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Easter 2014

Because of the way the custody papers are drawn up, whatever weekend Easter falls on in the month is who has the kids (1st, 3rd, etc.) We have had the kids for Easter for the last 3 years, I think. We won't have them again on Easter for 6 years, or until Jordan is a senior in high school. So, we decided to spend our Easter with their cousins in San Antonio. My brother in law is an associate pastor at a cowboy church. We really love going there and visiting their church. They have an arena out back and everyone wears cowboy hats and I love the music - steel guitars, country voices. It's great. They always do really awesome community events as well - we went down there one Halloween and it was awesome. Well, Easter was no exception! We basically arrived and drove straight to the Easter egg hunt. They put out 20,000 eggs. Man, it was amazing! There wasn't any candy in them - they said one year they put candy in the eggs and all of the eggs were covered in fire ants - so the…

Avery, The Gymnast

I took Avery to open gym the other day. There is a place that has open gym for an hour and a half for $5. Can't beat that at ALL!! Especially since Texas decided to have a cold front and it was too cold and windy to play outside. They had a bounce house... Lots of trampolines...
And a pit o' foam.
I love watching Avery experience new things! And I love that she just makes friends wherever she goes. I am so blessed I get to share these special days with her!

Date with my Daughter

I took Avery out to eat, just her and me. I took her to a place called Millar's Café. When my mom and aunt were kids, it was a soda fountain called Millar's and my mimi would take them there for breakfast. It's funny how life comes full circle. I tried to get pictures of her and didn't even look at them until after we left.

That child just brings pure joy into my heart. I didn't even tell her to make a funny face until the last one. Sometimes, I think she and I are SSOOOO alike and other times, she does things that truly surprise me. But I always think she is amazing. I have been really blessed in my life, with a daughter who is just easy to be around and silly, who loves life and is outgoing. Who loves other people and loves to make friends. We had a party at our house on Saturday night and there were lots of other boys her age there. All of the sudden, my daughter comes out in her pink Superman Halloween costume with high heels and one of the boys comes out i…

Ode to Cadbury Mini Eggs

Oh, Easter candy, with your pastel colors, why must you tempt me? With your chocolate, chewy, sugary goodness, I simply can't resist. But alas, the one above all others, oh mini egg, how you pull me in... The delicious, milk chocolate center. The crunchy, chalky outer shell. Oh, how I love you so!!! What? Your only $1 for two bags? I'll take six. And eat them all at once. But today, today, I found something even better....
WHITE mini eggs. White chocolate, white shell. Sweet. Crunchy, yet velvety. Easter candy, you come but once a year. But when you are here, I love you. And my hips say "Thank you" for being a limited edition treat. But my taste buds say... Yum. Yum. Yum.

Sophia's Birthday!

Happy birthday, Sophia! Sophia turned 9 this year, and we got to have her birthday party with friends. What a better thing to do than roller skating, which Sophia loves!! We invited 4 other friends, so there were 5 girls, rolling around, for 3 hours. And they still weren't ready to stop!
I guess there were 6 girls, if you could this little munchkin.
Avery did really well and really tried to skate! I was so proud! 
Sophia had a great time and I always love when we get to share in that experience.
Sophia is such a great kid. She is the best big sister known to mankind and loves to help, always. Occasionally, she wants her sister to leave her alone, but mostly, she loves it. Sophia is a very positive kid and is just so much fun. I always love taking her to try new things because she is always up for a new experience! I can't believe we are in the last year of single digits. Next year, she will be 10! It feels like just yesterday she was this little... Now, she's this big kid…