Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday

So, Avery is just, so big.

Terrible picture, I know. But her hair is getting so long too!

Jason and I are trying our best to keep teaching her new words and things she doesn't know. Right now, she is using two words pretty consistently. Tonight, she surprised me when she told the dogs to "go away." Whenever she is eating, they just follow her around or sit by her chair and wait for her to drop food. Lately, Molly has been getting brave and just taking it right out of her hand. So tonight, she just said "Go away!" Pretty funny.

She is definitely beginning to use three word phrases as well. "Help you mommy" (which means help ME mommy). "Pops come here" stuff like that. So pretty much anything where she directs other people on what to do. Bossy little thing! We are working on her writing her name, recognizing letters, counting to 20, colors, stuff like that. NOT that she can do any of that yet, but hey, never hurts to try! We are trying to correct words she says incorrectly or point out new things she doesn't know. She just loves to learn, so we are trying to keep up! She is learning how to spit when she brushes her teeth. She is learning to be patient (not effectively, but hey.) She is also getting to the point where she is annoying her older sister. Good job, Avery. That's what you are supposed to do as a little sister.

I think this weekend, we will get a potty. Zoinks.

Thursday is the day we've decided to meet with Brooke, Dave and Colbi. I wanted to make sure I was totally and completely well before I was in her presence again! We are pretty excited. Gigi and Pops will be there, so that should be interesting. I have a feeling she will be like her deal ole' mother, when the twins come along. My grandfather's favorite story to tell me about when my sisters were babies was that I took his hand, led him to a bedroom and closed the door and said, "OK Pappaw, NO BABIES IN HERE!" I have a feeling Little Miss Priss is going to be similiar.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Next Decorating Venture....

Except, this is what it's become...

We've kept the toys up in the foyer part of the house since we moved in, just because Avery was still little and we felt like she was too little to play in her room by herself. Not that she's so big now, but at some point, we knew we didn't want to girls' toys to take over the front of the house.

I want a grown up entry way! So, since we got this...

I am feeling like the entry way needs to be more of a sitting room. We have a great window seat that is completely going to waste. It's begging for some new curtains and beautiful throw pillows, two wing back chairs and a sunburst mirror. I can see it in my head now. I've been looking for wing back chairs on Craigslist for months now, but they are really, really expensive, even the ugly ones. Hopefully something will come through soon. I like refinishing furniture, and will even try my hand at some easy fabric jobs. But I think reupholstering wing back chairs is beyond my scope, so I will see what kind of chairs I can find on the cheap.

I am thinking...

as a good start for a color palette....

I love the way this chair is, with the blanket like this (not the colors)..

wing back chair

I really want chairs that are comfortable to sit in, otherwise the space would just really go to waste.

Loving this fabric...

Pinned Image

Love this window seat. So not what I could do with my space, but still...

Oh yeah. Super excited about this.

Friday, July 27, 2012

You'll never GUESS where I've spent the last two days....

So, this whole week I just felt awful. AWFUL. On Monday, I started feeling like allergies hit me, really hard. Normally, my allergies have been accompanied by a sinus infection, so I didn't really think anything of it when I felt allergies coming on. I hadn't seen Colbi since she got sent home, so I went over to my sisters to see Colbi. I held her (probably shouldn't have) but I did.

 Tuesday afternoon, at work, I just had the feeling I had a fever. Chills, then hot. It was awful. We had all three kids that night, so I went to my room, took Nyquil and went to bed. I had a fever of 102 all night, until it broke in the wee hours.

Wednesday, I was feeling better since my fever broke, but I was coughing all day like crazy. My head really hurt and my glands were swollen. But I didn't have a fever, so I still went to work. That night, I took some cough syrup and went to bed, but I felt awful. I woke up with a fever again, of 101.9, at about 4 am. I was coughing and felt nauseous. I just knew something was wrong. All day, people at work had joked that I might have West Nile (which really isn't all that ridiculous, they have found human cases in GP now). But I was just scared, so I told Jason I thought I should go to the hospital. I was going to go to the doctor that day, but something just didn't feel right.

I got to the ER and they immediately took a bunch of blood because I told them it might be West Nile. But I also told them it might just be a sinus infection. They took swaps of my nose and throat. The doctor came in, immediately ordered a CT scan. Two hours later, I was told I had strep. An hour after that, the CT showed, what the doctor and nurse told me, was one of the worst chronic sinus infections they've ever seen. They told me I should be admitted to start IV antibiotics.

