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Avery The Climber

Well, Avery is officially a climber. She has learned now to climb stairs. When she goes over to my parents, she will climb all the way to the top and then want to do it again.
She's also learned how to climb up onto things. This is her climbing onto Jordy's bed.

And, she finishes it off with a quick nibble on a Star Wars playing card.

I just can't believe how big she looks and is getting. I can't believe how she can climb and is almost running. I can't believe how she can repeat every single thing you say.

Oh, and like I had mentioned before, she wears everything as a scarf. Here she is wearing her pants she slept in around her neck...

Have a good Wednesday! 

Pinterest, 775. Me, 0.

Pinterest can make you feel enlightened and dumb all at the same time.
Why didn't I think of this?

Turning the clothes a different way, so you can see everything in your drawer. Genius. For all of you who already do this, kudos.
Jason laid down with Avery and tried to get her to lay down too. At first, it was like this...

She thinks everything is a scarf, including belts. So she wraps them around her. That is why the belt is there.
And here is the "staged" photo...

And the Oscar Goes To....

Well, for the last few years my mom has had people over to watch the Academy Awards and I've always lived to far away to participate. This year, I got to go. Even Avery wore red for the red carpet....

Just for the record, Avery has been saying so many words lately. Pretty much anything you ask her to repeat, she does. Or at least, tries. But there are quite a bit of words she says clear as day. Too many to even list!! But she also knows what sounds a cow, cat, dog, lion, squirrel (?), duck, donkey, and monkey make. She can point to her hair, head, ear, nose, lips, knees, hands, fingers, feet, toes and shoes. Her favorite (and only) song she can sing is the B-I-B-L-E. Although, it took us a while to figure it out. At first we thought she was saying "Be Happy" but we realized it was the first three letters "B-I-B." We have a CD that we play for her in the car and she loves that song. And when the song "This little light of mine" comes on, she just starts…

Sisters, Sisters....

Oh my goodness, am I one tired cookie. But, it was totally worth it because I just got back from a trip to Louisville with my sister Leslie! She is a training manager for Texas Roadhouse and they had their annual awards ceremony. She was named Finalist for Road Warrior and she got to bring a guest and she asked me!! I was so honored.

Leslie is seriously one of the only people I know personally who had a dream and went for it, despite obstacles. She wanted to be training manager for years. She busted her you-know-what being an opening trainer for Roadhouse. I think she did something like, 20 openings? She traveled constantly. She was promoted to Service Manager at the Grand Prairie location and worked her toocus off there for two years. All of this to get the job as training manager. I believe she went on four interviews total for the position over the years and heard "no" 3 times before she heard a yes. Now, she is on her second year and has already been nominated for Road Wa…

Some Pictures

Jason and I did get to go out for a little bit on Tuesday night for Fat Tuesday with some people from work. Thank you mom and dad! It was nothing big, just went to Razzoos to get a little of that New Orleans spirit. I loved the music - after my trip there last fall, I can't wait to take Jason back there. I would never want to go during Mardi Gras, but it's a trip that is worth it.

I just took some pictures of Avery this morning. Enjoy!

Just a side note - her little pants, which are all 24 months by the way, don't fit over her belly and are a little tight. She is going to need 2T! She is 15 months old, today actually, and she can't fit into those clothes easily. She is going to be a tall girl!


"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
I do firmly believe this, even though I don't always practice my life that way. Let's face the facts: I am a lazy procrastinator. Planning takes time and energy so sometimes, we are guilty of just letting our life lead us, letting our money lead us, our laundry, our cleaning, everything. Jason and I just got so tired of our lives overtaking us so we decided to do something about it. I used the chalkboard in the girls' room to create a cleaning list for our weeks/months.
The instigator to this was Friday, when Avery got pink eye again. Her babysitter was in tears because she had sanitized the whole house and now another kid was going to pass it around. I asked myself, how clean is our house, really? And then I realized that while our house might be straightened up, it wasn't clean because we never knew when the last time we sanitized her toys was, or scrubbed the floors. For us, days just run together, a huge blur of activi…

The Weekend

We had a great weekend with the kids this weekend. We went shopping Friday night and they were so patient, that we decided Saturday to do a Girls/Boys Day. So Jason took Jordan to see Star Wars 3D and I took Sophia and Avery to have dessert at Corinos. Sophia was an absolute joy this weekend (she always is) but this weekend, shopping with her was so much fun. She loves to pick out the most ridiculous outfits for me, but I love her enthusiasm.
We also have been visiting our old church, Inglewood Baptist. It's where Jason and I met and were in church our entire youth. When we moved back to Grand Prairie, we knew we had to try it again. We really liked it (felt like home) so today, we rejoined! It was a nice day.
So, the day finally got nice enough and the kids were itching to get on the trampoline. Avery hates being stuck inside when the kids are out jumping. I walk in the room and this is what I see...

She looks at us and says "dit, dit" that means "jump."

Man, I …