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Halloween - My Little Angel

This was Avery's first Halloween. It's her last-first holiday of her life. After this, she won't be in her first year anymore. Sigh.
Today was Avery's first day of her new daycare too. It went well, I just think it's going to time some time for everyone to adjust. Her new sitter really is so nice and likes her being there, I just think Avery has alot of change going on in her life right now.
Avery was an angel this year. Isn't she beautiful? The prettiest little angel I ever saw.

She thinks she is pretty too.

We took Avery to a little street Halloween fair in Grand Prairie. She didn't trick or treat, but we walked around and enjoyed ourselves.

Boy, do I need a tan or what?

She didn't quite want to look at the camera.
I am so tired, it's been a long few days!!!

Backyard At The New House

I promised I would post some pictures of the dogs out in their new backyard...
They LOVE it. Seriously. It's huge, with lots of trees. The chase squirrels, we play fetch. It's great fun.

And Avery just loves to stand at the door and look outside.

Oh, and she loves to help us unpack, too.
 At least we are done moving and are moved out of the other apartment! One thing down, 75 to go!

Last Night in Plano and Moving Day

So, yesterday was Avery's last day with Miss Pam. I cried. She cried. It was a sad day.

Last night, we watched the Rangers. I won't even get into that one.
Today we moved. And it was not a great experience with the movers we hired. We ended up having to do much of it ourselves because the customer service person who set up our move didn't seem to know how to communicate. So they showed up with a trailer half the size it should have been. Whatever.
We still have some more to do tomorrow, but tonight is the first night in a new house. I haven't lived in a house in so long, it's going to take me a little while to get used to it. Dogs barking, shadows of trees in the window at night. I always get a little depressed in a new house, just not feeling like it's home, missing my old place. And it's no different at this one. It took Avery a little while to fall asleep tonight, and she is sleeping in our room with us. I think it's just going to take a little while to…

Sad. :-(

I don't know if tomorrow or Friday will be Avery's last day at Pam's, but either way, Pam is very sad. You can just tell. Normally, when I drop her off in the mornings, Pam will arrange the kids that can't walk in swings during the first 30 minutes of the day while the parents are dropping kids off. So, Avery will go into a swing when I bring her. The last few days, Pam has just taken her and sat on the big chair with Avery in her lap and is just hugging on her. It makes me sad to think that Avery will never remember Pam, but I've been so blessed having her. I am making her a little gift and here is what I will print and put in a frame.

My House Wish List

So, as I think I've mentioned before, I haven't lived in a house with a yard in over 10 years. I have always thought of having a house as a "grown up" thing, I guess. But I've always had this "list" of things I would want if I ever moved back into a house of my own. So, here it is....
-At Christmas, I want a wreath on every window of the front of the house.

-I want "grown up" brand new living room furniture. Every piece of living room furniture I've ever had has been a mismatch hand-me-down. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful. I just want a new, grown up couch. Something like this would be nice.

-I want to have a dinner party outside. Imagine the scene in the movie "Catch and Release."

And this table wouldn't be bad either.

-I want a white plate wall.

-I want a flower garden.

-I want pumpkins to decorate my front door in the fall.

-I want a sewing machine and a saw so I can make DIY projects, and now that I have a garage for storag…

I totally feel like this....

...when I try and create something from a creatively wonderful cooking blog.


Darn you Pinterest. Darn you Mom and Kate for making me look at it. Here are my "pins" if I actually pinned them of what I've found so far that I LOVE. I will bring you one thing from each category that I just think are fantastic. I love this outfit. My daughter wouldn't look like that a minute after I put it on her, but still is so cute nontheless.  Dipped s'mores - OMG

Love this for a living room...

LOVE this idea...

Dream Kitchen...

THIS is what I really love - the humor on Pinterest is HILARIOUS...

Oh my, so true.

And this is one of my faves..

Have a good Monday!

11 Months Old...Already?

My daughter will be a year old, gulp, in a MONTH?? No. It can't be.
But, it is. Avery is 11 months old today!
Avery was WAY too busy to be bothered with being photographed today. But, we did the best we could!
We had Soph behind us to help make Avery smile. Here she is copying her sister...

Sticking her tongue out...

Hey daddy...

Nope, You will NOT take a picture of me smiling today, even if I have to stick my hands in my mouth...

Oh. Bravo sister. Bravo.

Ok. I might smile today.

Daddy's and daughters.

Ahhh! What are you doing to me???
Ok. I am done.

And I am going to play.

Avery, you love to play. LOVE to play. You are all over the place, all the time. You don't generally like your toys these days, though, you like whatever you are NOT supposed to play with. Like, our cell phones, the remote control, wires, cups with stuff in them, curtains, blinds, the dog's toys, the DVD player, little bits of paper on the floor that your sister leaves behind, the dog's bowls an…

Packing. Ugh,

This weekend is our packing weekend. Just for documentation purposes, here is how the rest of our exciting day went....

Jason showing Jordan how to pack properly...

Laundry. Ugh times two. By the way, this picture just reinforces my desire to completely redecorate our bedroom.

Lastly, we asked Sophia if she would "babysit" while we were packing. It works wonders. She just plays with Avery and Avery stays entertained while we try and get stuff done. Of course, we keep an eye on her, it just prevents them both from following us around and getting in the way.

So. Ready. To. Move.