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Breakfast Nook Redo

My poor poor breakfast nook has been sorely neglected in the last three years.
I bought this table and chairs on Craigslist as something just to fill the space when we first moved in. The curtains were leftovers from the previous owners. I redid the table with a herringbone pattern and got four hand me down chairs and replaced the curtains grey. It worked ok for a while, but we never ever went in that space. I never finished the table correctly and the grey, white and red color scheme just never worked for me 100%. This room was probably the last of all of my rooms I was worried about. As you can tell, it has become a catch all for nonsense. Until this week, of course. I've had quite a few pieces of furniture given to me this week, including some new furniture for the girls' room. It gave me an idea to move Avery's dresser into the space. I also had quite a bit of the Oops paint leftover and decided, since I had all of the supplies, why not? Here is the space now! I'…

More Spray Painting....

So, here another project I've been working on.

This shelf started off black, and I decided to paint it cream. I'm not a huge fan of putting white on white, but I think it works pretty well in this space.

I went a little nuts with the spray paint this weekend. As you can see, Rustoleum Aqua has been on my favorites list for a while. Everything here has been painting with that, except for the lamp, which I got for $7 at Family Dollar one day. This vase was one of about 10 I had that I decided to paint white a few years ago, I literally just sprayed the bottom of it blue, no tape or anything, just to add some contrast. That "faith" d├ęcor was gold and I found it for a $1 at Dollar Tree one year. I just painted it blue. The tree limbs just came out of my front yard for fall last year and they've just stayed in ever since.
I love this space and how this is all turning out. Very comfy but deliberate. Relaxing but stylish.
I found these frames at a garage sale a while …

$125 Living Room Redo

This wall of windows has been on my to do list since we moved into nearly three years ago. When we first moved in, there was a wall of sheer curtains that we immediately took down. It looked a million times better, just removing those curtains. This last year, I bought some cheap curtains just to have something on the wall. These weren't terrible, at all. They were cheap, especially since I had to buy 7 of them. However, they had no style. But they were a place holder until I figured out exactly what I wanted this room to be. I also knew we would eventually have to replace those blinds, but just kept them up for function's sake. They were all different colors, they were broken in some places, and they weren't in very tight, so if you pulled them wrong, they would fall. Well, yesterday, one of them decided just to break completely. Since I didn't want to spend a ton of money on the 2 inch blinds right then, which is what I really want, I decided I needed to find some…

Dining Room Tour, New Furniture!

I am so fortunate to have a lot of people in my life to look out for me when it comes to furniture. I guess they know I will just love it and use it! So when my broker called me and said one of her clients was wanting to give her dining set and china hutch to a loving home before she moved, she called me and I immediately said yes!! I saw some distant pictures of it before I went and looked personally, and I thought for sure I would want to paint it black and redo my living and dining area yellow, gray and black. That all changed the moment I got the pieces in my house. They were in such good shape, I couldn't bare to touch them with paint, so I just left them as is and did some updating with my brown and turquoise scheme. I was getting tired of blue, to be honest, but the furniture gave me a boost of love with it again. I'm not completely finished with all of it, but this is the dining room. Everything was in excellent condition, with the exception of the back of one of the…

Our 4th of July Vacation

We planned a trip to Broken Bow a few months ago for a 4th of July week vacation, but with the still overflowing lakes, we decided last minute to cancel our trip and just stay home. We had the whole week planned with things to do here, until I looked on Groupon and found a great deal on the Marriot Hotel and Golf Club on Champions Circle in Fort Worth. Our stay was great! Well, except for the sickness that has lasted in my chest and head for the last six days. If you've never kept up 4 other people with coughing in a one bedroom hotel room, you should really try it sometimes, it's awesome. I swear, by the end of the week, my bag looked like I was starting my own CVS. Anyway, we did a lot of nothing, and that's the truth.

We started off the vacation with an all girls pedicure/manicure. The polish on Sophia's nails lasted maybe 72 hours. But it was fun.

We spent the majority of our time swimming. It was nice being out in the sun with no where to go!!

Since it was a go…