Friday, December 16, 2016

Sharing YOUR Jennarocity

I used to love to blog. Do people still blog? I feel so out of touch with social media these days. You get out of the game for a few months and the updates just pass you right by.
It's been a busy year, yes? Those who follow me on Facebook have seen the evolution my life has taken in the last year. I'm ending the year with the busiest month I've ever had in real estate, plus I opened a location for my business. I have to admit, I never thought saying yes to one thing could change my life in such an astounding way. Which reminds me - what have you said yes to today? Don't be afraid to say yes. I say yes way more often than I probably have time for, but you know what, it brings a lot of opportunities into my life. So, while people tell me to start saying no, I'll start saying, I can't right now, but what about next week? Lol.
The other funny thing is that who knew this blog title could have been the basis for the name of my business. When I changed my blog title from "Family of 5" (BORING!) to Sharing My Jennarocity, it completely encapsulated what I was meaning to get across in my blog. I wanted to share me, my family and my thoughts to the world. When I said, "JENNAROCITY!" I felt like I needed to say it with jazz hands and attitude. When I changed my blog title, and started sharing my posts on Facebook, people started calling me "Jennarocity." It was a perfect take on my name.
When I decided to use Jennarocity as my business name, it meant something else - generosity. I really felt strongly that we treated our clients and customers with generosity. It fit perfectly. When I order business cards, or tell people over the phone what my business is called, it never fells, I always get a "Great take on your name!' I think Jennarocity is just exactly what makes me, me. I use it as a verb, as a noun, as an adjective. What a great word, yes? And it will go great with my new next idea, the Jennarocity Foundation.....I mean, I have a few extra minutes in my day available, I can add one more log onto the fire, right? But I digress. That's to come later.
I'd like to think that one of my biggest strengths is how I make those around me feel about themselves and about the world around them. I like to think that when I leave the presence of another human being, whether it be my best friend or a total stranger, that I leave them feeling better about themselves, or their circumstances, or their day, than when we started. And that is what "Jennarocity" means to me - the ability to leave those feeling better than when you started.
So I ask you....How have your shared YOUR Jennarocity today? Wow. I'm seeing apparel ideas in my head....