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More Wedding Pictures

I am trying to upload more pictures and these are the only ones that will cooperate so far. Uggh.

Gigi's and Adventure Jakes

We went over to Gigi and Pops on Sunday and the kids swam alot that day. Here are some pictures...

This week has been busy. I am spending the week as a stay at home mom, which, as I have mentioned before, is absolutely tiring and it wears me out! Especially with an 8 and a 5 year old. We have had good days and bad. It's frustrating to constantly say the same things over and over (and over and over). But, overall, it's been good. Monday, I took the kids to the DMV (where we waited all of 15 minutes because the line was 3 hours long) and then to the social security administration office. We went back to the DMV on Tuesday (earlier this time) and so now, I am legally and officially Jenna R. Whitehead. My husband seems very happy about this. :-) The kids did pretty well those days, until we got to my mom's yesterday to go to see Despicable Me, and Sophia decided she wanted to act despicable herself. She spend last night in her room because she didn't behave all day long. O…

Hurricane Harbor

For starters, I will tell everyone this blog will more than likely be kind of long. But it's good. I don't normally write really long blogs, but I feel like I have some things to say!

First and foremost, I am no longer at the University of Phoenix. Things haven't been going so great there for a few weeks and I have been getting this feeling that God wanted me to move elsewhere. I am not going to put all of my opinions about this situation on my blog, however, I will say that I left on my own accord, but I wasn't very happy about it. I really liked working there, but it just wasn't the job for me. I actually got a job with Jason's company at the corporate office, which starts August 2. UOP went ahead and made my last day Thursday of last week, so I got a little vacation, which I think is much earned. On Friday, I called up my old friend Kate and we took the kids to the park and to her pool. They had fun, but when we were leaving, we look at the bottom of Sophia…

Jason's Birthday

Jason had his 31st birthday on Thursday. On Wednesday night, I took the kids to get him a few birthday presents. I decided that along with gifts the kids were going to pick out (which I knew were going to be GREAT as all presents are from a 5 year old and 8 year old picking them out) they were going to give their dad a gift card to Chili's, a place he likes alot (for some reason). I took the kids to Dollar Tree because I also thought that Sophia could pick out her treat for her "By Myself Chart."

When we got there, Jordan was not very happy that he didn't get a treat too. Jordan tends to get really upset when things are not always about him or when things aren't "fair." I know Mom, I was the same way when I was a kid. I thought this would be a very valuable lesson that my parents taught me growing up: sometimes, kiddo, life just isn't fair and sometimes it just isn't your turn. I know he gets upset with me because I don't give in to feeling …

Tuesday Tell-All

I finally got a camera! An honest to goodness, not a cell phone, camera. Brooke would be so proud. How has it been, you might ask, that I've gone this long without having a camera? Well, the answer is simple. I forget to take pictures, even with the cameras I've had. But I figure with the baby coming, it's probably good that I have one. So, I took my first picture on it, my new belly picture. This is almost 22 weeks, so it's almost been 4 weeks since the last one. I think I am growing. I think I need to stop growing so much. :-)

Jason, me and the kids have started walking every night, thank you Nawni and Gigi for being such good examples for us! As we were walking the other night, Jordan, who was terrified to ride his bike (sorry, he said he could but would never do it) actually rode his bike without training wheels! Jason has been encouraging him to do this for a while, and I was so proud of my husband, because he wouldn't take no for an answer and finally got Jor…

Our Weekend

Well, July is almost halfway over. HOW CAN THAT BE???? Having the kids around last week was fun and having my in-laws here has been such a blessing. I don't really spend any time with them, since they live so far away. They have really got to enjoy seeing the kids. Since the divorce, and even before that, they have not spent more than a week with the kids. They have never spent any quality time with them just by themselves. So having Nawni and Poppi around this last week has been so fun. This week, they took the kids to the annual Whitehead Family Reunion. Jason and I were unable to go because we couldn't get off work, bummer, but they took the kiddos for the whole week. I know Jason is missing them but they will be back soon and we have the rest of July to spend with the kids. Since Jason has been divorced, he has never had a chance to have the kids more than the weekend. Since his ex changed the visitation and decided to go back to the written decree, it has meant that he ha…

It's A Girl!!

I am excited to announce that Jason and I will be having a girl! We are so happy and just can't wait for our little bundle of joy. She will be a Thanksgiving baby! It's pretty funny actually, the kids were in the room when we found out: Sophia clapped and said "YAY!" and Jordan said "Awe man!" We also shared the news that they will need to share a room for a few months, hopefully that won't be too much of a big deal. But now I get to go shopping and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Belly Pics and More

Well, I am finally posting some pictures of the belly, the dogs, and the kids. I am so behind on all of this, it's ridiculous. I am not a picture taker, never have been. So it takes time for me to remember!

First, I am 19 weeks as of Saturday and this is what my belly looks like a week ago. I don't feel like I am that big for being almost halfway done with my pregnancy, but people keep telling me I am tall and that I am going to carry it differently. We will see! Tomorrow is the big day, we will find out if my sisters will be aunts or uncles! (That was a joke off a television show, but I can't remember which one.)

Here are some pictures of Bella and Molly. I just love them and think they are so cute, so I had post some pictures.

We went to a parade on Saturday for July 4th. We had a lot of fun there, the kids got some candy and it went well! Here are some pictures.....

Here is Jordan's typical outfit as of late. Camo hat and his leather bag his Poppi made him. He carries …