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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! At our get together, Avery dressed as "Dr, Avery Whitehead, Chief of Veterinary Surgery" and we dressed in scrubs and put the dogs in hospital gowns. It was funny as a group. Now, she just looks like a doctor, and that's fine by me!

The Munchkin in the Pumpkins

We've always taken the kids to the Double Oak pumpkin patch. It's a Whitehead tradition. Last Saturday, we were going to take the kids. Their mom took them the Friday before our weekend, so we decided it was dumb to take them two days in a row. I think I was more sad about it than Jason, because it was our first year not to get their pictures. But, we had to get Avery in the pumpkins, and she is just too little to understand what a pumpkin patch is, so we just took her up to Main Street, where they had a really pretty fall display.  My little munchkin in the pumpkins!!

House Pics - Some Befores and Afters

We had a little get together at our house last night - I love having people over when you have things to do in a house. It's a great way to complete projects, for sure. Did I take pictures of this alleged get together? No. I am sad about that. Anyway, I thought I would post some more pics of how the house is coming along. I've put myself on a house purchasing diet for the next several weeks. It's really easy to rack up the bucks when buying stuff for a new house. I needed a formal living room set, and put some money aside and found one. That's the last purchase I will make for a while, I think. Here is the space pre-move in... Here is the space now. Before... After... I really wanted something homey, and no TV in this space. My mom helped me come up with the arrangement and got me that great "W" for the wall. I got the ladder shelf at a garage sale for $10 and kept it exactly as is. As you can see from the above picture, there were sheer white drapes over …

Gigi and Pops Go Out To Eat

Brooke and Colbi, me and Avery met Gigi and Pops for dinner the other night. Once Colbi had a little cat-nap, she was up and awake for the longest I've ever seen her awake. And the longest, best smiles too!
She loves to sit up and just look at you.... Avery loves playing on Gigi's phone...
It's almost scary how early and young kids are able to use cell phones. Look at the four of them. Christmas is going to be FUN this year. :-)

Last Month of her Second Year

Today marks the first day of my daughter's last month to be one. In less than one month, my beautiful baby girl will be 2 years old. I know I didn't take official month pictures this year, but here are some unofficial ones... Posing for Christmas cards (December)... The month of the blur (January)... The start of pigtails (February)... And the lip (February)... The start of the tantrums (March)... But also the recipracation of love... The beginnings of really learning and loving to play by herself with toys (April)... Learning to know and love looking at the animals (May)... First big girl haircut (June)... Spending time with the family (July)... Getting a new cousin and learning to share her Gigi (August)... Learning about God and what He makes (September)... And finally starting to really learn posing (October)... It's been a year of growth. But I will love every day of this month to keep my daughter little for a few weeks longer.

More Family Pictures...

Oh did such a good job! We got our picture CD today and I can't wait to get these printed and on our walls! If you are looking for a photographer in the Dallas area, she is amazing and is amazing with kids, for sure! The reason I love her is because she is great at getting all of the shots that aren't posed, and those are my most favorite! LOVE this face so much...
Jordan loves Avery more than I ever thought possible. He finds it his duty to make sure she is OK. Now, as for Sophia, he currently makes it his duty to aggravate and annoy her as much as possible. Sheesh.
Jordan kept putting his hand in his sleeve and it made Avery laugh SO hard. 
If you can get kids to pose for pictures for an hour or longer without bribes, more power to you. I am not ashamed to admit I stoop to sugar.
I know you aren't supposed to say this, but WHY oh WHY could I not find my Spanx that day?? It's a good picture anyway. Jason is definitely getting better with age. I need to …