Friday, July 30, 2010

More Wedding Pictures

I am trying to upload more pictures and these are the only ones that will cooperate so far. Uggh.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gigi's and Adventure Jakes

We went over to Gigi and Pops on Sunday and the kids swam alot that day. Here are some pictures...

This week has been busy. I am spending the week as a stay at home mom, which, as I have mentioned before, is absolutely tiring and it wears me out! Especially with an 8 and a 5 year old. We have had good days and bad. It's frustrating to constantly say the same things over and over (and over and over). But, overall, it's been good. Monday, I took the kids to the DMV (where we waited all of 15 minutes because the line was 3 hours long) and then to the social security administration office. We went back to the DMV on Tuesday (earlier this time) and so now, I am legally and officially Jenna R. Whitehead. My husband seems very happy about this. :-) The kids did pretty well those days, until we got to my mom's yesterday to go to see Despicable Me, and Sophia decided she wanted to act despicable herself. She spend last night in her room because she didn't behave all day long. Oy.

Today, I took the kids to the dentist - NO CAVITIES! Good news! Then, I found a coupon for a place called Amazing Jakes and decided to take the kids. I have to say, this place isn't exactly the cheapest place, but it is WORTH YOUR MONEY. To me, Chuck E. Cheeses is expensive and you don't really get your money's worth. There are other places out there which make you pay for food, then each game or activity seperately. This place, for $14.99 per kid, you get a HUGE buffet of pizza, salad, pasta, soup, potatoes, and desert (which you can go through all day the whole day if you wanted to) and all the rides you can ride for 3 hours, plus $5 for the ticket games. (and their games are 35-50 cents each so it can last for a while!) The people there were wonderfully friendly, it was clean, and there was TONS of stuff you can do. They had mini golf, laser tag, bumper cars, go-karts, a train, an airplane ride, and a carasel (spelling?). The kids had an ABSOLUTE blast. I probably wouldn't suggest this place on a weekend, because the lines were just a little long, but it really was only for the go-karts and bumper cars. I hardly ever leave a place thinking I got my money's worth (I still don't think Hurricane Harbor was worth it) but I would have no problem paying for that again. On Thursdays, kids eat free and they take the price of a kids' buffet off the unlimited ride package. Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hurricane Harbor

For starters, I will tell everyone this blog will more than likely be kind of long. But it's good. I don't normally write really long blogs, but I feel like I have some things to say!

First and foremost, I am no longer at the University of Phoenix. Things haven't been going so great there for a few weeks and I have been getting this feeling that God wanted me to move elsewhere. I am not going to put all of my opinions about this situation on my blog, however, I will say that I left on my own accord, but I wasn't very happy about it. I really liked working there, but it just wasn't the job for me. I actually got a job with Jason's company at the corporate office, which starts August 2. UOP went ahead and made my last day Thursday of last week, so I got a little vacation, which I think is much earned. On Friday, I called up my old friend Kate and we took the kids to the park and to her pool. They had fun, but when we were leaving, we look at the bottom of Sophia's feet and were taken aback to see blood. Alot of it actually. Sophia was playing in the shallow pool and had ripped the bottom of her toes up so badly but didn't even realize it until we are leaving. She looks at the bottom of her feet and said with horror, "What's wrong with my feet?" and then started crying, which she should have because it was alot of blood. We doctored her up and decided to get her a pair of water shoes. I remember being a kid and seeing all of that blood, it freaks you out for sure!Here are some pictures of the kids swimming, and one of me jumping off the side with them. I can't believe I am putting a picture of me on here in my bathing suit, but who cares, right?

