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What If It Were the Alamo?

We all studied Texas History as a required course in school. I looked up to see which states require a state history along with national history, and was surprised to find that all of them do. How our states come to be is so important to us, they require we learn about it for as long as we spend learning about our country's history. What do you do, then, when your state has a less-than-ideal history to teach? 
As a student in this proud state, a lot of our history was focused around the Alamo. We watched movies about it in school; in fact, the battle at the Alamo was so interesting, even to people outside of Texas, that Ron Howard made a movie about it that grossed $28 million, and it is shown in every 7th grader's history class in our great state each year. We recently took the kids to tour through it and I spent a good deal of my time there, pondering the interesting situation we find ourselves in these days. I couldn't help but be perplexed at how we took the state awa…