Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Went Shopping Today...

Ok, so I just went online shopping and didn't actually buy anything.
But here is what I bought in my head, from West Elm.
Reclaimed Pine Media Console
Isn't this Reclaimed Pine Media Console to die for? (It should be, for $2,200!)
What about this arm chair...
Detailed View
These floating shelves with the awesome antler brackets are fantastic...
Reclaimed Wood Shelf + Silver Branch Brackets
And what about these great dining chairs with nailhead trim...
$330 each, man!
Great bar stools...
Tufted Bar Stool
This braided quilt makes me want to crawl into bed!!
Braided Quilt + Shams - Ivory
These striped curtains are fantastic.
Cotton Canvas Bold Stripe Window Panel - Plaster
Can you believe that I just remodeled my whole house in my head???

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Who ARE these kids? These big kids??
No seriously. Where did these kids go...
And these...
Time flies by, doesn't it.
I am sure you all notice Jordan's hat - it's not a secret that Jordan certainly has very specific ideas of what he likes to wear. He loves hat and specifically, he loves fedoras. Not sure where that came from (probably Indiana Jones...) but we kind of are going through this growing pain stage where it's like, "While we know you love hats, let's find some that are more your age, that don't just look like you are playing dress up all the time?" We want him to wear hats wherever he wants, and when we found this plaid cute hat we all just thought he looked adorable in. It's a hat he could wear to church, to dinner, everywhere. We try to encourage all of the kids to dress how they want to dress, but also dress in appropriate things for your age. We don't want to surpress their individuality. I love that Jordan is unique...but I also want him to wear appropriate things too.
Anyway, we also went swimming at my moms. The girls are fish, Jordan, not so much. He just isn't one of those that would choose to go swimming. I think he spent alot of the day inside doing other things, which is why he isn't in any of these pictures.
My mom called Avery the "bobber" becaue she just bobbed with that life jacket on.

Her and her sister had alot of fun for sure...
Avery loves swimming. We are going to have to get her into some lessons!

She loves to jump to us from the side...

She would climb in, then climb out, over and over.

She even got to wear goggles!

We've come a long way, baby...

Looking forward to more of this!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weight Loss Update - Week 4

I've stayed hovering at that "9 pounds lost" point for a week now. As I normally have done in my past, once I start to do well, working out as I should and dieting, my progress actually starts leading to going back to bad habits. This last weekend was not a good one for me. I have started not being as strict on my diet, despite starting to walk and exercise this past week.
I am not really sure what happens mentally, I guess I just feel like I've earned the right to eat the treats daily because I've worked hard for a few weeks. I allowed myself to eat bad for several days in a row this weekend. I am definitely going walking tonight with a vengeance and back on my strict diet first thing in the morning.
I've noticed several good changes in my body when I look in the mirror. My tummy is definitely looking much tighter (not at all like a 6 pack or anything, just not as big). I am not as bloated-looking in the chin and neck as I normally feel I am. So those are all good things, now I just need to continue on with progress. The next step is breaking the "180 pound" mark on that scale.
I definitely feel a little anxiety lately, as July marks a huge change in our lives, with Jason starting his new job. We are surely wondering how this is going to change things, so I am a little stressed out about it, although I really shouldn't be. I should be excited, and I certainly am, but it also comes with a bit of nerves and stress as we go forward with the next step in our lives. This certainly doesn't help with the eating situation. Although, I didn't have a whole package of Oreos this week, just a few fun size packets of M&Ms. I guess that's a good thing, right?
Here's starting week 4 - hope I can show some progress again next week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Does Every Generation Think The Decade(s) They Grew Up In Were The Best?

I recently read an article, in which Candace Cameron Bure had posted the following picture on her Instagram account...
Ah, the good old days. Remember TGIF??
Ha ha, Balki.
Does every generation think the decade(s) of their youth were the best ones to live in? Does everyone have that nostalgia of carefree days of their teen years being the best ones in history?
I really think we all do. I think when you hit 30's, it's almost like it's your right to start feeling sorry for the "kids of today..." who will never understand what it's like to have to use a pay phone (at least they know what one is, thank you Adam Levine!) or what life was like with 3-way calling on a landline (you mean, phones used to have, gulp, cords??)
Of course, we all know the 80's and 90's were not all sunshine and gum drops. There was plenty of teen aingst, drama, and scary things going on in society. But just for grins, let's go over some of my most fond memories of growing up...

