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Review: The Walking Dead, "The Distance"

I've been pretty vocal about my love of The Walking Dead. It's the one show I can't wait to watch, the one show I will watch as it comes on and suffer through the commercials. For the first time, last night, I realized I didn't watch it Sunday night and had to watch it on DVR. I was surprised that I had forgotten, to be honest. But this season hasn't been my favorite one, at all. There have been episodes in the past five seasons I have suffered through, I call them "story fillers" - they are only there to move the story along, but are incredibly boring. This season, so far, it's not that the episodes have been boring, it's that I am getting really tired of the plot line not going anywhere different. The show has repeated the same cycle since the beginning - our survivors wander until they find a place to stay, the people they find are crazy, they kill everyone, then they move on until they do it again. Last week, we saw them at their wit's en…

How Did You Spend Your Ice Day?

We had such a lazy couple of days around here. We did make it outside for just a little while. My crazy pup loves to eat the ice. She couldn't get enough! The dogs also loved playing in the ice. They went nuts!! That is, until they came inside and proceeded their lazy life on the couch.

We even got some hot chocolate afterwards!
Jason lets the kids eat ice, which grosses me out, but hey. I guess one parent has to be the fun one. Avery loved being outside, even though we were only outside a total of about 10 minutes.

The streets looked decent enough to get out of the house, so we went and had some breakfast for dinner at Denny's. I haven't been to Denny's in ages, but boy, they have some good pancakes!

And now, getting back to Day Two of inside fun!

Birdman: A Review

As I sit here attempting to figure out what I thought about Birdman, I am having a hard time deciding whether I really liked it or simply appreciated it for what it offered while being incredibly annoyed at the entire experience. The line between artistic, unique filmmaking and ridiculous nonsense is often so thin that it's difficult to determine what a movie actually is. In this case, I can see both sides of the story.

Cause it's Friday Morning and the Kids are Jumpin, Jumpin...

Urban Air in Mansfield has a deal on Friday mornings for pre-school kids - $5 for a 2 hour jump and parents pay nothing. This is a GREAT deal. So, my sister and I took the girls and went JUMPIN! The girls had a blast!! We will surely be going back.
This foam pit was a big hit, even for us big girls! Jumping in and climbing out was a workout!

Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning!

Why I Love Blankets

I love blankets. Colorful and cozy throw blankets can add so much to a room. They add warmth and a feeling that people are actually living here! I have loved blankets as long as I can remember. I think it's because my mom always had blankets accessible in rooms growing up. We keep the house pretty cool, so we use blankets constantly, and I have at least two in each room where there are couches and chairs. Along with providing warmth and being functional, blankets can cover up a host of décor problems including ill-fitting slip covers... Or adding something to boring backs of couches...
and they can even help tie décor together.
I found two throw blankets on clearance at Target for cheap, cheap, cheap. They weren't exactly what I had in mind, but for the price, I figured, let's make it work. My mom gave me that great candle holder...not sure if it's going to stay there, but we will see. I need to find some great candles to go with it.
This room is just expansive. I l…

The New Family Room

I told you I moved the TV into our other "formal" living room. Well, I like the idea of having a family room and a den, not a den and a formal living room. While our big room is technically "formal," I still think of it as the den. So, now, we have a family room. I love that it's right by the dining area. I feel like it really is a great place to spend time as a family. Of course, the dogs aren't allowed on the new couches, but they still have to at least one place to relax. Their lives are very stressful, after all.

I still have some painting to do, but as of now, it's just kind of a mish-mash of stuff together. It goes together OK for now. It feels very comfy and cozy and that's what I wanted.
There is a bit of a glare from here, but we don't spend much time watching TV during the day at this point, so for now, it's just fine.
The curtains make more sense now, I think they "match" better than before. And like I said, it's …

Stream of Conscienceness - Decorating Edition

I thought I would give you a little insight to my decorating process - I am sure you were thinking, "Why in the world did she paint that thing PINK?" First, let me tell you how I even got this thing. I love garage sales. I was driving down a main street in our town on my way to drop off my daughter to my parents house because we were literally going to Florida that day. It was sitting in someone's front yard and I saw it and made my husband U-turn so I could just see what they wanted for it. When I asked and they said $40, I was floored. This piece is heavy and very unique. $40 was an excellent price. The problem is that we were on our way out of town and didn't have time to take it home that day. I got lucky because I said, "If I pay you, can you keep it for me until Tuesday?" And they agreed. Normally people don't do this, so it was cool that it happened that way. After we got it home, I knew I wanted to do something special with it, but just not sur…

So, I Got This Wild Hair

Jason and I were sitting in our living room the other night and both said to each other, "Ugh. I hate the stuff in this room. I wonder how much we could get for our furniture..." So, we put our furniture on Craigslist that night and had someone come pick it up the next day. We then used that money to do a little redecorating. Let me just tell you - decorating this huge room has been the bane of my existence. Nothing goes in here!! It has these enormous walls that I just don't even know what to put on them. We had been using this space as a TV room. We have this huge room with this gorgeous fireplace and all of the furniture pointed to the TV! It drove me nuts. And the whole floor is marble so it's not comfortable to lay on and watch TV, and it's cold and hard and you have to turn the TV up so loud because you are so far away from it. It was just driving me bonkers. So, here is what I did. I found this beautiful piece of furniture in a garage sale one day and yo…