With all of this budgeting going on, apparently I got a little ahead of myself and had budgeted for alot of extra bills. Nice little suprise, but we both decided there were many things we needed to do with that money, namely, save it! But we decided also that we were going to take the kids to Hurrican Harbor because of the kids' price ticket special they had going on. We got to Walmart, get our snacks packed and our cooler ready to go, and set off for a day of fun. We got there and saw a sign: NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED. What??? We could always take it when we were younger, but apparently Hurricane Harbor decided they weren't making enough money off of us so changed their rules. UGGGHH. So we finally parked, after an hour of waiting, and ate our lunch in the car before we went in. We went into the park and just started taking the kids around the water park. Now is a good time to tell you that this whole morning, Jordan did not want to do this. As I have mentioned before, he has this fear of anything he's never done before, and will say "no" before even knowing what it is we are taking him to. When we told him Hurricane Harbor, he said "I don't want to go." Jason has come to the point where he is tired of listening to Jordan whine and say no before he even knows what it is he is saying no to, so we were already getting annoyed with it. When we found a spot, Jordan said he really wanted to take his goggles, the big eye and nose goggles that cover half of your face. We weren't going swimming right then, so we told him he didn't need them right now, we would come back later. We took them through the shallow wading pool, with him asking about the goggles. We took them in the wave pool, which he wouldn't get in because he didn't have his goggles. Then we took him to the kids area and he wouldn't do anything because he didn't have his goggles. Finally, we said, fine, we can get your goggles. But not after alot of whining, backtalk, and disrespect on the way there.

We got up to the table and looked - in the midst of changing bags to make sure no food was being brought in, we realized we didn't bring the goggles. He started to cry and throw a fit. Enough was enough, so we told him we will think about getting goggles if he could stop with the whining and be happy. We were there to have fun and wanted him to have fun too! If he could make it for a while with no tears and no whining, we would THINK about getting him goggles.

Jason also decided that all of us were going to ride rides as a family, together. At Hawaiian Falls last year, Jordan refused to go on any rides, and one of us would stay behind and the other would have to take Sophie on the rides. Not this time, we spent too much money and we were ALL going to enjoy it, whether he liked it or not! Our first ride was the Bubba Tub. This line was an hour and a half long, no joke. Totally not worth it, but we waited anyway. We started to get to the top and Jordan starts to freak out. Tears start pouring down his face. "Please dad, don't make me go!" "I don't want to go!" "Please!" It really was heartbreaking. But what we've learned about Jordan is that he won't try anything unless you make him, and every time we've made him try something, he loves it afterwards. We knew he would love this, he just needed to get past his fear. We finally got in the raft and he had a nervous breakdown. So much so that they lifeguard almost didn't send us down. It was really embarrassing and I am sure everyone in line was looking at us saying, "Those horrible parents are torturing him!" We go down the first hill and I look at Jordan who is screaming bloody murder. Then, his terror turns to a smile, then laughter. By the end, he is laughing and jumping up and down about how much fun it was. GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!! Well, he wanted goggles and we said, no, you complained the whole way through that ride, let's do one more and see how you act. We went on the Raging Rapids, and he kind of cried a little at the top, but when he goes down, laughter.

The third ride we rode was called the Blue Raider and the opening of the ride is this blue tube with lots of water you have to go through. Jordan freaked out even more than the Bubba Tub! It was a ride you go on in pairs and the guys went after me and Sophia. When Jason got to the bottom, he told me that Jordan was so upset at the top before they went he actually said, "Please dad, have mercy on me!" and Jason almost pulled him off the ride, but instead, just told the lifeguard to push the tube, NOW. And they went down, with Jordan smiling at the bottom.

Then came the last ride of the day. This ride was the tallest one yet. We got up to the top of this ride, no tears. We get to the front of the line, no tears. Not one complaint, not one whine. He finishes that ride and loved it so much that he wanted to go on it again! Is this the same kid we brought? That was too scared of the unknown? You could tell he was so proud of himself too and kept saying he was happy he'd done something he had never done before. I looked at him and said, "Jordan, why don't you trust your dad and me? We would never put you in a situation that would bring you harm, but you will never know how much fun it is unless you try!"