Oh, Marie Francois Girbeaud. The popular and coveted white tag across the fly. Still to this day, this was the most anticipated and exciting Christmas gift I've ever received. These were like, $80 back in the day, maybe more?? Mucho dinero in the 90's.

 How I loved all of you beautiful boys. :-)

Kids - these are called cassette tapes. Say it with me: ca-ssette-tapes. You had to rewind them. You never knew when on the tape your song started and stopped and to get to the other side, you had to take it out and flip it over. And if it got unraveled, you had to spend like, an hour, with a pencil winding it back in. Awesome, dude. But boy, did your own mixed tape of songs you pirated from the radio sound awesome in your car. All of our songs had intros from Kiss FM. And you had to be quick on the "record" button or else you wouldn't get the whole song. Ha ha.

I used Amy here, because I love her, but tall bangs were the biz-om! Oh and the "brushed out perm do." (Not pictured here, but please look at our 5th grade year book for reference).

The see-through phone. What an invention.

Two of my most favorite movies from childhood...

If you don't know what these are by these pictures, please see me immediately for two movies you must add to your "to see" list.

What are your faves from your generation??

Partial Living Room Before and After

Here is the space right after we moved in.
Here is the space now! It's definitely coming along!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

$20 Coffee Table Redo

We have a really great thrift store by my house. I have put myself on a spending freeze with garage and thrift sales until I complete the several projects I have waiting in my queue. As you can see with the multiple posts this week, I am getting closer to being done with all of them. I am ready to move on to the next things!
I saw this coffee table for $15 at her shop and I thought it looked really good. At first, I wanted to paint it, but then I decided I wanted to keep it brown as a grounding color with all of the white and turqoise in the room, so opted to just stain it instead. It was in good shape, just a little worn in a couple areas.

I did a light sanding, then used Minwax, Early American 230 for the stain, just a small container at Home Depot is really cheap. It was really easy to put on. I have to say, I would have used this instead of the gel stain I used for the dining table. I didn't get any streaks and it was alot cheaper.

It turned out really pretty! I am very happy with this. I put this off since February because I really thought it would take a long time, but it only took a few hours, and that was only because of drying time.

$2 Garage Sale Lamp - Before and After

This one really isn't all that spectular, but it was cheap and cute, so I thought I'd show you!
I liked this because it kind of had a "beachy" vibe, which kind of matched the rest of the room.

It was just a little plain. But, after a coat of Rustoleum Aqua...

It adds a little "sumpin.'" Now, to get a new shade. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Easy Way to Design and Hang a Gallery Wall

I've only done one gallery wall in my life and it was a horrible process.
There were all kinds of holes in the wall after I was done, it took me forever, and I really didn't end up liking the end product. Not to mention, I had no color scheme. I think this was my first attempt at decorating. This was probably the reason this has taking me so long. I've been putting off hanging up these pictures cause I hated doing this wall so much.
Well, this isn't new, I am sure there are a million sites that explain this on Pinterest besides mine. But I just hung a gallery wall, from start to finish, in a couple of hours and I love it.
First a foremost, I took a roll of wallpaper from last Christmas and got to work. This wallpaper was great because it had the grids on one side, so it really helped to cut straight lines.
I basically traced the outside of each picture or piece of decor and then labeled it so I would know which place to hang which thing when I was done. Since I also have two different colors of frames, I also indicated which color it was, so I wasn't hanging too many of the same colors together.
Then, after I cut it out, I laid the paper on the back of the picture and marked a dot where the nail needs to be hammered. I started taping my wallpaper on the wall and putting the pieces where I wanted them to go.
I just nailed the nail into the paper when I was done, removed the paper from the wall, and hung the picture.

