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Semi-Wordless Wednesday

"Night, night Daddy"
I tried to put her to bed but she was having a daddy day and just wanted him to hug her. I also tried to get a cute shot of her with her head on his shoulder, but she kept saying, "cheese!" She's too smart.

Finding Your Balance

We are all going through a journey in our lives, each and every day. I think about all of the chapters in my past, all of the individual paths I've walked in my life and as I examine them, I realize that most of the time, the reason I struggled so deeply for so long is because I couldn't find a balance in my life. Lately, I've seen that everything in life, from handling obstacles to the choices you make, it's all part of a balance you have to find each and every day. I think God talks alot about that balance in the Bible. I think we have to balance our lives with God, our families, our work, our personal time. There has to be a balance to everything. You have to get equal to what you give, you reep what you sow, you are loved as you love, etc. These are all examples of balance. I feel very "Yin-Yang" right now, as I talk about this, but it's really, really true.
I have started to view life as a great balancing act. When something is off kilter in my life,…

Oooh, I just love her!!!

When we got Avery back on Sunday, I thought she looked like she grew an inch! She looks like such a little girl to me now. Her legs are getting less chunky, her hair is getting longer. Sigh.

This is her favorite "book" right now. It's got pictures of her bubba and sissy.

 We are getting in to some unchartered territory right now. She is starting to get upset when she sees the kids and then they go. Thursday night, after they left, she cried and cried, "bubba!!!" Over and over. Breaks my heart!
She must have been really hungry tonight. She was standing by her dad at the fridge saying "app-ease!" (Apples and please in one word.)

 Her new thing is throwing tantrums, especially when we aren't getting her food fast enough or if we say "no." She smothers her hands in her face and cries. I swear she looks like a teenager. We just laugh (without her seeing) and just ignore her.

But lately, she's just a lover and is in a mood to give lots of hugs …

Blog Challenge Day Nine

"Something you're proud of..."
There are actually alot of things I've done in my life that I am proud of. One of the most important things I've done that I am proud of is getting back on the horse, despite being knocked off more times than I can count.
My perserverance is something I am incredibly proud of!!!

Anniversary Weekend

I honestly can't believe we've been married two years. It has just gone by so fast. I can't express enough how blessed God has made me by giving me Jason. He is not perfect but is completely perfect for me. I love hanging out with him, which is good, because that's what we've done all weekend long!
We went out on Friday afternoon/Friday night. On Saturday, we spent the day in Fort Worth, first at the Botannic Gardens, then at the Stockyards. It was such a great two days!

We even went to a petting zoo!!!

And of course, the day wouldn't be complete without a Dublin Imperial Sugar Dr. Pepper. It tasted a little bitter, considering a purchase the traitor's drink, but it was still mighty tasty.

The Hunger Games Review **Spoiler Alert**

I don't know how many people have read the book or not, so when I mean "spoilers" I don't want anyone who hasn't read the book to read this. If you've read the book, you will understand.
I went to see The Hunger Games last night. We went two hours early to get a good seat. The theater was full of noisy, obnoxious teenagers. When the movie came on, they were quiet as church mice!
Coming out of this movie, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. The reason I loved this book so much is because it was very clearly a story of political inequality, political suppression, brain washing and propaganda, the difference between classes, and lastly, the story of a girl caught up in it all. I thought the way they discussed the poverty and lack of food in her district was well done in the book, it was very thorough and showed a very clear picture of what life was like for these people in these districts. When they got to the Capital, it was decadance, riches,…

Day Eight Blog Challenge

T-Minus 15 hours (or so) until THIS

For any of you who are interested, I will absolutely give a full review of the movie tomorrow on my blog.
Ok, blog challege: "What are your short term goals this month and why?"
Well, one of my short term goals was accomplished short term goals always consist of saving money on our monthly budget. Yesterday, I saved us over $175 a month from our cell phone bill! I get GIDDY over saving money.
Basically, I've been with T-Mobile for 10 years. TEN YEARS as of February. That's a LOT of loyalty to a cell phone company. Every couple of years, or so, my bill creeps up for no apparent reason and I have to call them, complain, and they change my plan to a better plan and the bill goes down for a while. They've always been good to me about this. Also, until recently, they had good upgrades for pretty cheap. Lately, their upgrades have been terrible and they've started charging an upgrade fee. They also, recently, outsource…

Day Seven Blog Challege

Well, we had some windy and stormy weather on Monday and Tuesday. I couldn't sleep very well the other night, the thunder kept me up. We got home from work Monday and found this enormous limb in our backyard that had fallen from a very tall tree. This picture doesn't show how heavy and big the limb was. Thankfully, it feel about 5 feet from our house, but it could have done some major damage to the roof.

