We officially move tomorrow into our new house, and we couldn't be happier! My daughter is spending the night with her Pops (Gigi will be out of town) and her Aunt Leslie. And if things work out, she will be going to her first official football/high school football game to watch the Mighty Gophers!
I wanted to make her a shirt that said, "I am not a Gopher yet, but my Pops sure was!" But alas, I had no time.
Last night, I spent part of my evening spray painting 91 light and electrical outlet covers. They were dingy and in need of some TLC. And of all the things I wanted to spend my money on, new light and electrical outlet covers just ain't one of them. So one $4 can of white spray paint later, they look good as new. Now, tonight, Jason and I will be putting them all back on. Sheesh!
Everything is packed, now all we need is to get it all moved. The movers come tomorrow, I am so glad we are not moving the furniture ourselves. But we are moving the smaller stuff and the boxes we can carry. We live less than a mile away, so it's nice to be able to run a carload of things up the street.
You know, I think I was putting the cart in front of the horse, thinking about furniture and decor for this house. As it turns out, these are the items of more importance at this time...
New vacuum that doesn't smell like dog
Ceiling fans for the living room
Thank you Mom, for reminding me about this one...
New dead bolts
TONS of these
Blinds for Jordan's room
NONE of these are fun. I would much rather be thinking about a new TV, a new dining room set, how I am going to decorate the walls, etc. But first things first, I guess, right? Like my dad and I talked about this morning, one thing at a time!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where Does She Get That From?

I just keep wondering WHERE Avery gets these funny faces she makes for the camera!

Oh. Right.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Little Puggle

Avery is in Awanas at church this year. She is a PUGGLE! So cute. Anyway, last week they learned about the sun and last night they learned that God made the trees! So Avery's wonderful teachers, Miss Erika and Miss Anita, went outside and took pictures of them by trees.

Why can't I get a picture of Avery smiling like this??

And this at this beautiful shot Miss Anita caught...

That's going to make a beautiful portrait in our new house!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wordless Almost Wednesday

Apparently, the only time I can get a clear shot is when my daughter is watching TV!

Avery and Nemo

I love Finding Nemo. When it's on, even when the kids aren't around, I would probably still watch it. So when I found out they were releasing it in 3D, I knew Avery should go. I told my parents they should take her! So they went and picked her up as a surprise yesterday and took her to the movies!

Mom said she did really well, considering how long it was! They said she did a good job wearing her glasses and ate lots and lots of popcorn (no surprise there). I was so proud of her!!

Mom said the movie time was moved to an hour later than what they thought, so they got there a little early, which gave them time to shop (Lord, help us!)...

Candy, of course!

So many animals! Do your kids have Pillow Pets and are they worth it?

Then, I got this awesome picture from my sister.

That's my two month old niece, sitting in a Bumbo, holding her head up like a champ! You seriously have no idea how strong this child is, even from when she was born! I changed her diaper one day and was so surprised at her leg strength. When you hold her you have to be careful that she doesn't squirm out of your arms! You expect this little baby to lay there easily in your arms, but Colbi does not. My parents call her the "wiggle worm!" That's a great sign, Brooke, you have an independent and strong little lady on your hands, would we expect any less from a child you created??

Friday, September 14, 2012

A "Simple" Question??

A friend of mine recently wrote about the possibility of having more children. It gave me an idea to write about that topic myself! I get asked alot whether or not I am done. In our situation, while Jason has three, I only have one child that is biologically mine. So, they always say, "When are you guys having another one?" The answer is that we are done having children.
While I have not made that decision permanent, let's just say that I don't think we will be getting a surprise any time soon. (Mark my words that I just said that, ha ha!)
I love Avery more than words could ever say. But I wasn't even sure before I found out we were pregnant if we would ever even have any at all. I couldn't imagine my life without Avery; she is a blessing and is a completion to our family. However, I know Jason really has no desire to have a fourth. And I really don't know if I want to go through raising another one. Our life is nuts as it is with the three we've got!
I used to get sad to look at pregnant people and look on with slight envy. But that's just with the pregnancy part, not with the actual "you have another human being on Earth that you now have to raise, and clothe, and feed for the rest of their lives." I don't know that I could ever be a stay at home mom, so really, I couldn't afford to have another one. And now, we have a home where everyone gets their own room, I just think that's good and wouldn't want to mess with that. I also think I got pretty lucky with the kid I got the first time around, I don't want to tempt fate! Just kidding. These are all things that would work themselves out if we were to have one more. I guess it just comes down to the fact that when Jason and I think about the 18th year of this child's life and how old we'd be, we just still want to be able to have freedom at a relatively young age (God willing!) and we like our family just the size it is.
I always said I wanted to have another one so Avery would know what it's like to have a full time brother or sister. But I think she gets the best of both worlds, in that she has brothers and sisters some of the time and she gets to be an only child sometimes. She will get to share the experience of growing up with Colbi, who will share grandparents with her. So I think we are all just fine with our family of 7 (plus the dogs). It's enough and we are very content with that. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Decor For A Large House