So I spent about 35 hours at the hospital. I really couldn't believe it! For a sinus infection? This has just shown me, that as women, I think we just think we will plow through and not really pay attention to when we are sick. Well, I won't be making that same mistake again. Once I was admitted, and after my first two rounds of antibiotics and some breathing treatments, I felt better. I had my sister, dad and Jason come to see me, but mostly, I was just in the hospital, laying around watching TV. Relaxing. Coughing TONS, sure, a sore throat, yes, and a huge headache, but I was there alone. I didn't like it. For what I probably spent on that visit, I could have had our family at an all inclusive resort in the Bahamas!!

So here I am, at home, with this beauty.

Ugly, but it works.

And we are watching (can you guess from the picture??)

Some of us, for the very first time.

Just eating some popcorn...

That our wonderfully handsome and gifted chef has prepared for us.

and we might enjoy some yummy cookies!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colbi is HOME and other ramblings

So, my beautiful niece is home safe and sound with my sister and brother in law.

Oh my gaw, this picture is so cute I could just DIE.

I get to go see her tonight, so excited! Avery will get to meet her cousin one of these days. In case those of you with kids don't know, toddlers are petri dishes, so the pediatrician said it's best to keep Colbi away from kids right now. It's a good thing, Avery's nose is running like a faucet.

So, with all of this activity, I couldn't help but reflect on this time in my life, 20 months ago today. Such a flood of emotions, you are so glad to have the baby with you at home but TERRIFIED that you might injure it, or starve it, or feed it too much, or not pick up on how tired it is, or that you might scar her for life at only 4 days old.....

At least, that's how I felt some times.

But one thing I didn't think of at this time 20 months ago was how much baby weight I would still be hauling around with me. I just figured it would be easy to lose the weight, that I would be down to my old weight, especially nearly two years later.

Weight Watchers didn't work. I started really hating it after a while. I don't really know why. I honestly don't know why I have this huge aversion to weight loss, but I do. It's ridiculous. But as I was sittting there, looking at Brooke, knowing that anything she puts her mind to, she does it, I just knew that if I don't get a handle on this, and I mean NOW, I am going to feel even worse next year.

There just isn't any reason for it. I guess I just need to find the motivation that is going to get me there. What is it that will keep me going this, my 7th attempt at losing weight? I just don't know. I am lost, I am sad. I don't feel like I have a plan.

The ONLY thing I can think of is: I am addicted to before/after furniture. What if I could put MYSELF as a before and after? How cool would that be? Now that's interesting. I need a goal. And I need to see it, every single day. And look at it every single day. And think about it every single day. What motivates me to redo furniture? Looking at blogs, looking at Pinterest, looking at homes. I WANT THOSE THINGS. I want my home to look like that. I want to do it, and I can't wait to start doing it and I want to finish it. When I finished my dining room, I waited for the day that I would walk in to that room and see what I created, what I worked hard to do. I imagined people looking at what I did and being proud of me for doing it. Even now, I am still proud of that accomplishment.

I need to translate that same passion and desire for my weight loss. I feel as though it will be a hard journey, but just for a little while. Not forever. Can I work really hard at weight loss, say, for five months? Because that's how many months it is until the end of the year. 5 months. Can I do it? Can I lose 35 pounds? That's 7 pounds a month. What if I took a picture of myself, every start of the month? Would that motivate me? I bet it would.

Ulimately, the longer I keep going down this path, the worse I am going to feel. The biggest thing I tell myself is whatever the goal, if you start NOW, you will be done in December. In December, will I look back, if I didn't do anything to work towards my goal, how will I feel then? The longer you wait to do something, the longer it doesn't get done. Ok, December Jenna, here's hoping!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Picture That Brought Tears to My Eyes

Brooke's face, the fingers on her hand, the fact that she can hold her baby and feed her. Makes me so happy.

More Colbi Pictures

Just as an update: Baby Colbi is still in the NICU, but she is doing great! They removed her CPap machine (the nurses said it just annoyed her too much!) She is moving around like crazy and hungry. They even said her tests are going so well that they may take her off IV today or tomorrow. I am hoping she gets to go home sooner rather than later! In more good news, Brooke and Dave got to hold her!

Colbi Morgan Petty Has Made her Debut!

Here is the story, from Brooke's blog post...

My sweet girl arrived at 1:06pm on 7/19/12 weighing a whopping 7lbs. 13oz. and 21 inches long. I still can't believe she's here and I'm a Mom! That's insane!!!

We did have a bit of hard delivery as she had a bowl movement before she came out and is in now in the NICU because she then inhaled it into her lungs. Colbi is a trooper and doing well though, she is on a CPap and antibiotics (sidenote update: Brooke just text me and told me she is no longer using the CPAP! Yay!). Hopefully, she will able to come home within a week. Maybe say a little prayer for us? I'm so sad at the thought of not being able to take her home but it's for the best.

