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Avery Update #2

I went to the doctor appears I am still only 1 cm dialated and 70% affaced. I was really disappointed today, I thought for sure he would say "you are ready to go, let's go to the hospital!" Now, we still might be pregnant next weekend. We scheduled an induction for the 29th, just in case. So at least I know a week from Monday, Avery will be here. I don't think I've ever felt so impatient. It might actually be good, it gives us time to spend with the kids and have Thanksgiving. My husband is looking at me like, stop typing! Goodnight, Blogland.

Avery Update

Well, I started having contractions this last weekend. They were very few and far between, but they started. On Monday at work, they started coming more often and closer together. After a few hours, they just stopped. Today they started again. This time, they were stronger and closer together. About 4, they were 3 to 5 minutes apart. On the way home, we decided to go to the hospital. On the way, the contractions got farther apart until they just went away. So, we just stayed home. This childbirth stuff is really annoying, I must say. I will keep you all updated!!

Nursery Pictures

Many people have asked me to post pictures of the finished nursery. I have been so blessed by people who have taken care of us and given us the things we have needed for Avery. All of the furniture, except the crib, was given to us by Kathy Roper, the ADORABLE rocking chair for Avery was made by Kristen Chapman (who is a GENIUS by the way) and the bedding was given to us by our wonderful mother. I am so lucky and can't wait to see how cute she is going to look in her new stuff!

Annual Pumpkin Patch

In what is now a Whitehead family tradition, we took the kids to the Double Oak Pumpkin Patch. I think this is the best pumpkin patch in the metroplex, by far. The kids really enjoy going. This year, we learned some lessons: 1) Snow cones AFTER important pictures, so no blue mouths! 2) Take all pictures you really want in the first 15 minutes so no dirty, hay filled hair and clothes. 3) Only go to the patch for a couple of hours because that is all our poor noses can take!

It is so cool that we have come to the point where we can look back on things we have done a year ago, see how the kids have grown since last year, and create memories we can talk about with each other. They have just gotten so much bigger since last year, I guess kids are funny that way. They just keep growing!

I think we have a bit of a mixed reference here...

Soccer Saturdays

This last fall, Jordan played soccer. I think he's played before, but we kind of considered it his first season because he didn't know too much about it. Many kids on his team hadn't played before, so it was really fun to watch him and the boys learn over the season. We really enjoyed being able to go and see the kids so much. Since we normally only see them Thursdays and every other weekend, it gave Jason a reason to see them more often. I think the coach has volunteered to coach next spring, so Jordan will probably want to play again. Towards the end of the season, he started playing goalie, which he really enjoys. He keeps telling us he is going to get a college scholarship..I don't think he realizes how much work that takes, so we will see how that works out in a few years. :-) I am uploading some pictures of his in his uniform and the team...I have to admit, he is a cute, cute kid. I am a lucky step-mom. We love you, Jordan! Way to go this season!