Of course, there are about 70 gazillion ideas floating around in my head about decor for this house. Oh my goodness, you guys should see it. I went to look at it last night - they are painting every single door, every cabinet, every closet, every shelf, every door frame. They painted the crown molding and the new base boards and will start with the walls and ceilings this week. SO exciting!

This house is going to be absolutely gorgeous when we move in. The painting and updating of the things I mentioned are just going to be amazing.

This house is large. Very large. The ceilings are tall, the walls are big, the rooms are huge. I am concerned with finding decor that goes with the flow of the house. It's also a ranch style house, and everything has unique arrangements (as far as the walls and flow of the rooms, etc). The patio is so pretty in front, and I just know that I am going to have to decorate for each and every holiday. I need a very large supply of wreaths.

As many pictures as I look at on Pinterest, I just know that decor is something you have to feel. I know I am going to need to move in and see the walls and feel what it's like to look at them from sitting in my couch while watching TV. There are so many times in my current home that I would say, "This would be so pretty here...." but this house is a different house and it's going to need to be treated differently. It also has some extra rooms and spaces I have just never had before, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out...

We have a playroom that is going to be wonderful. I have a feeling we will have lots of guests over and having a playroom just for the kids is going to be awesome.

I would love to do something like this on the wall, but I am hesitant about painting the wall with chalkboard paint, especially since it's getting a great coat of paint now..

Or this (a little girly)...

Pinned Image

We also have a sunroom. I have lots of ideas on this...

Love all of the chairs..
Pinned Image

Or wicker....

(Bjorn Wallander)

We also have a formal living room.

Love this...

Pinned Image

Love this, with lots of lamp and ceiling light...

Pinned Image

Love all of the creme...

Pinned Image

So exciting to find inspiration! I am ready to MOVE ALREADY!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy Little Bee

One word that describes Avery these days: BUSY.

She is busy all. the. time. Her favorite things to do are play with her "babies," sing, play the piano, run around, and play with her sissy. She especially loves her babies. Ever since Colbi came into the picture especially, she is really into caring for them. Covering them up, putting them in her stroller, carrying them from one place to another, kissing and hugging them, then after all of that, throwing them on the floor. In a loving way, of course.

Avery's vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds. I am blown away with how many words she knows and the phrases she is using these days. She can sing full songs (not with the clearest words) but she can sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, The Alphabet Song, and If You're Happy and You Know It. Her memory for music is so advanced....she can listen to a song once or twice and have parts of it memorized immediately. Jason and I are always so surprised that when we've turned on a song once, we will hear her in the backseat singing certain parts. Avery can count to ten all by herself and is starting to learn the letters in her name.

She struggles with colors, though. We try to get her to recognize her colors, but she can't tell you consistantly what colors are. Another thing we've been trying to get her to do is tell us how old she is. When we say, "Avery, how are you?" She says, "Good." When we say, "Avery, how OLD are you?" She says, "Good." So, we are working on that for her second birthday.

Avery is almost 22 months old and is wearing 3T clothes on a regular basis. Some of her clothes, like her PJs, are her sister's hand me downs from when she was FIVE. Avery is incredibly tall for her age (of course she would be, her dad and I are both very tall). Since we are moving, we haven't done anything lately with potty training. One major life change at a time, you know. So she is still in diapers and probably will be for a while, and that is very OK with me. She is also getting a new big girl bed this week, so after we move, we will see about moving her into it (at some point, not rushing this one, either!)

