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How to Plan a Fun Road Trip With Kids Without Pulling All of Your Hair Out!

Well, this road trip was very pleasant and I say that with a surprising tone because we drove a total of 30 hours in 7 days with three kids, once of whom is 3. I thought about some of the tips I used to make it this way and thought I would jot them down! 1. Having the right luggage is absolutely necessary. I found luggage inexpensively and with different designs for each of the kids. A main area for their clothes (pjs on the left, day clothes on the right!), a pocket for undies, a pocket for socks, and a front pocket for toiletries. Every kid got the same number of each thing so I could make sure to keep up! 2. Always bring a laundry bag and do laundry at least once! I brought enough clothes for all of us to wear an outfit and change of underwear each day without having to change, but I did laundry on the trip to minimize the amount I had to do when we got home. It kept things very organized! 3. Vacuum out the car whenever you get a chance! I get high amounts of anxiety when I look b…

Whitehead Family Vacation 2014

Well, we are home from our 7 day cross country (almost) road trip! This was our first road trip as a family that doesn't include just a one day drive to a relative's house. A few months back, Jason's family decided to have a small reunion in Flagstaff, AZ, so we decided to use that as an excuse to take our time and see some sights along the way. I am really glad we did! We broke up our trip to AZ into four-5 hour day drives and it was so much nicer that way! We started off our trip on Tuesday night and before we headed out, we stopped at Texas Roadhouse to grab some dinner. Very tasty way to start off our trip!
Our first stop was in Sweetwater, TX. We drove just long enough to get a good head start and left Tuesday after work. It turned out to be a great idea. The kids absolutely loved staying in all of the hotels.
Before we left, we stopped at Sam Moon for some new luggage for the kids. They were much needed - $12.99 for each of these and they are GREAT for organizing a…