Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days to a Fruitful Marriage Day One: What Does Fruitful Mean?

Many of us are either just married, still young in our marriage, experienced in our marriage, or senior in our marriage. At every point, there comes a time when the marriage is either stagnant, unsatisfying, too hard, too easy, or just plain boring. When you look at marriage from the perspective of being "successful," what does that mean? One that is happy most of the time? One where the two people in it simply stay married because they don't believe in divorce? It is so difficult to define marriage in those terms. I think the word we should be looking for is "fruitful."
Having a fruitful marriage is one where the love of Christ is shown to each other, to our children, and to others, on a daily basis. It's one that produces fruit; one that is purposeful. It's a marriage in which the two people in it have a purpose with one another. It's a marriage where they know their place with each other. It's a marriage where both people love each other, their children, and others, like Christ loved us. Once we get married, we often find that we are doing our best just to manuveur the pitfalls of life without losing it completely. We become "business partners" in life, doing everything we can just to keep it all together. We try and keep date nights in our sights, but often fall short of spending enough time with each other, much less spending time with God and walking in the path He wants for our marriage.
Having a fruitful marriage is more than just keeping the passion alive, or spending time together, or "keeping it together." A marriage that is fruitful is a marriage with an idea of where it's going in God's plan. In this next month, we will explore how it's possible to have a fruitful marriage that exemplifies Christ and His love for us. No matter where you are coming from in your marriage, there will be something you can gather from this time together!!

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