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Sickly Weekend

We both spent the weekend not feeling very well. Me especially. Allergies are not cool.
Avery was feeling great, though!

She always has the craziest hair when she has just woken up!

She loves to be thrown around, too. Such a little daredevil!

She has this little book that has become her favorite. It's an alphabet book and she will bring it to us, and there is a picture for every letter. It still amazes me when I point to pictures and she can tell us what it is (Mermaid? Octopus? That's nuts.). Well, Jason points to the A (which is apple) and says, "What does the "A" stand for?" And she promptly replied, "Abey." (Avery). I know we've said that and so has her grandparents, but we still looked at each other, surprised, because neither of us had said that in a couple of days, so for her to remember that is pretty impressive, I think!

I am sure everyone thinks their child is a genius. I don't know about that. But I do know that Avery picks …

Avery Can

So, I found myself today, in a weak moment. The end of the day wasn't a great one and I found myself doubting myself and just basically, feeling sorry for myself. I prayed to God and cried.
God quickly reminds me, yet again, that whatever I am upset about, whatever I am feeling sorry about, it can all be changed. It's all in my control. At the very least, how I respond to it.
I read a story on Yahoo about a little girl, named Avery, who is 5 months old. She's been diagnosed with SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. An incurable and rare disease that will lead to her death. They have given her 18 months to live.

Her parents are obviously very concerned with this disease, as it's the #1 killer of infants yet very few people have heard of it. It's a disease that could be tested for in the womb, yet very few doctors offer the test.
They are writing the blog through Avery's perspective, as though they are crossing items off her "bucket list."
See? How many 5 m…

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Am I a terrible mother for allowing my daughter to have a slush? Nah.


Just some pictures - after I put her bow in her hair, I thought she kind of looked like Pebbles. Enjoy!

Colbi and The ABCs

Hey, Blogger. I don't like having to learn new ways of doing my Facebook all the time, and I don't like having to do it with you, either. Not a fan of you changing everything up on me.
Anyway, yesterday turned out to be a very busy but good day. I have decided I don't like taking pictures anymore because my camera stinks, as does my camera phone, and every picture I take is dull looking and blurry. So this is the only picture I got yesterday.
Guess what we did? Shopped for Colbi! I always forget how much stuff there is to register for with a new baby. Wow!

Avery actually got a new toy herself. That little pink cow she is holding sings the ABCs. She LLLOOOOVVVEEESSSS it. She made me press the button about 100 times last night. She can actually sing the ABCs, all the way to about H, but last night should would sing a random "W" or other letter. Then she would sing the end, "Now I know my ABCs..." I was already emotional when I got home because I just lov…

Weekend Fun

Ugh. I just chugged my first liter of water for the day. I am just not in the mood to drink water today. Although, I am also not in the mood to drink anything else. Guess I am just all waterred out.
Diet is still going strong, hanging in there! We've been really busy this week, all the way around, so exercising just hasn't really happened yet. But I did start taking my super B-complex vitamins, which is the basis for most diet supplements out there, so we will see how that works!
I started house hunting again this week. Not that we are ready to buy just yet, but man, does it make me excited. It has also sparked a fire inside of me to get back on the decorating bandwagon. Sometimes, I just have an aversion to it because the thought of painting and shopping around at garage sales, Craigslist and thrift stores just doesn't appeal to me after I've done it for a while. I have alot of ideas for our house and the thought process with this is that the more stuff we buy while …

My "No Diet Talk" Post

I said I would put some pictures up today....
Before I do that, can I just say I am a little obsessed with this song lately...
"Gotye" Somebody that I used to know

Avery is just getting so, OLD. It's really the most amazing thing, watching your baby, who couldn't even lift their head, or pick up toys, or sit up by themself become this person who can reach for things and talk back to you! Now, when I ask her questions, she can actually answer me and she knows what I am saying. It's so cool!

Our mornings are like clockwork, every single day. We wake up, Avery comes in bed with me and has her milk while I lay with her and we watch "Play With Me Sesame" and "The Wiggles." I get her dressed, do her hair, she runs around after I've fixed her up and tells her dad "Ook!" (Look) So he can look at her. He tells her how pretty she is, then he brushes her teeth and then they go bye bye.

