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My Trip To Rockport

My best friend moved to Rockport 3 years ago when her husband was offered the job as airport manager. His sisters, brother in law, nieces and nephews and mother all lived in that town, and two years ago, the construction on their newly built homes was completed. (his sister and brother in law, and my friend and husband built homes side by side)
A week ago Thursday, she called me and asked if she could bring her family up to DFW and would I be willing to have a few stay with us. She told me that there was a mandatory evacuation in Rockport, but they were thinking it would only be until Monday. Of course, I always love seeing her, so I was pretty excited for an excuse for them to come up and spend the weekend. As the day went by, they were predicting a more severe storm, and the family decided to get a hotel room in Waco, close to their son, who went to Baylor. They wanted to be closer to Rockport and brought animals on the trip, so thought a hotel would be the best option. My friend&#…
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What If It Were the Alamo?

We all studied Texas History as a required course in school. I looked up to see which states require a state history along with national history, and was surprised to find that all of them do. How our states come to be is so important to us, they require we learn about it for as long as we spend learning about our country's history. What do you do, then, when your state has a less-than-ideal history to teach? 
As a student in this proud state, a lot of our history was focused around the Alamo. We watched movies about it in school; in fact, the battle at the Alamo was so interesting, even to people outside of Texas, that Ron Howard made a movie about it that grossed $28 million, and it is shown in every 7th grader's history class in our great state each year. We recently took the kids to tour through it and I spent a good deal of my time there, pondering the interesting situation we find ourselves in these days. I couldn't help but be perplexed at how we took the state awa…

The Handmaid's Tale - A Review of the First Three Episodes

I knew nothing of this book when I began hearing about this show on Hulu. Ever since The Hunger Games, anything described as "dystopian" generally tends to capture my interest, so when I heard about this show, I was intrigued. I signed back up for Hulu just so I could watch the show.
This show is based on a 1985 book written by Margaret Atwood, a Canadian author. The adaptation into this Hulu series centers around a woman, whose real name is June, but is called Offred ("Of-Fred," the man, her commander she is bound to, is named Fred). We aren't really told when this story is set, but given the scenery of the events leading up to the overthrow of the government, I assume it is present-day. There are several songs used on the soundtrack, several from the 80's and a few from other times periods. In this alternate present, we learn that the United States has been overthrown by some sort of right wing, religious group who have instituted marshall law and have …

Movie Review: Passengers

I have read several reviews of this movie, just terrible reviews, of how awful this movie was. I didn't care. I tend not to always agree with movie critics, and I for one, have been looking forward to seeing this movie since the first time I saw the trailer, months ago. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are by far, two of my favorite actors, so it was a no-brainer that I had to see this movie. They could spend the 2 hours in a barrel and I'd probably love it, and this movie, well, this movie proved that. For starters, let me tell you there will be some spoilers in this review, but I feel like I am glad I read a few spoilers before seeing it. You are tricked into thinking, from the previews, that this movie is Sci-Fi. It isn't. It's a human story told on a spaceship, and to me, there's a huge difference. If you are going, thinking this is a Sci-Fi spectacle, you will be disappointed. There are elements of Sci-Fi, but as much as Gravity was a human story told in the…

Sharing YOUR Jennarocity

I used to love to blog. Do people still blog? I feel so out of touch with social media these days. You get out of the game for a few months and the updates just pass you right by. It's been a busy year, yes? Those who follow me on Facebook have seen the evolution my life has taken in the last year. I'm ending the year with the busiest month I've ever had in real estate, plus I opened a location for my business. I have to admit, I never thought saying yes to one thing could change my life in such an astounding way. Which reminds me - what have you said yes to today? Don't be afraid to say yes. I say yes way more often than I probably have time for, but you know what, it brings a lot of opportunities into my life. So, while people tell me to start saying no, I'll start saying, I can't right now, but what about next week? Lol. The other funny thing is that who knew this blog title could have been the basis for the name of my business. When I changed my blog tit…

bObSweep Pet Hair Robotic Sweeper and Mop

Bob is here! Or DJ Bob, as Avery likes to call him. She watches too much Park and Rec. Here is DJ Rhooma, basically Tom puts an iPod on top of the vacuum and it plays music while it cleans (which is awesome).

Bob has been here less than 24 hours and has already given us so much joy! It's funny I just said that, but when you have dogs that shed constantly, a big house and lots of hard floors, to have a robot do a job like vacuuming for you, it's simply heavenly.

Here is Bob in real life.

I had so many people ask me about a review so here it is......
I have never seen or used another robot vacuum so my review is based completely on this one. I bought Bob on Groupon for $179.99. It was more than the regular one that was $159.99 because we opted for the Pet Hair 4-1 sweeper and mop combo. Bob arrived with an adorable adoption card with his name, birthday, weight and height, which I thought was weird because you oddly do start to talk about him like he's another family membe…

Jordan's New Room

Jordan's room has always had some hint of black. I love the furniture I found for Jordan and it's black, and I'm not painting those suckers anytime soon, so black it is! Well, it made it really easy when I went to redo the girls room, because I had all of the items I needed already, including black paint. On a whim, I decided to redo the alcove area into a small media space and paint the wall black. We got a heck of a deal at Target this weekend for a flat screen (Thank you, Target Red Card, 5% off and Cartwheel app, 10 % off on top of sale prices!), so it worked perfectly. Then, I decided, hey, why don't we throw the couch I was going to get rid of in his room and make him a small studio apartment, because what 14 year old DOESN'T need that, right?
It turned out so cool. In my humble opinion, of course.

The only thing this room cost me is the TV - for less than $120. I'll take it!!!