Avery is a girly girl right now. She loves her bows, she loves to have her nails painted, and she loves to try on clothes. Her favorite shows on TV right now are Calliou and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She would probably watch Dora if I let her, but Dora gets on Mommy's nerves, so we don't watch her very much (after the first song of "I'm the Map!" and hearing "swiper, no swiping," I nixed Dora in the bud). She is still very much in the habit of getting out of bed, drinking her morning milk, getting under the covers of Mommy and Daddy's bed, and watching her morning cartoons. We do, and have done, this every morning of her life and it's a great routine.

She has a great imagination and loves to play "make believe." This morning, she had two of her "babies" kiss each other and said, "Momma and Daddy!" and pointed to them and them to us. I am really glad she sees us be affectionate in front of her, I love that she is secure and happy. Every morning, I kiss her, then she kisses Daddy, then Daddy kisses me. We do this about 3 times, cause, you just can't have enough kisses! Except I started a bad habit; when she wouldn't give me kisses, I would pretent cry. Now, when she won't give me kisses, she will say, "cry!" Like I have to cry for my kisses. No way, Jose. I am taking my kisses, I don't beg for them!

She is pure joy. She has her two-year-old moments from time to time, but nothing we can't handle. We are just so happy and she is a bundle of fun!

Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Watch a Politically Slanted Film

I won't lie. I have been swayed by a propagandist, "conspiracy theory," left- or right-leaning "documentary" in my day. Check out the section on Netflix for these types of movies, and you will find everything from capitalism, to wealth in America, to credit card debt, to the fast food industry.

If you aren't really careful, you can jump on one of these bandwagons and it can change your life in a very, very dark and terrifying way.

I bring this up because on my FB feed in the last week, I've seen several people who've watched 2016: Obama's America. About 10 years ago, when I was 22, I wished I was more educated when it came to politics in America. I realized even though I had lots of opinions about politics, I really had no idea where those opinions came from, nor if they were even right or wrong. I got very involved in the 2008 election and did alot of research. Not only did I research on the two candidates, but I researched all the way back to previous presidencies. Know what I found out? No president in the history of America has been perfect. AND, none of them, no matter how awful, have single-handedly destroyed the country in such a way that it will NEVER recover. NONE. Know what else I realized? Every, single man who has ever been "CEO" of America has not had a perfect past, nor have they all been great men. They have not all been men of substance. The great men, like Jimmy Carter, have been completely awful presidents and the non-so-great men have made great ones.

The thing is that if you allow it to, politics can wrap around your life and mind in such a negative way that it will consume you. You will begin to feed into the hype that "this man is the anti-Christ who will destroy every thing America holds dear." It will alter your mindset, it will depress you, and it will mold you into a paranoid, pessimistic, doomsday person that you never intended to be. Do you know what Dave Ramsey tells people who call into his show, the ones that feed into the news about "unemployment is so terrible, no one can get a job, blah blah blah?" He says, "STOP WATCHING TV. STOP GETTING ON THE INTERNET." He knows that all of the stuff you see on a daily basis will make your mind bend in ways you could never imagine.

Do I like Obama? Not really. I don't care for some of the things he's done while in office, but I have a feeling, had the Republicans won the election four years ago, I wouldn't have liked everything they did, either. The truth is that there have been men as "evil" or "more evil" running this country than Obama. The difference with him and others is that we live in the information age. Just imagine what types of manic, leaning articles would have come out about past presidents, had there been access to the internet, movies, and talking head shows back in the day. I mean, try doing some research on our Founding Fathers one day. You will some of the most imperfect, twisted, corrupt people (not all of them, but some of them - see Thomas Jefferson!) Could you imagine what would have been said during the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Here are the some of the headlines you would have probably seen on the Founding Fathers:

"Thomas Jefferson spends $11,000 ($198,000 today) on liquor while in office on the tax payer's dime"

"George Washington caught betting cockfighting ring" (Imagine what PETA would have thought!)

"Atheist Ben Franklin caught paying prostitute for sex"

I haven't watched this movie and I do not intend to. I watched Zeitgeist once and it literally scared me out of my wits. I have no idea how much of it was true or how much of it was the documentary-maker's warped perception. If I watch this, I just know it's going to make me feel scared to death to live in this country and given the large amounts of stress I am already under due to every day life, I certainly don't need to be found balled up in the fetal position in a corner of my house, worrying about him. It's not worth it.

