Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 Days to a Fruitful Marriage Day Twenty Eight: When Both People Don't Agree on the Direction of Your Life Together

I personally believe this is something that happens more commonly in marriages than anyone ever talks about. People have this idea that once you get married, you will always make decisions that are in tune and align with the other person's decisions. You will both always be on the same wavelength and have the same dreams and ambitions.
Well, this just isn't the case. Let's pop that bubble now, shall we?
We are all on a journey. Some of us are on a journey as individuals and as a married couple, so it can be difficult to always be headed in the same direction. Selling a life-long family home and traveling the country, quitting a job to start a new business venture, having kids now or later, living in Texas or another state, these are all times when dreams and ambitions clash with the demands of family life.
At one time or another, you will probably be asked to put a goal on hold to be supportive of your spouse's journey. And guess what - that is OK. God takes us down paths that we might not choose for ourselves but that end up being true blessings we wouldn't have had otherwise. I am not saying your marriage should be a constant sacrifice. What I am saying is that from time to time, you might have to veer off in a new direction and it doesn't mean you two have to part ways. It just means that compromise and prayer might be something you have to do for a little while and trusting God to show you the way.
If you appreciate that your marriage is on a journey too, and it might not always be going in the direction you'd like for it to go, you might find the "veering" to be an exciting way to see what God has in your store for your lives together.

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