When I got home, I started thinking about the day, and I couldn't help but think about God. With all of this job stuff going on, I can honestly say I have gotten better about trusting God's plan for my life. It's not always easy, and I feel like there are situations I am in that I wish I wasn't, but God has always taken care of me and will always take care of me. I couldn't help but think about Jordan, pleading with his father to not make him go down the ride, please dad have mercy on me! How many times in our lives have we pled with God, "Please God, I don't want to do this, have mercy on me!" When faced with a hard situation or one we just don't want to do, we cry and beg and plead and say "no!" But after God has pushed us and sent us down to the unknown end of our ride, we realize how much better our life is now that we've done it. What would Hurricane Harbor be with no rides? Just a bunch of wading pools, which are safe, but certainly not exciting. Well, the same as life with no twists and turns. Jason's heart was breaking sending Jordan down a ride where he was scared to death, but he knew the end, and that Jordan would be ok, even if Jordan didn't. And Jason rode with him, holding him the whole time. God is the same. He doesn't send us down the hard path to be mean. But He knows the end and will be there with you the whole way. We just need to trust that He knows what's best and stop kicking and screaming, just trust and enjoy the ride.

I will add, this whole day, Sophia was an absolute angel. That kid will do anything, anytime, anywhere. She just played and didn't complain the whole day, well except for her normal montra, I am hungry! :-) After the Sea Wolf, Sophia told us she wanted to ride this yellow ride they have there. I thought that was too much for a pregnant lady and Jordan really didn't want to ride it, so Sophia and Jason went. This ride was scary. I mean, it went straight down, and she was just barely big enough to ride. And she did it like a champ! She would have done it with her dad or not. How is it that two kids can be so different, yet from the same family? I don't get it. Makes me wonder which way our kid will end up!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jason's Birthday

Jason had his 31st birthday on Thursday. On Wednesday night, I took the kids to get him a few birthday presents. I decided that along with gifts the kids were going to pick out (which I knew were going to be GREAT as all presents are from a 5 year old and 8 year old picking them out) they were going to give their dad a gift card to Chili's, a place he likes alot (for some reason). I took the kids to Dollar Tree because I also thought that Sophia could pick out her treat for her "By Myself Chart."

When we got there, Jordan was not very happy that he didn't get a treat too. Jordan tends to get really upset when things are not always about him or when things aren't "fair." I know Mom, I was the same way when I was a kid. I thought this would be a very valuable lesson that my parents taught me growing up: sometimes, kiddo, life just isn't fair and sometimes it just isn't your turn. I know he gets upset with me because I don't give in to feeling guilty about not getting him something that he wants, but it's a lesson all kids need to learn. I told him, after repeated pleas for me to buy him something, that there will be alot of times when it's his turn and it's not Sophia's, or when he will get something that she won't get. I don't really care how much he hates it. Learning the lesson that life isn't fair has helped me alot in my adult life. He will too, someday. So, Jordan got Jason an iPod nano cover and Sophia got him an Ice Age watch. It was purple. And he wore it to work the next day, like a good dad would.

When I was thinking about what to get him, I just couldn't decide. I know there are some things he needs, but I just couldn't choose. So I got him something he never gets to of his own that he can spend on just him. Since we've been engaged, we have been on a strict budget. With Jason losing his job at the end of January, the wedding, and now the baby coming, the kids staying with us the whole month of July, and the other things life throws at you, sometimes it seems that money once you get married and have kids, money is all community property, to be used for the couple's needs or the kids' needs. It seems like money is never just YOURS anymore. So, I gave Jason money that he could spend on anything he wants. He seemed to like that more than any gift I could have given him.

I attemped to make a carrot cake with cream cheese icing, which I decorated myself. I have learned with any kind of cooking that practice makes perfect. You learn each time that you make something which way works best, things you would do different next time, and what you could add or not add that would make it better. It took me about 100 tries to really get good at making pancakes. So, the icing was too runny (not so much milk next time) the tip of the bag I used was too big for the letters, and next time I will use two boxes of cake mix, not just one, so the cake will be bigger and more moist. I have also learned with baking that the proper tools REALLY help when it comes to icing and decorating. I found these cute black and white candles so I thought black and white would be really cute. It turned out just ok.