If you must watch these, just keep in mind these are ALL from someone's opinion. Just because it says "documentary" does not make it factual. In fact, it can actually be completely unfactual. Documentaries, while trying to be educational, are still just for entertainment. Don't base your opinions on them. Take what you will and do more research. Use your brain and think for yourself instead of allowing these types of movies to do your thinking for you.
I just really challenge you to think about what you put into your brain when it comes to politics. If you really are going to spend hours watching Fox News or MSNBC, I would encourage you to give equal time to both sides because it helps you balance out your mind. I don't care which one you lean more towards or how upset it makes you to watch the other side; at least watching both sides will help you keep things in perspective. And please, stop watching it when you feel your blood boiling, your fists shaking, and you are so far past depression that you don't know what to do. This goes for any emotional show that sucks you in like Intervention, Hoarders, Cops, Honey Boo Boo, or any other show that showcases the downfall of society. The only reason it gets you all fired up is because you let it. Go on a hiatus of all things political for one week and tell me how good you will feel.

I will be the first to say I've watched very little regarding this election. I know who I am voting for and it's based on one very important thing that I agree with him on. Other than that, I don't need to get involved. I don't watch the conventions, I don't listen to the debates. I know that I will never agree on each and every topic that a candidate believes in, so instead of putting all of my thoughts on it, I just stop. If you are posting articles on your FB feed constantly about how awful Obama is, or Romney, or if you find yourself consumed by information overload, watch Netflix, where the political talk shows can't get to you and watch an episode of Dick Van Dyke, Frasier, or Cheers. Realize that you can seperate yourself from all of this anxiety because ultimately, there are many many other things in life to pay attention to. Do your part and vote. After that, there isn't much control you have over it, is there?

Drama, Drama, Drama

We didn't get much packing done this weekend. Ok, we got NO packing done this weekend. We were busy.
Saturday was Sophia's first soccer game!

Tell me she's not the cutest "Heartbreaker" you've ever seen. (That's the name of her team).
So, she got her ears pierced a few weeks ago. We've been telling her every weekend we have her to turn her earrings all the time so that they don't grow on her earring and so they heal faster and they won't hurt. Does she listen to us? No. "My mom said I don't have to..." is what we get most of the time. That's happening alot more lately. Not in a rude way, just matter of fact. That is so frustrating. Anyway, they have to take their earrings out for the game. Since it was our weekend, I took her earrings out and after the game (she did GREAT by the way) it was time to put them back in. Her mom was leaving and she ran after her and told her she didn't want to put her earrings back in, cause they hurt. Her mom told her she would be in trouble if she didn't.
We got to the car and I put in one earring. She was crying and screaming cause she said it hurt. I NEVER see her scream and cry, but she was. We got one earring in and now it was time for the other. She cupped her hand over her ear and screamed "I DON'T WANT MY EARRING!" We tried to put it into her ear, but the back had grown back and we couldn't get it in. I felt really bad for her, but at the same time, I was a little aggravated with how she was carrying on. We called her mom and she told Sophia that she needed to keep trying, but Sophia just refused.
We got to the mall and tried again and Sophia made a scene in the mall when we tried again. I was so frustrated with her. We went and got some lunch and tried to ice her ear down. After a few minutes, Jason finally got the earring through. Not two minutes later, Sophia was as happy as could be.
The moral of the story is that either get your daughter's ears pierced when they are really little or when you feel they are mature enough to handle that it hurts and they need to take care of them.
Jason and I both get tired of our opinions never getting listened to and what we say getting ignored. It's hard being a non-custodial parent, when you have ideas on how you would do things and someone who does something very different. And just because the kids don't live with you most of the time, your opinion doesn't seem to matter, even though you are equal amount of parent.
I feel like as a step-mom lately, I have no patience. I feel like I am on edge alot and get frustrated really easily with how the kids can act. I don't know if I would be just a frustrated with Avery or not. I think I do get frustrated with her, but it seems like she doesn't give me lots of reasons to be frustrated just yet, so I guess we will just see. Probably alot of it is that of everyone in the scenario, I have least control over what goes on. It's not a fun place to be, especially when you love the kids and want to be a part of their lives.
We took the kids clothes shopping this weekend. Sophia got these boots from her Nawni and the dress is new. Isn't she adorable?

