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Living Room Evolution

When we first moved in, this house had a lot of space to fill. My formal living room has always been a hard one for me. I wish I could find another use for it because no one really ever goes in there to actually sit down as one should in a living room. But, I had to have some furniture in there just because the space was so large. This is how it looked before we actually moved in. There are six windows along that wall. There were these sheer curtains that I am sure had been specially made. We took those down immediately just because they looked so dated. This is what it looked like after we moved in. Definitely an improvement! Well, now, I finally got new curtains on that wall. I needed 7 panels and at least three long curtain rods, so needless to say, it was going to be an expensive endeavor. Well, this weekend, I found panels for $5.99 each and curtain rods for $7.99. I wouldn't say these are my dream curtains, but they are better than the nothing I had on my windows before!!…

Christmas Pictures

Christmas came early this year and I've loved every minute of it. I think I will be doing decorating early from now on.

Happy Thanksgiving Week! 

Avery's Birthday Party!

I can't believe it. I have a 4 year old daughter!! We had a Pajama and Pancake themed birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun! I think everyone enjoyed showing up comfy as much I did.

Avery got lots of her favorite things - dress up clothes. She can't EVER have enough dress up clothes. This Elsa dress, though - Oh. My. Goodness. It lights up and sings Let It Go.
She also got lots of Doc McStuffins stuff....if we expect her to keep us in the lifestyle we dream of during retirement, she'd better get really good at this version of Operation.

Avery Grace, You have given me and your dad so much joy. You are a handful - you love to have things your way, you love to be in charge, and you love to be independent. You also love to give me hugs and kisses, you love to tell us "thank you!" and you are kind and thoughtful. You are so smart - you catch on to things so fast and you love to sing us songs. You have such a little attitude!! You love to pose for pictures a…

The Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 1 - A Review

Note to self: Never, ever again go to a midnight showing of Hunger Games, or any other tween movie. In the words of the great Roger Murtaugh, "I'm too old for this (well, you know)." It is never more evident how old I am, then when I am sitting in a packed theater with teenagers giggling and opening loud bags of chips. SO glad we were never like that as kids, right? Mockingjay was never my favorite Hunger Games book, that was always reserved for the first book in the series. While Mockingjay is necessary to ending the story, it was hard to read at times, not because the writing was bad, but because the excitement of possible rebellion has passed and the reality of active rebellion sets in. Characters die, revelations are had. Katniss eventually has to succomb to the fate that is her life; either die a martyr fighting for her people or destroy the Capital and live a life of horrible memories that she will never be able to truly forget. It's bleak, but it's also im…

My Home Workspaces

I was recently came across a co-working company called WeWork. It's a very interesting concept; it is a workspace that enables people to come together and allows businesses owners, entrepreuners, startups, or a varitey of other fields of work to work along side each other. I have worked in office spaces similiar, but never one that encouraged people to work along side each other. I am highly motivated by working around other people and have done that my whole career, up until now! I thought I would share a little about my own work spaces at home! First and foremost, we have a bit of a unique situation. My husband works at home full time for his job, so I guess technically, we are "co-working" already. Since my husband sits at his desk all day and I get to come and go, he got the great desk location in the office of the window view. The desk on the left is my husband's; the desk on the right is one of two desks I use in my house. These desks just happen to be in our…

Avery's School Thanksgiving Feast

I know I shared this picture on Facebook already, but I seriously can't believe how old she looks. And yes, I told you I was getting ready for Christmas already!
Today was Avery's Thanksgiving feast for her Monday/Wednesday school program. I got to go hang out with her, and it was so much fun! She was SO HAPPY I got to come and eat with her.
Yep, I think it's safe to say she's my mini-me.

It never escapes my mind how blessed I am to have the freedom and flexibility to be able to participate in her life for events like these. Watching her grow up and seeing her participating in school activities is such a joy. This is our final week before she turns 4 and I just can't believe it.