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Need Your Help!

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!
I wanted to ask your help today - if you live in the Arlington/Fort Worth/Grand Prairie area (or know people who do), is hosting a toy drive on Wednesday, December 14th and would love for you to share the news with any of your family and friends! Please see the flyer below and if you have any questions, let me know!
Thank you, and God Bless!

New Picture Wall

I opted to go a different route with our pictures in the new house.
This is what we had in the old house...

It's not bad,  but I still wasn't ever completely in love with it.
This is what I decided to do at the new house.

I think I like it better.

What do you think? The picture quality is pretty terrible.

New Couches Are Here!

Our new couches are here!

One Happy Husband...

Better, yes?
We still have some decorating to do, but it's going to look good. Like, a grown up house.
This is the first new living room set I've ever had in my whole life, of my very own. This is a big deal for us!
Before (sorry for the shots of my husband, too)

After! (Sorry for me in the reflection)

R.I.P. Couch

Our couch officially died today. It's been dying a slow, painful death for a while now, but today, it died. Jason looked at me and said, "well, I can feel the rod when I sit on the couch now." We would sit on it and hear pops and creaks. Our loveseat's leg used to turn around in circles all the time, so it was really only a matter of time.
So, we went shopping on Black Friday and just happened upon a good deal for a new living room set. We were planning on getting a new set early next year anyway, and I guess it's good timing, seeing as how we are having visitors for Christmas.
Our couch has served us well.

Our next door neighbor, Nancy, has lived in this neighborhood for a long time and works at her church. We felt kind of guilty throwing the couches away without at least asking if she knew anyone who might need them. I mean, they were of no use to us anymore but you never know in life who might just need the very thing you don't need anymore, even if it's …

Thanksgiving 2011

I am thankful that I get four days off in a row at work.
I am thankful that I get to spend those days with my family.
I am thankful that my mom makes our entire Thanksgiving meal from scratch.
I am thankful that I got a two hour nap today.
I am thankful that my family loves my daughter.
I am thankful that Walmart has a trampoline on sale for 60% off the regular price.
It's a good day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Avery's One Year Pictures

Avery is one year old today. I still can't believe that it's been a year already. It feels like it's gone by so fast, but it's been such a great year.
Whenever I look at Avery, all I can think is "God's Grace." With all I've done in my life, I didn't deserve such a great blessing in her. But God blessed me anyway and trusted me with the greatest daughter in the world. She is such a huge joy in my life. So beautiful, so smart. I am such a lucky woman to have her in my life.

Avery, you are so smart. You started walking about three weeks ago and haven't looked back since! Your favorite thing to do is pick up something in both hands and just carry it around the house. You also love to take things out of other things - like folded clothes in drawers, toys in boxes - or take things off other things - like remotes off coffee tables, or anything else you can get ahold of.

You can say alot of words now and love to copy us. If we tell you to say something,…

From Gigi's Camera

My mom took some pictures and I just had to post them....
They just had to take Avery out for her birthday!

Daddy painted her toenails....

Mom took these pictures for Avery. Isn't it adorable?

Such a cutie pie.

One More Time....

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