Here are just some more pictures from Jason's phone that I hadn't uploaded yet..
April, me and Avery
We have a zuccini plant in our backyard (well, we did before we had to kill it. We are moving and it was HUGE!) The plant itself was so big that we had trouble seeing the zuccini in it, until they were enormous! We looked in one day and behold, we saw this ENORMOUS zuccini! I guess if we get into our new house and can't afford food, we can always live off zuccini! Just kidding.
Last weekend, we took the kids rollerskating again. Did you know they had skates to fit toddlers?? They make the wheels real tight so they can practice on them easily. She liked it for a while, but mostly just loved to watch people skate by.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I would be lying if I said moving into this house is worry free. My worry is not, however, whether it's the right thing for our family. We have no doubts this is the house we love and the one God wants for us. Everything has worked out so well to this point, it's just a true sign that this is the direction our life is going.
But worry does set in, on occasion. I did our budget for the next few months and also did the projections on how much we would need to save as a down payment to buy our house. It's alot and it's going to be a challenge. We are going to have to really buckle down and make sure we are careful about getting our savings to where it needs to be. I also realize this house is VERY large and it's going to take a little adjustment to pay the utilities. But, I've been following a budget for a while now and we've done well to this point, so I know it's going to work out, as long as we stick with the plan!
Sometimes, you really just don't know how God is going to work things out. Where you have worries, He knows the plans. So I try very hard not to wonder about plans for life anymore. I know that as long as I am making good decisions, being proactive, and thinking about things with a good head on my shoulders and listening to His voice, things usually tend to work out just fine. There have been many times I've wondered "where is this going to COME FROM?" And it always does.
I am not really worried about the furniture at this point. I do realize that our house is big and has much more space and our furniture now is just going to look minimalistic when we move in, and that is very OK. We have everything we need moving in. We have beds for everyone to sleep in, dishes to eat on, pots to cook in, a place to wash our clothes. For that, I am truly grateful. I was also informed today that our kitchen cabinets are getting PAINTED! I really thought that was a project I was going to have to take on myself, I was ready to do it, actually, but the owner said they are going to paint them if we want and opted for them to go ahead and do it. I feel as though it's going to look like a new home by the end of the week, and I just couldn't be happier.
I am looking on Craigslist every day, though, for good deals, but I've told myself to hold off on getting any more stuff until we move. We have talked about having a garage sale before we go, just to make sure everything is cleared out and we start fresh. It's mostly my old clothes and Jason's that we want to sell or give away, but that will be happening soon.
Other than that, life around here is busy. Saturday starts the kids' soccer games, we started Trek at church tonight (Jason and I are working with the junior high schoolers) and Sunday also starts my first official day in the 1st and 2nd grade Sunday school class. We are shopping for some much needed clothes Saturday, Brooke is doing my hair Sunday, and in between that, we need to find boxes to start packing. We only have three weekends before the big moving day and I know that's going to totally sneak up on us, if we aren't careful.
I guess that's it, just some thoughts today. Have a great Thursday!

Can't Read My, Can't Read My....

No you can't read my sticker face....
Who would have known toddlers love stickers? She just kept putting them on me. There is something soothing about kids brushing your hair, doing your makeup, or stickering your face....they just take their time and are really being artistic! Or is it just me? Even if I do come out scary after the fact!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is It Always "ALL" God?

This whole weekend has been like a dream. I still can't believe we are actually moving into this house! It got me to thinking about God's plan for our lives. We hear it's "All God!" when good things happen in our lives. And it's is, for sure. But I also think we don't give ourselves enough credit.
God obviously has empowered us with choice, which in my opinion, is more powerful than any amount of money you can have. When you make choices about your life, that impacts it in so many ways, both good and bad. While God knows our lives and knows our life plan, we have to make good choices and listen to God to really see the good God can do for your life.
Jason and I made some bad financial choices in our life that we have paid for, and are having to pay for, now. Because of those choices, it has really limited our ability to make the most of our lives, financially. But I feel like we have worked for a long time and done our duty to fix those issues. We have sacrificed and gone without and tried to listen to God's plan as much as we can because we really had an idea of where we wanted to be. God worked out the timing, but we kept our eye out, and looked for opportunities, every day, that would be good for our future. I feel like I have spent countless hours on CL, realtor websites, talking with people, etc. trying to find something that would work. So while people might think this kind of thing "happens overnight" or "just fell in our laps," that is not exactly accurate.  I think God wants your life to be blessed but He also knows blessings should come at the right time and for the right reasons.
I don't know, this was just all something I was thinking about. I pray to continue asking for God's advice in my life. He is there to give you the right answers. I fully trust His guidance and even if I have to be patient sometimes, it always works out. I think I have alot more patience now than I ever had before, so what a good lesson I've learned! Ha ha!
I took these pictures the other day - what a cutie!
Blurry cheese!

