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The Rest of The Summer....

The last half of my summer was literally a blur of activity. I hosted two estate sales. This just kind of happened, but it's opened up a world of possibilities for opportunities! We had this little cutie spend a couple nights with us. These two just LOVE each other. It makes my heart happy. Jason and I went to church camp as counselors. Serving in the children's ministry these past couple of years has been a huge blessing for me. I've learned more about the Bible from our curriculum than I have in 35 years! And going to camp was such a treat. It was tiring and hard to function some days, but it was such a wonderful time. Getting to know the kids was amazing.
We took our first official church directory picture as a family!
This is my absolute favorite picture of the kids we've ever taken. They all are smiling so beautifully and look genuinely happy in it.
This little missy turned 3!!! Colbi is one of the most funny kids to be around. Her mannerisms are seriously hil…