On Thursday morning, I got up at about 5:50 and cooked Jason's favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy and eggs with coffee. The kids and I got up and served him breakfast in bed and he loved it! He was so surprised. The kids really really liked it too.

Happy Birthday Baby - I love you. You are the best husband EVER!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tell-All

I finally got a camera! An honest to goodness, not a cell phone, camera. Brooke would be so proud. How has it been, you might ask, that I've gone this long without having a camera? Well, the answer is simple. I forget to take pictures, even with the cameras I've had. But I figure with the baby coming, it's probably good that I have one. So, I took my first picture on it, my new belly picture. This is almost 22 weeks, so it's almost been 4 weeks since the last one. I think I am growing. I think I need to stop growing so much. :-)

Jason, me and the kids have started walking every night, thank you Nawni and Gigi for being such good examples for us! As we were walking the other night, Jordan, who was terrified to ride his bike (sorry, he said he could but would never do it) actually rode his bike without training wheels! Jason has been encouraging him to do this for a while, and I was so proud of my husband, because he wouldn't take no for an answer and finally got Jordan to try. And boy, he rode and rode. And guess what. He loves it! Kids just don't trust you when you tell them that, do they? But he does! So I am a happy stepmom because the two things he was scared to do last summer, swim with his face in the water and ride his bike without training wheels, he is doing like a champ! And I know he is proud of himself for accomplishing those things, even if he doesn't want to do it at first and it takes a little coaxing.

Sophia has been having some issues this last month with being scared. She doesn't want to go into a room without the light on, even if it's in the middle of the day, she doesn't want to potty without closing the door, stuff like that. I don't really know where it started, but it did about 2 weeks ago. Apparently, it's pretty normal at this age. So, I did a "Sophie's By Myself Chart" and put down 10 smiley faces. Each time she does something by herself, she gets to mark off a smiley face. When she marks off all ten, she gets a surprise! And she did, tonight! She's not a hard one to get to do things, you just have to give her a goal. As long as she has something she is working towards, she will try just about anything.

I am still learning how to be a good stepmom. I feel like I am hard on the kids sometimes, but I also feel like I need to expect them to be the best they can be, even when they say no or they think they can't. Because the only things I can do as their stepmom is love them and do what I can to help them become the people I know they will be proud of when they are older. As parents, you have to be able to see in to the future and decide what you are doing now that is going to affect them as they get older. And you can't be afraid to be disliked once in a while. The thing is, kids will always love you. And as long as the stern hand comes with hugs and kisses and encouragment, you can never go wrong. I want Jordan and Sophia to be people they can be proud of when they are adults and that means not allowing them to get away with bad behavior now and expecting more out of them than they expect from themselves. It's not always easy, but I feel like I do the best I can. I know they know I love them, and that's really all that matters!

Work has been trying on me lately. It's a stressful job I have sometimes so I have been praying alot for God to give me strength. Maybe you all could pray for me too. Being an adult is hard sometimes. I don't think I want to do it anymore. :-) That's all for now, have a great evening!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Weekend

Well, July is almost halfway over. HOW CAN THAT BE???? Having the kids around last week was fun and having my in-laws here has been such a blessing. I don't really spend any time with them, since they live so far away. They have really got to enjoy seeing the kids. Since the divorce, and even before that, they have not spent more than a week with the kids. They have never spent any quality time with them just by themselves. So having Nawni and Poppi around this last week has been so fun. This week, they took the kids to the annual Whitehead Family Reunion. Jason and I were unable to go because we couldn't get off work, bummer, but they took the kiddos for the whole week. I know Jason is missing them but they will be back soon and we have the rest of July to spend with the kids. Since Jason has been divorced, he has never had a chance to have the kids more than the weekend. Since his ex changed the visitation and decided to go back to the written decree, it has meant that he has been able to have the kids for a week at a time and in July, the whole month. Without me being in the picture, this would have been very difficult, as he has no family to take care of them for July and couldn't afford day care, so I am glad that he has this opportunity and I am able to help with that. This year, we have them the whole week of Thanksgiving, so they will be around (hopefully) when the baby comes. I know that's something they will really want to be a part of. Also, we get them for the week after Christmas!