My daughter was in a good mood last night, so we had to snap some pictures!

Ok, now on to the blog challenge!
"A picture of someone or something that has the biggest influence on you..."
Now, I know the biggest influence on me is God. But for the purposes of this question, I will answer it a different way.
I am not doing this to gain favor or "points," as my husband doesn't even read my blog. But I gotta give credit where credit is due, ther person who has the biggest influence on me is this guy right here.

Of all the people in my life, Jason has had the mo…

Day Six Blog Challenge

"Who is my favorite superhero and why?"
This is going to sound so funny, but Hancock is probably my favorite superhero.

If you've seen the movie, you would know that Hancock is incredibly flawed. INCREDIBLY flawed. To the point where people were like, "We want him in JAIL!!" He was an alcoholic, disrespectful, cursed, just in general, he destroyed everything he touched.
I love how Hancock learned and grew as a person. I loved that he changed himself for the better because he knew people in the world were counting on him. I loved how he progressed. It seems like in later years, people have begun to portray superheros as extra-ordinary people, meaning, ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and I like that. If you think about superheros of the 70s and 80s, Superman, He-Man, they are all perfect specimans, both physically and mentally. I love how now, we get to see the ones who aren't so great, but rise to the occasion!!

Some Avery Stats, it's been a while!

Avery loves to look at "cooks" (books). She always puts them in front of us and wants us to read to her. Just some stuff about Avery at this age:
She can tell us what a cow, horse, cat, dog, squirrel, bird, duck, sheep, and snake says. She can tell us what a car says and a momma says (blows kisses).
She can point her Gigi, Pops, Jordy, sissy, momma, dadda, nawni and poppy in pictures. She can point out (and say) Bert, Cookie Monster (Cookie), Melmo, Grover (Go Go), Minnie (Mouse), puppy, and point to a cat (but she says meow).

She is starting to sing the ABCs, although her letters are not discernable. But the tune is! It's pretty nuts. When we tell her to sing the ABCs, she will start to sing and tune and say things sounding like letters. When we count to ten, she can say "thee" and "nine" and will count with us. She can also sing the B-I-B-L-E, but she says, B-I-B-I-E. But she does try to sing it. She also will sing to "This little light of mine.&…

Day Five Blog Challenge

"A picture of somewhere you've been!"
I will put the pictures that are easily accessible. I have also been to New York, but that was pre-digital photos. I need to scan those.

Lake Tahoe...

New Orleans...

Of course, there are others. But sometimes, I can't believe how many places I've already been in my life!!

Day Four Blog Challenge...

I didn't take one. single. picture. all weekend long. Bad mommy. My phone was dead, though, so I guess that's a good excuse.
We have had a crazy busy weekend. Friday night, we went to my mom and dad's and Brooke did my hair. I am back to blonde, baby! Saturday, we ran around all day. We also went to the viewing of a boy that I knew growing up. It's a very sad story, but we will just say that our friends have had to bury both of their boys within two years of each other. Both had the same condition that ended up taking them to Heaven. Their oldest was 23 when he passed and their youngest would have been 23 next month.
Today, we went to church, got a new lawnmower and weedeater on loan from a friend and then organized our garage and cut some grass. Whew. I am ready for a night of this in about 15 minutes.
Seriously, addicted to this show.

And, this week, on Friday morning at 12:01 am, we are going to see this...

AHHHH!! I have been waiting for this moment since last spring,…

Blog Challenge Day Three - A picture of you and your friends....

This one was great fun. I actually went through and posted pictures of myself with all of my friends I've had over the years. Or at least, the pictures I could find!
This was a very fun blog post. I realized how many of these people I've loved over the years. And what's more amazing is that even though I don't talk to these people every day, or even every year, I still am friends with them on Facebook, or I could call them up right now and go hang out. It makes me feel like I've had an incredibly blessed life. And I have so many memories with each and every one of them.
The picture quality on them aren't the greatest, but they are such great memories!
Senior prom. My friends, April, Kendra and me, went stag. We were lookers. You know, we were all three single at the time, and now I know why. We WERE intimidating, if I do say so myself!!! (Sorry for the flash!)
My sister and I on our way somewhere fantastic...

My 25th birthday. I wanted to be gold all over. That was …