Thursday, August 20, 2009

This weekend with the kids

Well, what an eventful weekend it was! On Friday, Jason, the kids and myself drove down to meet my parents at the old Texas Roadhouse in Grand Prairie. It was alot of fun to see some old friends and my sister Leslie, whom I never get to see. The kids like it there, Jordan loves the bacon (go figure) and Sophia makes a meal of honey cinnamon butter with bread. That's right, not bread with butter. After that, we drove down to Joe Pool Lake with Mom and Dad to feed the fish, which was a lot of fun! The next morning, we got up and Sophia really wanted to play with sidewalk chalk and wanted Jason to make her paper airplanes, which we did. She had a blast out there, with a piece of paper and a dollar store box of chalk. To continue on our day of "free fun" we went to the DFW Airport to Obversation Station, where we could watch the planes take off and land. When I read the ad for it, it sounded ALOT cooler than it really was, but Mom and Dad met us out that way, so it was nice to spend time with everyone outside, rather than in front of the TV! After that, we drove to Grapevine Mills and went back to school shopping (huge sales, bought some bare necessities). If you'd have asked me if I would be back to school shopping a year ago, I would have told you that you were crazy! While we were there, the kids decided to do some activities, climbing the rock wall and bouncing on the trampoline! We couldn't quite convince Jordan to try the trampoline, but Sophia did and LOVED it! That's our little daredevil! But that's how we spent our weekend...I included some pictures so you could see!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Museum

Well, I promised I would take Jordan to the museum if he put his face in the water, which he did, just the once, and hasn't even tried since. Sigh. Oh well. SO - a couple of weeks ago, we wanted to go to what used to be the Children's Place, but it no longer has that title anymore. We just ended up going to the Dallas Museum. It was just supposed to be Jordan and I, but since it was raining that day, we decided to make it a family event. The kids had alot of fun, but Jordan was expecting a little more hands on fun ( I kind of talked it up from what I remembered as a kid...need to research before I do that again! ). We still had a good time and the kids got to do some cool things, like dig for dinosaur bones and dress up! Here are some pictures from that day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My new haircut

Ok, many of you have asked, here is my new haircut, although I hate this picture, it's the only one I have right now.

My Bella Girl

I know my posts center around Jason and I, but I need to write for one second about someone who is near and dear to my heart, my 5 month old puppy Bella. Bella is a black lab mix who is just about the cutest little thing in the whole wide world! When I got Bella, I had wanted a puppy for a very long time ( I was so lonely I needed a buddy! ) But it never seemed like any puppy really fit me, plus, I couldn't afford to pay a whole lot for a dog. My good friend Kate text me on a Monday and said, "A teacher I know is giving away lab puppies, do you want one?" Of course, my reply, was yes. She asked if I wanted a girl or a boy, I said girl, and Kate said, "Ok! I am off to pick her up." The next thing I know, I got a picture text from Kate of the cutest little black lab in the world. I fell in love with her immediately! We met at PetsMart and when I laid eyes on her, I was just overcome with love for this little thing! Well, Bella and I spent our first week together and boy, was she a smart little thing. I got up every two hours or so at night to take her out, and took her out alot at night after work, and at lunch, and all of that work paid off. She was potty trained after about a week, and is still so good at it, that she just goes right to the door when she is ready to go out! We are working on a bell right now for Bella and Molly (Jason's dog) so we can hear when they are ready to go out. Bella has always been very sweet, and you have never seen true love until Bella met Sophia for the first time. Sophia loves puppies and at the time, Bella was little enough for Sophia to carry. So, Sophia just poked at her, laid with her, picked her up (by the front two legs only) and Bella just let her. When Bella and Molly met, it was like two sisters. Even now, we are surprised at how fast the two dogs got along, they aruge but always work it out. :-) Bella is a very loyal dog, she follows me and Jason around everywhere we go, but doesn't always need to be loved on, but she is a sweet, SMART dog, very patient, and is always watching. We love her and hope she is with us for a long time. With all of her good points, she does have lab tendencies so here is a list of things she has chewed up:

-My brand new heels
-Jason's electric razor
-My eyeglasses ( I was pretty mad about that one )
- Two pairs of flip flops
-Several of Sophia's toys (But Sophia never gets mad, she said she was "sharing" with Bella)

Oh, and I did tell you she is a lab, so she loves to swim! I am attaching some pictures and a video of my darling puppy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last night at the Roughriders game

Ok, I haven't been good about keeping this blog up, my lovely sister told me to "update your blog woman" so that is what I am doing. Sigh. So, for starters, can I just tell you how much I love Jason? We have so much fun together and he is so sweet to me, I seriously am the luckiest woman in the world. Love you babe. Anyway, we started off the day thinking we were going to have a date night, you know, dinner and a movie. My lovely friend Kate, who finally answered her phone (yes, missy, I am talking to YOU!) told me they were going to the Frisco Roughriders game and would we like to come? We had just finished dinner, so I gazed up at my boyfriend with eyes of longing and said, "Mind if we change plans??" Well, of course, Jason is always up for a good time so the answer was sure, let's go! We get there, and meet Kate and Brian and her family. We watch a terrible game until about the 5th inning when we decided enough of this slaughtering, let's "hit the showers" so to speak and head over the 3rd Base restaurant across the street. They always have fireworks on Wednesday, so the patio would be a great place for it! We spent the evening chatting it up, telling our funny stories, and getting to know Brian a little more. Kate and I already know we are COOKOO, Jason is learning, it was time to see if Brian fit that mold as well. He was so kind to hang out with us and has a great sense of humor, so hopefully, our personalities weren't overwhelming. It was nice to have a Friday night out with my guy and friends, Jason and I were happy to have that time. Love you Kate Gilmore, even though you don't answer my calls half the time!!! Just razzin' ya. Pictures to come!