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bObSweep Pet Hair Robotic Sweeper and Mop

Bob is here! Or DJ Bob, as Avery likes to call him. She watches too much Park and Rec. Here is DJ Rhooma, basically Tom puts an iPod on top of the vacuum and it plays music while it cleans (which is awesome).

Bob has been here less than 24 hours and has already given us so much joy! It's funny I just said that, but when you have dogs that shed constantly, a big house and lots of hard floors, to have a robot do a job like vacuuming for you, it's simply heavenly.

Here is Bob in real life.

I had so many people ask me about a review so here it is......
I have never seen or used another robot vacuum so my review is based completely on this one. I bought Bob on Groupon for $179.99. It was more than the regular one that was $159.99 because we opted for the Pet Hair 4-1 sweeper and mop combo. Bob arrived with an adorable adoption card with his name, birthday, weight and height, which I thought was weird because you oddly do start to talk about him like he's another family membe…

Jordan's New Room

Jordan's room has always had some hint of black. I love the furniture I found for Jordan and it's black, and I'm not painting those suckers anytime soon, so black it is! Well, it made it really easy when I went to redo the girls room, because I had all of the items I needed already, including black paint. On a whim, I decided to redo the alcove area into a small media space and paint the wall black. We got a heck of a deal at Target this weekend for a flat screen (Thank you, Target Red Card, 5% off and Cartwheel app, 10 % off on top of sale prices!), so it worked perfectly. Then, I decided, hey, why don't we throw the couch I was going to get rid of in his room and make him a small studio apartment, because what 14 year old DOESN'T need that, right?
It turned out so cool. In my humble opinion, of course.

The only thing this room cost me is the TV - for less than $120. I'll take it!!!

Redoing the Girls Room...Again

Every girl's room I've ever done has had an element of pink. Pink, pink, pink. I tried to make it different by painting Avery's room lime green, but still, we ended up with pink accents. I'm tired of pink and so are the girls. So this time, I did something with the girls room I wanted to do - black, white and gold, a little touch of Parisian flair.
The idea has always been to have two twin beds in one room for when cousins spend the night, so I finally got two white beds and a color scheme and then it was time!
First things first - I had some furniture to paint.
These night stands were leftover from a sale I did. I had them in my guest room but they look PERFECT as black with gold handles, don't you think?

This was also from a sale (recognize it, Nancy?). I didn't even paint the handles and it looks amazing.

I got a wild hair to paint that back wall black. Or at least, half of it. Since I already had a chair rail and bead board, it went together very nicely! …


So, here are a few pictures from past July 4ths...

And for the first time - I didn't have a picture of our family in red white and blue. I just didn't think to buy shirts this year. Boo. But I do have this picture.... this year, that will just have to do!!
We had a good day with family. Ate a lot of good stuff, watched the kids swim, hung out, and ate again.

Don't be fooled. Pops blows bubbles even when the kids aren't there.

She tried to put her own sunscreen on. Little cutie.

Wha what!!

Ah, to be a preteen girl and be a teeny meeny.