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Our New-To-Us Toy

We got some new FREE stuff on Craigslist Sunday....New Patio Furniture! Nice patio furniture, too.
Here is what Jason loves the most...

I think all of us are going to be forced to eat outside alot more now. Whether we like it or not. :-) 

Dumbest Things I've Seen In A While

What the poo is this? Drop crotch jeans? I DO NOT THINK SO. Of course, half the kids in high school wear their jeans like this anyway. We never dressed like that when I was in school. Kids today have gotten so sloppy. "Back in my day..." (That's for my know what I'm talkin' bout)

Oh, the similiarities.

More Avery's First Birthday Pictures

I finally checked Jason's phone and realized that he had LOTS of pictures on there I'd never seen. I will start with Avery's birthday!
A full shot of Avery's outfit...

Playing Pin the Nose On Elmo

Opening presents....

More eating cake...

Avery's New Words

Avery's got some new words and some new interests! She is in this phase where she loves balls. Basketballs, tennis balls, footballs. She will point at one and say "bawl" and just carry it around. Yesterday, she got up in the couch and wanted every ball she saw up there with her. She would point to one and I would put it up there with her and she would just smile.

Shari said that is how Jason was when he was a kid and he turned out to be a great ahtlete. I think that Jason is hoping that this is an indication of how much she will like sports.

She also loves her "babies." She will wake up in the morning and say "Babies!" and point to her babies. She always has one in her hands. It's so cute. She is also saying "Ups!" That means she wants us to pick her up or put her up on something. It's so cute! It's so funny when they reach the age when they can communicate back with language.
She is also saying "Bewwa" (Bella), "Bub…

Poor Avery

I told you a while back that Avery had some skin problems. We think it's exzema, but we are going to the dermatologist on Friday for a visit and the doctor wants us to stop treating her skin so he can see what it is and know the best way to treat it. She scratches her skin in her sleep and during the day, sometimes so bad it bleeds. It's mainly on her back and neck and shoulders, so where she can reach, it looks like a cat took to her and just scratched away on her skin.
A couple of weeks ago, Avery had a bad outbreak. We put lotion on her skin and she started screaming bloody murder and crying because it burned her skin so badly. We finally used some stuff that worked and had it 100% gone (a wash, lotion, and cream) and then, we had to stop using it for the dermatologist. Her skin broke out within a day and she started scratching and we decided we couldn't make her suffer for that long so we would wait until next Wednesday to stop using the stuff again. Well, we put lotio…

Interesting and No So Interesting News Stories Of The Week

Here are some stories I read on the internet this week. Can you tell I don't have alot of stuff going on? Avery was sick yesterday and is staying with my parents today, so I didn't get any good pictures of her the last few days. So I will just post some of this!
"Actress stuns in a plunging lace dress" Please tell me chokers are not coming back into style!! And I am not "stunned."  It's like they literally took a picture of her, without her knowing, in a hallway somewhere. Weird.

"Reese Witherspoon debuts new do" Ok, I love Reese, I really do. But can someone please tell me what is different about this hair style? She has bangs? And how is this "daring," as the article puts it? I don't think it's different at all, in fact. It looks like at the Golden Globes, she had hair extensions. Hmm....

But then they have sweet stories, like this letter that a little 7 year old boy wrote to 49ers receiver Kyle Williams...

"Hillary Clinton …

Run For Your Life! It's The Blur!!!

Just once, I would love to get a picture of my daughter,  with her smiling, without her or a part of her body being a gigantic blur.

It was so great, when she was younger, and she just sat so, um, STILL. And she couldn't move around or climb on things. And I could take her picture so easily.

I realize I don't take as many pictures of her any more because, well, my camera phone is terrible and because I have to take 20 just to get a good one.

I just had to get a picture in her chair because she matched it today. But, alas, she was too busy to sit for Mommy. Daddy tried to make her laugh and succeeded.

Not clear, but laughing.
This is the clearest shot I got all night. She loves to stand right by the dishwasher and try and climb on it. Any of your kids like that? Silly little girl.

And that's my tale of The Blur. Have a good night!

Coffee Filter Wreath - Finally!

My mom was nice enough to let me borrow her glue gun so I could finish my project!
So last night, I was all ready to go!

This project did take almost the entire coffee filter bag to finish, but it only took three small glue sticks. I know it's hard to tell, but the wreath I am using is not that big. You can really glue the filters on in any design you'd like. You can make the filters tight or not tight. I chose to do mine like this...

And I placed them very close together. Just put glue at the eraser end, and voila! It actually went along faster than I thought. I started around 8 and was finished by about 10. And here is the finished product!

Oh my gosh, it's so pretty. I had a place I thought I wanted it to go, but now, I've changed my mind. I will do one more and put it in my dining room, so stay tuned for that redo!

Kitchen Aid Fiasco of '10

I was pretty aggravated on Saturday night. To tell the story, I must tell you that my husband and I have a "difference of opinion" in regards to cleaning.
He is the type that can't stand clutter. But he is also the type who doesn't put things away where they go, either. For example, if he sees a pile of mail on the counter that is in disarray, he will either A) Straighten it into a nice, neat pile or B) Simply throw all of the papers in the trash. He is not the type to go through all of the papers and organize them. Same holds true for pretty much everything in our house. If I leave something around and he gets annoyed enough with it, he will either stuff it somewhere it DOESN'T go, just so he doesn't have to keep looking at it, or he will toss it in the trash. Now, me, on the other hand, a pile of clutter does bother me, but in my mind, I can't just put it somewhere. I need to go through it and properly clean up and organize. I am very big on things havi…

Oh yeah, It's Sunday

Oh yeah, it's Sunday morning. Too early.

Introducing.....The Invasion of The Toys

So, I was at home last night thinking that I wouldn't even know what I would be doing right now, living in that small apartment, with all of the toys that Avery, Soph and Jordan (but mainly Avery) got for birthdays and Christmas this year. As it stands, the girls closet is chocked full of toys, Jordan's room is full (although his is the only room in the house that is reasonably organized and maintained), and the top of our entry way closet is full to the top of board games.
I have a basket of books that you can see in the right hand side of the picture below, that now permanently resides under my redone entry way table.

As you can see above, the right hand side of this picture is a mess. There were just toys, everywhere, that were never cleaned up and didn't have a space. So, I moved things around a bit and gave Avery her own shelf in the front of the house (which is more of a playroom than an entry way, at this point.) Now, it looks like this.
It's organized (not in this…

Wordless Wednesday, Avery is at Gigi and Pops!

Avery and Her Carseat (In Pictures)

I have always taken pictures of Avery in her carseat. I took one this morning and was curious how much she has changed.

And this was this morning....SMILE AVERY! And she smiled so big, her eyes were closed! She is wearing her Elmo shirt and when she looked at it this morning, she said, "Melmo?" So cute.

Avery and Minnie

I really haven't taken alot of pictures of Avery sleeping, so I had to go steal a shot tonight. I can't get over how much hair she has in the back now! This is her Minnie that her Aunt Leslie brought her from Disneyworld. So sweet! Good night blogland!

Some Sweet Pictures

I thought I would send out some happy pictures of the little munchkin today and celebrate how good my God can be (thought I would do some new effects with the pics this time!)...
This is one of Avery's new poses. One day, she is going to roll over the other side and surprise herself!!

Bella doesn't look too impressed, does she?

The girl loves reading, what can I say?

She also loves climbing in her chair.

Sometimes, she does get stuck and can't figure out how to get down.

I know, Bella. She tuckers me out too!