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Sonogram Pictures

I know many of you already saw these pictures, but I wanted to post a blog to go along with it. So, I have to say. On a coolness scale of 1-10, this experience was a 25. It is absolutely amazing to me that there is an actual child in me that has legs, arms, a brain, and is moving around! And that Jason and I MADE THAT! It really is amazing how God works and how He created things to be. I am so happy that everything is normal, my bloodwork came back great, so now, we are just waiting to find out the sex! I still have no inkling one way or the other. Some days I say boy, some I say girl. Whatever it is, I will be a happy camper. I will take a picture of my belly, not that there is one yet, but I will post my 8 week pictures and now my 12 week picture. Can't believe this is happening, I am so excited!

Updates - Wedding pics, pregnancy and pups

I should really be better about writing on this blog but I am not. Sorry. Many of you have asked me to post pictures of the wedding. I promise, I will. The files on the pictures are so large that it's going to take me a long time so I have been dreading it and putting it off, but I will do it this weekend.

So, I lost my morning sickness there for a week, but it's back. But now, it's evening sickness. Starting Friday night, I have been sick before bed pretty much every night. This time it's been a lot harder on me, my throat hurts pretty much all the time, but what can I say, it's for a good cause! I go back to the doctor May 17th for a checkup. I really can't wait to start and show because other than the morning sickness and the heartbeat I heard a few weeks ago, I sometimes forget I am pregnant. So far, I have only gained 4 pounds, which is awesome, but I see pregnant bellies and I can't wait for mine to show up! Although, I have heard of women who do not s…