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My Lazy Dogs

There is no real reason for this post except to show the world my lazy dogs. And, this is only picture I could get of Molly being stil. She never takes great pictures. Everyone always says, "Those dogs would be much happier with a big yard and run around in." True, I guess, but they seem pretty happy now. They have me wrapped around their finger and know it. They both are people dogs and like being around us. We have taken them over the people's houses before and they usually end up sitting outside the door whining because they would rather be in with us. "Hey, what about us?" They would say. I love my dogs, I mean, LOVE them. Here they are. The cuties.

Rock Band

For those of you who do not have Rock Band, you all cannot appreciate all it's addicting qualities. The first time you play it, you are blown away with how little musical abilities you have and how bad you are. The first time I played it, the first words after my first song were "I don't want to play this stupid game anymore." Well, that changed and now, it's ton of fun. I was first introduced to Guitar Hero, the first of its kind. Guitar Hero is much more challenging than it's Rock Band equivalent, and if you really love the guitar, is probably more fun. However, Rock Band involves playing with other people and depending on them to not completely fail so that the band continues to play. Your characters have fun names like "Slash" and "Bubba" and they all look like losers, but they jam out once the song gets started. My parents got Rock Band next, which was tons of fun, because in Rock Band you can play the drums, the guitar, the bass, or …

Decorating Our First Christmas Tree

We came home from my parents, with borrowed Christmas decorations and presents in hand, with a determination to decorate Jason's house, put up the Christmas Tree, and wrap the kids' presents for when they came over on Thursday. We were so tired and so hungry, but we wanted to get it done. There is nothing better than relaxing at home on the couch to the glow of Christmas tree lights. This is our first Christmas together so it was a really great experience. We took turns decorating and took some pictures to commemorate the occasion. I have to admit, I haven't always been good about taking pictures, so sometimes I forget to take them and don't always think of great poses or what not, but it's one of my pre-New Year's resolutions so I will get better. I am so thankful and cannot wait for the kids to come over and get excited!

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

We had Thanksgiving this week and it was a lot of fun. This would be my first Thanksgiving with a significant other. Jason is such a wonderful man and I don't think I tell him enough how much I appreciate him. This was also the first year I got up on Friday morning to do Black Friday shopping. I guess I never had a reason to get up and go until we had kids to buy for. Since we don't get them but every other weekend, we don't have an abundance of clothes for them, but it's enough to last us for a couple of days. Well, we get the kids from December 18th to the 28th so we had to go get them some new outfits to wear. We showed up at Old Navy at around 2:30 am, expecting them to open at 3 am. The first few people got the new Lego Rock Band for free. Much to our surprise, there were already people in the store and there was a line wrapped around the whole store to check out. "What the..." we said. "Why are yall already open?" We asked the saleswoman. She …

I am a STUDENT again!

I started school this last Tuesday, so if you are wondering why my blog posts have fell behind it's because I have been (gulp) doing homework! Why has it taken me this long to do this? I look back on the last 9 years since being in school and cannot think of a single, solitary reason why I didn't get my degree. Well, I guess the reason would be that I figured I would do it before I turned 30 and that I had plenty of time, I needed to have fun and live my life instead. I don't believe in regret and shoulda-woulda-couldas, so I will not look back on my life hoping things turned out differently. It does make me sad that I will be 30 and still be working towards my degree, but I am also glad that I am 30 and not 40 working on my degree. Being a student this time around is a little bit different. I have noticed that I am not so much of a procrastinator anymore. I understand the importance of staying on top of my assignmnets, as my motivator this time is to graduate with honors …

Family Pictures

We took some family pictures down at Faith and Scotty's during the Halloween weekend, our first family pictures ever! I wanted to post those for you to see. Enjoy!

I am so excited!

I am really excited! Monday, I woke up really excited about the wedding. I was always very excited to marry Jason, but I haven't always been sold on the idea of the wedding. I have never been one of those women who dream about their dress or flowers. I have always dreamed about who will be there when I walk down the aisle? And now that I see that face in my dream, I am excited about the rest. My mom and I decided on a place (hopefully) and now things are really coming together! I can't wait to talk planning and have this time in my life to have fun and be with Jason!

A Very Whitehead Halloween

Well, this last weekend was certainly a flurry of activity! We took the kids to see Uncle Scotty and Aunt Faith and the boys: Isom, Robert, Kayden, and Jax. 6 Children hopped up on candy...FUN! Just kidding, we had a good time. Doing stuff like this really makes me appreciate what my parents went through sometimes to give me good experiences growing up! It was a long trip, very tiring, but worth it. We went to the Fall Festival that Scotty's church sponsored, so it was lots of activities, food and candy! We had a great time.

Sophia the Enchanted Princess Giselle and Jordan the Ninja

Jason doesn't do so well taking pictures like this...

Thank you, Jason, for snapping this picture of me when was not looking.