Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Little Concert

So, this weekend was pretty cool. We went to a family reunion Saturday, then were able to go watch a movie in a movie theater that was for adults, without children. That doesn't happen very often :-). Today was church, then we spent the afternoon cleaning. I got off my diet today and had a chocolate chip cookie sundae for dinner. Probably shouldn't have, but oh well.
A few months ago, Jason picked up a carpet steam cleaner at a garage sale for $10 and it turns out, it works great! Best $10 we ever spent. It doesn't clean stains on the top of the carpet, but it does get the dirt and dog hair out. I cleaned Avery's room today - can I just tell you how bad of a parent I feel, knowing she's had to breathe all the crud in? Yuck. I want to get a Shark Duo, anyone know if it's worth it? I know it doesn't deep clean, but I've heard it does great things for the stains on top of the carpet.
The other day, I was at my desk working and Jason and Avery got up and gave me a little concert on the piano. So cute!!
Have a great week!

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Weight Milestones

Before Jason and I started dating, I'd never really had to lose weight. At one point in my life, I did lose a lot of weight, not because I had to, but because I was depressed and going through a guy-thing and ended up losing about 30 pounds, which at the time, put me right about 127 pounds. I am almost 5'10. I'll just say, that wasn't a healthy weight. I never want to be that small again. I looked emaciated, and I was, because I working out all the time and barely eating anything. So, I gained about 20 pounds and was happy right at that weight. I didn't have to do a ton of stuff to maintain that weight, I was after all, 25.
Well, now, I am 34, and to the point where I really have to lose some weight. I never thought I would be at a place in my life where losing weight was really necessary, but at this point, it really is. In September, I had somehow gained 20 pounds and was about 6 pounds away from my heighest pregnancy weight. When I saw that, it broke my heart. I just couldn't believe I'd let myself get so big. I am not one of those women who scrutinized myself in the mirror and hate the way I look. I'd have good days and bad days, but I felt like when I looked at myself, I looked like a women, a women in her 30's, and a women who'd had a child. So, I guess I didn't see myself as getting bigger until I stepped on that scale and when I looked at pictures of myself. I knew at that point, I had to do something about it.
At this point, I have three milestone weightloss goals. I have the weight I was when I met Jason, the weight I was at my wedding and how much I weighed when I got pregnant (which was about 11 pounds heavier and both the same number), and the lowest I've weighed after I had Avery. Basically, I gained 11 pounds from when I met Jason to my wedding, I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy, and after I had Avery, I lost 30 pounds, which was 10 pounds more than I was when I was pregnant.
Right now, I am about 10 pounds away from my first weight milestone, my lowest post-pregnancy weight. I am pretty excited about that one. Eventually, I'd like to get down to 5 pounds less than what I was when I first met Jason, which means I have about 35 pounds more to lose. That would put me right at the median healthy weight for my height, and right back into a size 8, which would make me ecstatic.
I am having a lot of fun working out this week, and I am actually doing it, which is astonishing. I haven't been this disciplined in over 5 years. When I get past that first hurdle, it's going to be amazing!!! 

The Kiddos

Cobli came and stayed with us the other day and I guess I forgot to post some pictures!!
I am so glad Colbi loves coming to our house! It means she gets to do it a lot. And that makes me happy.

Avery is the bossiest thing around Colbi. She reminds me SO much of Sophia when Avery was really little, and then when she learned to talk. "Colbi, say Jenna! Colbi, say Jason! Colbi, say Avery!" All. The. Time. It's pretty cute though. One of these days, Colbi is going to tell Avery what's up and not let her boss her around anymore, kind of like what Avery did to her sister when she learned to really fend for herself. :-)
I took this picture the other day of Jordan and Avery. Avery hasn't always taken to Jordan, but Jordan has always loved, loved, loved her. Lately, Avery is really loving him, and wants to give him hugs and kisses and play with him. I think having an older big brother is pretty cool.

And by the way, when did he get so big? Man.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Muffins with Moms

Today, Avery's school had Muffins with Moms. I was glad to go and eat breakfast with her, except, the second we got there, she was like, "I want to go to my class." I was like, "If I give you a chocolate muffin, will you hang out with me for a minute??" She agreed.

