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Five Things I've Learned From Doing Estate Sales

I've officially become the owner of My Jennarocity Estate Sales - it's certainly not something I set out to do but certainly something my heart is in. This time of a family's life can certainly be overwhelming and emotional and it makes me happy that I can help make it easier. Now that I've gotten a few under my belt, I can certainly share a few things I've learned. 1. Purging is important, not just for you, but for the benefit of others. The main reason estate sale companies are necessary is because the vast amount of possessions people acquire over the years. It becomes too much to handle - what is important? What isn't? What holds emotional value? As time goes on, things you own become less and less important, suddenly those lamps, frames, TVs are all banished to an unused room or to an attic - never to be heard from again. You think to yourself, I'll keep them just in case! They still work, they are in good condition, I'll use them again. But alas,…