The baby has been moving around like crazy this weekend. As I speak, she is just kicking away. It's getting stronger and stronger, although Jason has been unable to feel it as of yet. It's funny, she will move around and I will tell Jason, "Hurry, put your hands here!" When he does, she stops. Crazy! The feeling of that movement is nuts; feels like a gas bubble at first, but the last week or so (as her bones are becoming harder and more calcified) I can definitely tell the difference. So far, I have gained about 12 pounds, which isn't bad for as far along as I am. Because I am tall, I don't feel like I look like I am almost six months pregnant, but I guess that's a good thing!

Jason and I were able to enjoy the whole weekend together, doing nothing but sitting around and watching movies. I have to say, it was very nice. We aren't going to have a whole lot of opportunities to do that once the baby comes, at least not for a while, so we take advantage of it as much as possible. We got up and had breakfast at Denny's, relaxed and read the paper. Then we decided to go garage sale shopping to see if we could find anything for the baby. Of course, Jason thought that meant let's see what we can find. The first house we drove up to had a telescope. He was so excited about it, I am like, you have never been interested in astrology, what are you going to do with a telescope? Sometimes he says I dash his ideas without understanding why he has them. I probably do that, sure, but if it wasn't for me, we would probably have a very large and useless telescope in a small, already crowded apartment right now. Ah the joys of being a wife. We did manage to find some great kids stuff at another sale. Namely, we bought a good as new, Snoopy Snow Cone Maker for $1! I thought, what a cool thing to have! We also got Operation, a puzzle book, playing cards (Star Wars, of course) and a puzzle for a grand total of $4. We didn't find any baby stuff, but I am sure we will eventually!

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband lately? It's so nice to be married to someone who I am attracted to, who truly understands me, who is patient, kind, and loves to do the same things I do (and vise-versa). God sure knew what he was doing when he put us two together! I really enjoyed being with him this weekend. Oh, and I did manage to find some cute onesies and pants, socks, and headbands for the baby on sale. I love shopping for little girls. Unfortunately, it will be a while before I can actually buy her outfits, as everything right now is for summer, not fall or winter, when she will be here. Guess I will have to wait for some of that!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's A Girl!!

I am excited to announce that Jason and I will be having a girl! We are so happy and just can't wait for our little bundle of joy. She will be a Thanksgiving baby! It's pretty funny actually, the kids were in the room when we found out: Sophia clapped and said "YAY!" and Jordan said "Awe man!" We also shared the news that they will need to share a room for a few months, hopefully that won't be too much of a big deal. But now I get to go shopping and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Belly Pics and More

Well, I am finally posting some pictures of the belly, the dogs, and the kids. I am so behind on all of this, it's ridiculous. I am not a picture taker, never have been. So it takes time for me to remember!

First, I am 19 weeks as of Saturday and this is what my belly looks like a week ago. I don't feel like I am that big for being almost halfway done with my pregnancy, but people keep telling me I am tall and that I am going to carry it differently. We will see! Tomorrow is the big day, we will find out if my sisters will be aunts or uncles! (That was a joke off a television show, but I can't remember which one.)

Here are some pictures of Bella and Molly. I just love them and think they are so cute, so I had post some pictures.

We went to a parade on Saturday for July 4th. We had a lot of fun there, the kids got some candy and it went well! Here are some pictures.....

Here is Jordan's typical outfit as of late. Camo hat and his leather bag his Poppi made him. He carries that thing every where he can think to carry it.