In all seriousness, though, the child is really my shadow. I really love that she just loves me so much and more than that, loves to be around me. She really is a mommy's girl, for sure. We've been going through a not-so-great stage of the 3's lately. I am really ready for her to be out of this stage, it's hard negotiating with a strong willed, smart 3 year old, who is fickle, stubborn, and independent. Sounds like someone I know. Who could that be???
Well, today, I pleasantly surprised to step on the scale and see that I'd lost 5 pounds! This weight loss challenge is going really well and I am doing really good at sticking with it. Jason and I joined the YMCA a couple of days ago and I was able to go to my first aerobics class, which was so much fun, I stayed for two. (Our Zumba instructor is great!!) Today, I am sore all over and can't wait to go back in the morning, so that's always a good sign.
On another positive note, hopefully, by this time next week, I'll be an active, licensed Realtor!! I can NOT WAIT to get started. There have been a few obstacles, but I'm nothing if not persistent. So, I am hoping! Keep me in mind if you are buying or selling a house!!!
I am also giving my testimony about my experience working at the Pregnancy Center on Sunday at church for Sanctity of Life. I am really excited to share and hope it will make a difference with collecting items and donations we need!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Exhaustion and Weight Loss

Yesterday, I woke up in a horrible mood. I was so, so tired. For whatever reason, for several nights in a row, I had terrible nights of sleep. I usually will have a stretch of nights every once in a while where either I can't fall asleep at all, or I wake up several times throughout the night, or I wake up super early and I can't fall back asleep. I can do it for a few days and be fine, but yesterday. Yesterday, all I wanted was to take a nap. I never want to take a nap. But yesterday, I longed for rest, and knew it wasn't going to happen. Instead, we took down Christmas decorations in the morning. When Avery napped, despite the fact that my husband was doing the laundry, I told him I needed some sleep and needed to nap when she did. I laid down, and while I did, my daughter, for over an hour, stayed awake, talking to herself, yelling to herself, singing to herself. We share a wall and it was very loud. Every time I would drift off, she would bang on the wall or shout. After a while, I just let her up, and I went into the living room, grouchier and more tired than ever.
My husband recognized this and took Avery to the park for a while, which was such a nice blessing. It was about 4, and I knew if I fell asleep now, I would wake up and not be able to go back to bed, so I just sat on the couch and watched Cutthroat Kitchen (which is the weirdest show ever) and let my brain stop. When I am this tired, I am grouchy and I have a really hard time dealing with things and making sense of things. I mean, we all do. Being super tired is the equivalent of being intoxicated, so it makes sense. While Jason was gone, I asked him to pick up a pizza. I didn't want that to be my cheat meal, but it ended up being my cheat meal, because all I wanted to do was eat, and I wanted to eat junk.
I didn't realize just how much being tired was tied to weight loss. But when your body is tired, it wants things to give it energy, like sugar. So when you are tired, you crave bad carbs and junk food. And last night, that's all I ate. I knew my diet was going so well, and I also knew I had to get some rest so that tomorrow, I could do better. And, I did. I drank some Sleepytime tea and took some medicine to help me go to sleep, and I slept over 8 hours, even though my daughter woke us up around 2 am. I woke up this morning feeling better, feeling more able to handle situations around me, and I felt like I wanted to eat good food again. And today, I have.
I know we all need exercise, we all guilt ourselves into not exercising enough. But what about sleep? Your body needs sleep. Sleep helps you combat the bulge. It helps you make better decisions. It helps you have more energy so that you will want to work out. That's what yesterday really taught me.
And, it also taught me that just because I have a bad meal, or because I have a moment, or evening, of weakness, doesn't mean all is lost and I can't start right back up again. That's how I know I am really committed to this, that I am not going to let last night be the permission I need to eat badly today. Like, "well, you already messed up, guess you can just go ahead and have a cheeseburger!" Today, I had a good breakfast, and I just had a salad and lots of edamame, with some pita chips, for lunch. And I am full. I really wanted some chocolate, but I ate enough last night to last the whole week, so no!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