The birthing experience is one of the craziest, most beautiful, hardest, most rewarding, emotional things ever. I will never forget the moment she entered this world and what that felt like. I'm so thankful God blessed me with this experience and my beautiful daughter. I pray that she heals and that Gods hands are on her. I'm waiting to be able to hold her!

My husband could not have been or can not be any better. I am so blessed and grateful to have such a loving man. He has been just awesome through everything and is doing great at helping me with recovery. I was truly given a gift the day I married him and even now, he has given me the greatest gift of all.

Thank you to all who are and have been praying for us. I know Colbi is doing well because of all of you! We can't not say enough thanks for it!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jordan's Room Reveal

So, our entire house has had an overhaul in the past two months. Jordan's room was a big one. He had an old futon, a dresser that was falling apart, and oh yeah. His room started out pink.

I found this dresser at a garage sale. I was blown away when I saw the exact same dresser in Better Homes and Gardens (they painted theirs a glossy green).

He got actual curtains, he got our old TV, and his room got reaaranged!

One thing I've always wanted to do in his room were hang posters. But I didn't want to just hang them. I found these frames at a garage sale for $3 each. They had really pretty pictures in them, but I knew I would like the posters better. Right now, he is REALLY into the Avengers, and has always been into Star Wars.

I used this table from the girls' room..

and painted it like this, in glossy black with metallic silver on the bottom.

My brother in law had some old fence posts that he was throwing away, so as an experiment, I painted them the colors of the room and nailed them together. I don't hate it, but I am not in love with it. But he likes it, so I guess that's all that matters, right?

Oh, and just so you know, to take all of these pictures I just kept moving Legos from one spot to another. I know this picture is blurry, but here is the desk. It's COVERED in Legos.

Legos will overtake your LIFE. I never realized how many he had until recently. They are EVERYWHERE. Ugh. Lego men, lego boats, lego jet planes, lego Ninjagos, LEGOS LEGOS LEGOS!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Show Us Your Bathrooms!

show us your house

When we moved into this rent house, we got an amazing deal in rent from some friends of ours. We are living here while we pay off debt and get ready to buy a house (someday!) Obviously, in rental homes, there are things that aren't always the way you would have them. In this house, there are a few. For starters, this house was built in the 1950's and little has been done to it since. It has alot of potential, but I wouldn't dream of doing anything to it, as it was the owners childhood home. Apparently in the 50's, it was standard for homes to only have one full bath. Our house only has one full bath and a half bath in the master bedroom. This was really, really annoying when we first moved in. The bathroom in the master bedroom was stark white and just plain blah. Honestly, I hated using it unless I really had to. Both of the bathrooms had light fixtures that had the ONLY plug in them. That's right. Can you imagine?? Only one plug in the whole bathroom and it's in the light fixture??

Let me show you what I mean.

And it was pretty dingy at that.

Could you imagine only having that one teeny tiny little plug? It doesn't even have a grounder outlet, meaning I can't plug my hairdryer in it. For a long time, I just did my hair in my room, because not only could I not plug in my hair stuff, but I had no counter space to put it on, anyway.

See? Stark white, a commode, and a stand alone sink. That was about it!

It also had this lone window to the backyard, with this ugly yellow gingham curtains, which have been removed when I took this picture.

Now. This bathroom had a few things going for it. For starters, it looks like it has beadboard on the bottom half of the whole bathroom, which is actually really cool. Secondly, the sink and toilet were brand new and had new silver fixtures. Lastly, the window has a really pretty view. So, I knew I could do something to it.

I received a full gallon of gray paint from work after they redid it. They had four extra gallons that they were going to dispose of, and my boss asked if I wanted it. I also somehow had a while shelf and some extra pieces of artwork that I wasn't doing anything with. My goal was to redo the bathroom for $0. I think I did a pretty good job!

This bathroom has become my own personal bathroom. I have a shelf I painted black, which has all of my perfume, lotion, and face care products on it.

I spray painted the light fixture silver and it looks brand new.

I even found a semi-reasonable solution to my hairdryer issue.


And this...

became these!

The window just got some new (old) curtains that were trimmed and hemmed...

All in all, I am very happy with it. It's a really great place to go and get ready!

And to show you how awesome our other bathroom is, you must appreciate it yourself. I actually think it's kind of cool, in a weird, retro way. Oh yeah. It's pink and black tile. All...

the way...


And the Pièce de résistance...

So, those are my humble, little bathrooms, I hope you enjoy!