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So, this week, I have been reminded of a lesson I have learned several times in my life. There is one constant throughout life: change. Change will happen always and most of the time, you have no control over it. Some change is good, some change is bad, some change forces you to become a different person. Well, the lesson I learned is that while circumstances change constantly, we, as individuals, can change also. Did you know that you can change who you are, right now? I don't mean fundamentally. You will always some version of the same person. But you can change your choices, your mood, your outlook or even, how you are perceived. When I have been in a bad mood, I can change that bad mood into a good mood. I can change how I affect people around me. I can affect the outcome of my job. I can affect the relationships I have in my life. And when you get down to it, it all comes down to choice. Changing yourself starts with the choices you make. Do you want to have better relationsh…

Not Me Mondays

1. It was NOT ME who was cranky the whole weekend. Then, in a matter of moments after being cranky, it was certainly not me who was almost brought to tears by the Celebrity Apprentice. (Seriously, Jenna!)

2. It was NOT ME who scarfed down a double cheeseburger, fries and apple pie from Burger King last night.

3. It was NOT ME who was so tired that I almost feel asleep in the shower this morning!

Oy vay.

First Pregnancy Update

I am really going to try hard not to be one of those people who only talks about being pregnant, but let's face it. When you get pregnant, your social life goes into the pooper. So there isn't much else to talk about. You don't feel like going out, especially not the first 12 weeks, and when you do feel like being social, it lasts for a mere moment because you are tired 10 minutes later. Plus, it stinks to be the only one that isn't able to have fun. I swear, my life has changed so much in the past 3 weeks, from the wedding and now this pregnancy. But, small sacrifices, right? So, this whole time, so far, has been pretty easy on me. I don't spend all day being sick, I don't really crave anything weird and I have been eating relatively well. But this week, morning sickness set in. I don't feel nauseated most of the time, but then all of the sudden, I have "the urge" and have to rush immediately into the bathroom. I count my blessings because it cou…

Our new addition!!!

Well, apparently God didn't think 2010 was a big enough year for us, what with me turning 30 and Jason and I getting married. He decided we needed to throw a baby in just for good measure! Jason and I found out that we are expecting November 27th! After the initial shock wore off that we have only been married a couple of weeks, we are both incredibly excited to welcome our new little peanut! We went to the doctor on Friday, heard the heartbeat (which was amazing) and got some blood work done (which all came back perfect!). So now, we are just waiting! I am feeling very good, considering small bouts of nausea, but nothing compared to horror stories I have heard. I am just ready to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

I am trying to upload the sonogram picture, but it isn't working out too well...I will keep everyone posted on updates to come!!! What a blessing!!

Wedding Pics

Isn't my stepdaughter the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

I am so glad she got this shot. She is GREAT at finding little shots like this.

Sophia makes this picture beautiful.

Ah, the guys. Jordan lost two front teeth this week so he did NOT want to smile!

Love love love it!

I would get married again JUST to get this picture. This is one of the most favorite pictures I have ever had.

Wedding Pics

My Mom

I wrote about my wedding a few days ago but I really wanted to write about my mom separately, even though if it wasn't for her, my wedding might not have even happened, nor been as beautiful as it was.

My mother is a very special person. She has such an eye for decorating. She can make a piece of paper look like a work of art, a table looked like a museum masterpiece, and a house at Christmas like a Winter Wonderland. I wish I had even 25% of her talent in that area. When I told my mom my colors would be black, white and pink, she made sure everything from that point forward matched. This includes both showers and my bachelorette party. She found tablecloths, flowers, the MOST beautiful cake. I don't even know where she finds these things, but she did. So Mother, thank you for making my wedding so beautiful!

Not only is she a wonderful decorator, but she thinks of things most people would never even think of. For example, for one of my gifts at a shower was thank you cards and s…

March 27, 2010 - The Day That Changed My Life Forever

My wedding weekend was interesting, to say the least!

I took off Friday and we went up to the facility to decorate with the all the girls in my family, my sisters, mom, and aunt and mother in law and sister in law. Reagan also stopped by to help! The facility looked really amazing – my mom was the decorator extraordinare and did such a great job of making everything look great. My colors were black, white and pink. We had white tulips everywhere, the cake was black and white, and of course, my mom had plates and table settings and linens from the many, many events she has helped with or hosted over the years. It was finally coming together!

That evening, I spent the night with my parents. One last evening with them before the big day. It was just a blur of activity, with me not really being able to focus on any one thing. I was nervous about the next day. I wanted to get through it all and just get to the reception! I have never really been an excited “bride to be.” You know me, let’…