10 Things I Have Done Differently This Week For Weight Loss

This is the 5th day for my weight loss challenge and I feel great. I can button up my jeans without wanting to kill myself, which is a good step in the right direction. So, what did I do differently this week??
1. Cut out cokes/sweet tea and drank more water. I hate drinking water, like, literally hate it. Because mostly, when I have to drink water, it's to lose weight and it feels like I am just drinking it to get to "8 glasses." I add a squirt of Crystal Light flavoring, and voila, I can drink two very large bottles in a day without even blinking an eye. I don't care if it's not the best thing. It's better than coke and I am still drinking the water I need. So here's a tip - don't start a rule about something for weight loss if you are going to literally hate doing it. Ignore comments about "what's best" and do what's best for you!!
2. I stopped eating complex carbs, limited my carb intake daily, and switched to multi-grain. I had to limit my carb intake because I was eating snacks like one or two tortillas a day, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches pretty much every meal. I started eating multi-grain bread, sandwich thins, and substituting pasta for things like veggies (instead of spaghetti, I would do stuffed zucchini - and it's good!) and cut out stuff like pizza altogether because cauliflower crust just sounds weird (thanks for the suggestion anyway, Kate).
3. I stuffed my pantry and fridge with good food that I didn't mind eating. Stuff like yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, applesauce, etc. I made sure I had plenty of things to snack on that were good for me. On the same note, there are now 5 things I always make sure to have on hand: rolled oats, wheat germ, honey (or your favorite natural sweetener like maple syrup or agave nectar), rice krispies and peanut butter. You can literally make hundreds of things with these ingredients from protein bars to sweet snacks to satisfy your sweet craving. And eating better doesn't have to mean it costs more. I have shopped twice now for this challenge and my grocery budget isn't any larger than before.
4. I stopped eating sweets. Just for this challenge. I could go through a bag of candy like nobody's business. I have to stop doing that for a little while, but not forever.
5. I eat when I am hungry. I don't follow the rule anymore of only eating at certain times and allowing myself to feel hungry. If I'm hungry, I eat. I just eat small snacks that are good for me. One thing I've loved that can really help me get rid of hunger is a 100 calorie pack of nuts, usually almonds. They give me crunch and they get to me to my next meal.
6. I don't cook one meal for myself and another for my family. I cook one meal that is good for everyone. Kids need variety and so do husbands. If they don't like it, they can find something else. But I am not going to make a healthy meal for me and a non-healthy one for them anymore.
7. I don't follow anymore weight loss exercise plans, I do the exercising that I like. For me, it's kickboxing. I stopped feeling like I have to do pushups and stuff, at least in the beginning. I just do what I LIKE and what I WILL DO. And you know what? It's better than what I was doing, which is nothing. Don't start an exercise regimen you don't like, it's pointless because you will quit. Just do something you like, whether it's walking, or running, cardio, or weights. Who cares? Just do it enough to get your heart pumping for at least 25 minutes. And you know what? If you start out doing just two days a week, then it's just two days a week. It's two more days a week than you were exercising before, right?
8. I stopped wearing elastic waist pants every day. We all know why, I have already explained it.
9. I shop for something new to wear every week. I literally bought a new shirt from Target the other day, on sale, for $7. First of all, it makes me feel better to wear something new. And when I feel better, I try harder. Second of all, I am the size I am. I never bought new clothes because I hated spending money on clothes, mainly because I hated the size I am and because I felt like "as soon as I lose weight, it will be a waste of money!" Yeah, that's just a way of excusing needing to look good and feel good about yourself. I am an extra large and my goal is to be in a large by the end of this challenge. And how cool will that week be when I can suddenly fit into a whole new size of clothes??? Very cool. But that doesn't mean that I have to look like you-know-what in the meantime.
10. I allow myself a cheat meal a week. Bonus: it's a meal I can eat out. I am saving money on eating out weekly and it will be one that counts!! 
I think I've just gotten rid of rules or expectations on myself and just started doing things that worked for me, where I didn't feel like I was giving up everything I liked just to lose weight. And you know what? It's working. I haven't lost a single pound, but I fit into my jeans!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Little of This and That....

Colbi got to spend the night last night and go to church with us. She loved kids choir! She just wanted to get up and dance. Loved it.
I love having these two munchkins together. As they get older, it's just more and more fun.
I also got this picture of Avery eating lunch at school. Love her.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So Far....

This week has certainly started off well for my 6 week challenge!!! I started a challenge Monday and have been very proud of myself so far. I decided that no matter how much I hated it, I was going to actually put on jeans every day, even if I had to be uncomfortable. I am happy to report that today, jeans that were tight Saturday are actually fitting fine, and not cutting off my circulation at my waist. Woo hoo!!
Monday, I took Avery to a local mall so we could get out of the house and I could do some exercise. We made a pit stop at the little train. She really loved it. Who needs Six Flags, am I right???
I was super surprised to see how many other moms with strollers were doing the exact same thing. I guess because it was cold and it allows you to window shop a bit. Plus, they do have those great playgrounds for 3 year olds.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I Blame Elastic Waist Pants.

Happy New Year, everyone!
So far, this year has been a year of change for me, and I hope the trend continues. Not a change in many things, just a change in my mindset and habits. Of course, isn't that true for the start of every year??
Well, I start a fitness challenge today that will last six weeks. I am really hoping this is something I can stick with. I saw something on Pinterest the other day that said, "Be stronger than your strongest excuse." I liked that. Challenge accepted.
I also have been trying to put my finger on these last four months, why while I've been at home and not working, I still have only been gaining weight and not losing weight. Marie Osmond was on TV for NutriSystem and she said it best. "You wear stretchy pants because it makes you feel more comfortable and you don't realize how out of control you've gotten." Ding ding ding - guilty as charged. I have worn elastic waist pants basically since August 31, very rarely putting on one pair of jeans. When I do, they are tight and awful and I can't wait until I can get the other ones back on. Well, I think I've hit a breakthrough. I am really going to try on this one to stick with it for the short amount of time that is six weeks. Because, it really is short.
Think of me!!