Monday, September 3, 2012

When You Are Least Expecting It...

We did not end up going to San Antonio this weekend and we were pretty bummed about it, so we decided just to spend the weekend doing stuff we all wanted to do.
Let me back up.
A few months ago, we went to an estate sale in the nice neighborhood north of us. While we were loading Jordan's dresser into the car, we saw a realtor putting up a sign in the yard across the street. Just out of curiosity, I asked him if he would allow me to see it. He said sure, and let me go look. To say I was blown away by this house was an understatement. I'd never seen a house like this before and just instantly fell in love. I told Jason to come take a look and we were both just amazed by the floorplan and the sheer size. We asked the realtor house much it was selling for, and the number they told us was about $100,000 out of our price range. Coupled the price of the house and knowing we weren't ready to buy a house right now, we went on our way, thinking this was just a "dream home" that was out of our reach.
I would stop by this house sometimes on my way home from work. We would drive by it occasionally to check and see if it was still for sale. I actually dreamt about this house. A couple weeks ago, I drove by and the for sale sign was gone. I came home and told Jason our "dream home" had been sold. I was a little bit sad, not gonna lie.
Yesterday, we drove around the same neighborhood for a garage sale and noticed that there was a "for sale by owner" sign in the front yard. Thinking they had just abandoned the realtor and tried selling it on their own, we didn't think much of it. We drove by it again and noticed a woman in the frontyard of the house. We asked if she was the owner and she said yes, and asked if we could just step in and look again. The kids were with us this time, and they just fell in love with it too.
We started talking to this couple and came to find out that they had purchased the home in cash, and were going to update it and re-sell it. They loved the house and decided that they would purchase it and sell it to a nice family. They were more concerned about selling it to the "right family" than anything else. When I asked, out of curiosity, how much they were selling it for, they told me that the price was $100,000 less than what they had tried to get for it in the beginning. The other owners were asking too much and they just wanted to sell it to a nice family. That perked my ears. After talking with them for a while, we all decided that we were the perfect people to move into this home. Not only would they lease it to us at a great price for the next couple of years until we could buy, but they would also make several upgrades to the house before we moved in.
To say that Jason and I were shocked by this quick turn of events would be the understatement of all time. Could it be possible that not only do we get to move into our dream home in a month, but it would be for a decent price, and we would still have time to save money to purchase it?? The way God works is beyond my comprehension. The funny part is, had we gone to San Antonio this weekend, we would have missed out on this chance. Had we taken the opportunities to move into the other houses that have come our way, we would have missed this chance. It's just a miracle. So, we move in the first week of October. Just can't believe it!
This house is such a cool house. There are some very cool, very expensive details and light fixtures in this house. There are also some very ornate details as well. I wanted to take pictures of this house and put it up so I can remember what it looked like the first day I saw it. This week, all of this wallpaper is coming down and the whole house is getting repainted.
This is the oustide. All of those dark columns you see is black lava rock.

The living room. This fireplace is also made out of lava rock (I took this picture off the realty website).
1901 Westminster Drive Grand Prairie TX 75050 Home for sale - MLS #11751415

The playroom.

Halfbath off the playroom. See? I told you it was ornate...
The kitchen...

The laundry room...

From inside the formal dining room looking into the den
The entry way (excuse the unfinished crown molding, that's getting painted as well!)
The very tall and large hallway

Sophia's room

The jack and jill bath between Sophia and Jordan's room

Jordan's room

Avery's room

Entrace to Avery's bathroom in her room

Our room (the windows face the sun room)

Our closet
Our bathroom
Closets in our bathroom

We have our work cut out for us, for SURE! But we are excited to get started.