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7 Rules For Moms

It's been a while since I've written a blog post on here (not that anyone has been missing it!). I was going to share some pictures of my kids from the last couple of months, but decided to change that after a movie I watched tonight. Avery was in bed and Jason was watching Monday night football, so I decided to check out what Hallmark had on On-Demand. I was hoping to come across a Christmas movie, but didn't find any. I did find a movie called Mom's Day Out. This movie was harmless of course, but it urked me. Here's the run down - a stay at home mom, married to a busy-always-on-the-phone realtor, becomes annoyed when her husband and teenage kids (who steal her makeup, make huge messes they can't seem to clean up on their own and bark grocery orders as they are walking out the door on the way to see their friends) don't remember or celebrate Mother's Day. Her old friend comes into town, her friend with an exciting career and wardrobe, and invites her …