(Wow, it's amazing how much light affects pictures, isn&…

Why Atkins Makes You Crazy

So, for those of you who are thinking about Atkins or something similiar, including drastically cutting your carb/sugar intake, just know that it's not always easy and it doesn't always feel good.
Like I said yesterday, Monday and Tuesday were pretty awful days. I was incredibly cranky, I felt like I couldn't concentrate on anything and yesterday, my stomach started to feel, funny. I started reading about what it does to your body to cut out carbs and everything I listed are the by-products of this diet. I wasn't sleeping very well at night, either. Now, it DOES make me feel much better, in the fact that I losing weight and I am not bloated all the time and my mid-section is dwindling, so I will not be quitting this new way of eating anytime soon. But yesterday afternoon, I made a corporate decision to binge on some carbs and sugar.
Jason and I went to eat some enchiladas and I had some chips and salsa. When I got home, I ate two mini-bags of M&M's and went to s…


Yesterday and today weren't good days. I did really well on the diet, but man, am I cranky. I did, however, lose three more pounds, which makes a grand total of 8.
I leave you with some funny pics. Sorry, I know it's boring. But my diet is my life right now.

Love it....

Manic Monday

I feel like this morning has been a little nuts. I didn't sleep all that great last night...lots of things running through my mind. Don't you hate that? Nothing in particular, just stuff. Then, my "alarm clock," AKA, Avery who normally wakes up at 5:30 on the dot, has slept in the past 3 mornings. I actually had to wake her up this morning, which never happens!!!
So, just a little weight loss update. I've been pleasantly surprised with my discipline this week. I've managed to cut out sodas completely with overwhelming success. I've been doing really well at drinking water. I've also done very well at cutting out the carbs. I've not completely cut them out, but the carbs I do intake have been byproducts of healthy things, like milk, although that, too, has significantly decreased. I've had no sweets, no sandwiches, no chips, which has actually not been that hard. I've had lots and lots of salads, boiled eggs, cinnamon almonds, apples, chicke…

SUYL Moms of Girls

I decided to link up with Kelly's Korner again about being a mom with all girls. Since my only biological child is a girl, I figured I would link up.

I have no idea what it's like to have blue around a nursery, or not have bows in a baby's hair. My life is filled with more zebra than I can count!

I don't know what it's like to have my little boy shoot pee-pee in my mouth when I am changing his diaper. Or to like trucks and trains better than dolls and "boobies" (Barbies, this word is my favorite).

I don't know what it's like not to have tons of skirts and pantyhose and pink, red and purple in the closet.

I don't know any other way to live, than to watch my 8-pound-nothing daughter melt the hearts of grown men.

I don't know any other way to live than to wish so many things for my little girl. I don't know what it means to want my son to grow up with a respect for women, because all I know is a want for my daughter to grow up respecting herse…

Friday Fun Day

I forgot to post this picture when the kids were here...

These dogs are ridiculous. So happy.
I don't really know what face the munchkin is making here....

Y'all, I think we are headed in to unchartered territory. She is getting more stubborn, cranky and whiney. I believe her two year molars are coming in, and the terrible twos are coming in with them.
Lately, she can just be so whiney! Oh my goodness. She has this sound she makes, that's like a cross between a cry and a whimper. The girl can say a million words but when she is upset, she just whines! She is still so funny though. She really does do some funny stuff. She's recently learned to make people copy her and she does some funny stuff.

Being the parent of a toddler is just fun. They do some random, entertaining, endearing, frustrating things. But I love this stage she's in. She can do so much, like talk and follow directions. She can hold things and walk where you want her to. It's just so much fun! 

Sharing a Song....

Without a doubt, one of my favorite Christian songs, ever.

Weight Loss Update

So, I know I've posted many times about my issues with my weight. Well, this time I feel a renewed vigor to lose weight and keep it off. I don't know why I feel different this time, maybe I am just tired of looking at pictures and hating how I look, or avoiding taking pictures of me altogher. Maybe I am tired of feeling like a person that I am not on the inside. I don't know.
I've put off dieting and exercising for many reasons. I told myself I wanted to be prepared and have a plan, but in waiting for the right "plan" I've lost time I would have had to lose at least a few pounds. I think I am finding the "balance" in the weight loss this time around.
I told myself I wanted to do Atkins, but knowing me, I can't do it altogether, cold turkey. I just have too many bad habits when it comes to carbs and honestly, my pantry is not set up for Atkins. I am not going to go spend $200 to fill it up with carb-free foods, to just lose my focus for it and…