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Just a Little Summer Update!

Our summer has been fast and furious lately! We are smack dab in the middle of VBS week but up till now, our summer has consisted of a lot of Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor!

We watched Jurassic Park with the kids for the first time (awesome) and The Lost World the next night (terrible). We really are excited that Sophia is getting old enough to start watching the movies we enjoy. For the last few years, each of the kids has basically been in different stages, so movie night together has been challenging. Avery went to bed and the four of us stayed up and watched it.
I blinded the boys with my flash!
Sophia and I continued our theater watching spree for this year with a performance of Shrek at the Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie. I'm so glad this is an interest we both share; I relish our times together when we go to these performances. This is our third show to see this year, the other two being the Wizard of Oz and Newsies. I can't wait until she is old enough and we can do…

Inside Out: A Review

We just got out of this movie, and I have to say, this was one of my favorite animated movies I've ever seen. The levels upon which this movie speaks to human beings, adult and kid alike, is like nothing I've experienced in a movie before. Not only was this entertaining on a simple level, with the colors and characters attracting the kid-mind, but it also was thought provoking in a complex way, appealing to the adults at the same time.  (
This movie doesn't need a huge explanation, you get the idea of it from the trailers. Basically, our main character is a young girl named Riley with two loving parents. She leads a very happy life in Minnesota, where she has friends, she plays hockey and she still has the innocence and silliness of a child. She is told one day that she will be moving to San Francisco after her father's job takes them there. The story is told from the point of view of her mind, with five emotions driving her life: Joy, Sadness, Fea…

Jurassic World: A Review (Spolier Alert!)

I have so many other things going on in my life right now that I would love to post. But, I went and saw this movie, so I thought, hey, might as well post a movie review! ( First and foremost, we saw this movie at the newly remodeled Cinemark Movies 16 in Grand Prairie, with Luxury Loungers. If you haven't been here yet to watch a movie, you are doing yourself a disservice! The chairs are pretty awesome, if they reclined back any farther, though, I'd probably fall asleep. It's not worth taking kids here, because the tickets are a little more expensive (a couple dollars more than regular price). I thought it was worth it for a date night or a fun movie like this. ( Now, on to the movie! We saw this movie in 3D and unlike many other movies I've seen in 3D, I thought the effect added to the experience instead of detracted from it. I'm sure it is just as fine in 2D, but I loved how I felt like I was right in the action. Jurassic World is…