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The Cowboys and The Kids

What a weekend! Jason and I were just GO GO GO!!! We started off the weekend by going to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D! IMAX, you will only be seeing us once in a blue moon, we can't afford you! Anyway, it was worth it. Gigi came to see it with us and then we went over to their house for a little Rock Band and what not. That was GREAT FUN!!! Jason and I then left to go to a friend's wedding reception at the Glass Cactus while the kids stayed with Gigi and Pops (which they LOVED by the way). We had alot of fun with friends, then woke up with the anticipation of going to see the COWBOYS! We went out to Sherlocks first then walked over to the stadium, which drew us into it's force field. The walk seemed alot shorter going there than coming back, as everyone held their heads down. The drive back was long because of traffic, but it was a really fun night, something neither of us would have ever paid for ourselves. Then today, we got CABLE and INTERNET, making us t…