This wall isn't totally finished yet. I have a few more pictures to print of the kids from the most recent photo shoot, but this wall is so big, it can stand a bit more pictures.
I made this little canvas the other day. I got two canvases on sale for $7 at Hobs Lobs, and I already had the paint on hand, along with sticky letters that were leftover from another project. I just stuck the letters on, spray painted it Rustoleum Aqua (one of my favorites) and then popped the letters off. Really easy and I like it.


My mom gave me this adorable picture of Avery for Mother's Day. SOO cute.
All of these frames required new painting, but I love spray paint - I'd painted them all black in the above gallery wall. Now, back to color!
I have one more project to show you tomorrow (that I've been putting off for months now...)


Are You In Your Dream Job?

I've had a chance in the last couple of months to allow my mind to wander about what I want to do with my life, career-wise. It's always been a question of mine - what was I born to do? What is my true passion? I've been good at alot of things but haven't truly loved them. How do you even figure out what your dream job is?
The truth of it is that when I dream and fantasize about what I would like for my life to look like, I really have always known what I love to do. Writing. I just have never known what type of writing I'd like to do as a career. But when I think about watching movies or TV shows, and what I see them do that makes me say, "I wish my life was like that..." it always goes back to people who write or who are in the literary field. Intellectuals. I think about Carrie Bradshaw, who gets to write a column for a living. I would even love to be a college professor (maybe I just love the idea of that more than I would actually love it.) I just love to ponder of subjects and debate topics with others. I love to give my opinion and tell stories. I've never liked writing fiction (I don't have the imagination for it) but I've always wanted to write a book. I've always loved to research and if I had time, I think I might like to study up on a topic and write a book about it someday.
I think I used to have this idea that most people don't do what they truly love for a living and that the idea of getting to do what I loved and get paid for it was a long-shot, so I just never thought of it being a possibility for my life. But as I look around, just in my own circle and family, I see many of my friends and family who are doing what they are passionate about for a living. Hair stylists, teachers, even my husband is getting closer and closer to his dream job. So, why is it so far-fetched that I can't do the same?
I feel like I am 33 and not getting any younger. I feel like our lives are changing and I am getting closer to having a career I truly can love and be passionate about. It's an exciting prospect, for sure. When I look at Avery, I just hope that I can instill in her that this life can be what you make of it, and that sometimes, you do things because you have to, but your whole life shouldn't be have to. Some of your life should be want to. I am getting there. Jason and I are already starting to see a life opening up for us that we just never thought would happen and it's pretty amazing to finally have choices in our life instead of being stuck until the next thing comes along.
What is your dream job? I am curious how many people I know that are actually doing what they love for a living and how many are just hanging in there until an opportunity opens up...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday...

This weekend was certainly a flurry of activity and we got resolution on Jason's new job - he was officially offered the position on Friday and will start at the beginning of July! I am so proud of him. He has really worked so hard for a long time to get here and is just ecstatic about the opportunity.
He even gets his very own home corner office to spend his time in. Pretty jealous!!
He is going to be traveling quite a bit in this position, so it's still up in the air how this is going to affect me and my job. I certainly don't want to leave my daughter at daycare from 7 to 6 everyday, and as of now, he is able to get her early every afternoon, so it works well. But he has flown a couple days during this interview process, and even him flying for the day, he isn't home until after 5, which leaves me to drop her off and pick her up by myself. I am sure God has all of these plans in His hands, so we will see how all of this pans out!
We spent time with my dad yesterday - just a nice afternoon relaxing.

He is really bummed out because he has no beautiful women to spend any time with.
I got to see this little cutie, which always makes me happy...


She is so fun! She was enjoying a good book here. She liked the page so much, she ripped it out and started to eat it. Talk about Reader's Digest! Ha ha, get it?? Eating it, digest, man, I am full of funnies.
I also got Avery some new shoes and made sure to get a pair with lots of growing room.

She just loves wearing big people's shoes! She came marching into the bathroom with these on, dragging them along the groud. Such a cutie!