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Just In Case You Were Interested...

For those of you interested, I have started a weight loss blog that I will be updating about my weight loss. Please visit me here.

Avery's First Pain

I have never felt so helpless as a parent. I know it's so silly, but my poor baby felt her first real pain today and there was very little I could do about it.
She just couldn't poop. Since we started solid foods, her poop has gotten harder and less frequent, but today, she tried and tried and could get nothing out. She screamed and cried, every time we stood her up, she would try to poop, turning her face bright red, tears coming down her face, and she would shake. I felt so, so bad for her. I looked online about what I could do, so I gave her a warm bath, a tummy massage, moved her legs around and gave her some prune baby food. After a few hours, she finally got something out. It was as hard as a rock. Some time later, she pooped again, then again. Finally, the last time, it was much looser and she didn't cry but one little wimper and I think that was only because her little bottom hurt.
I was almost in tears, every time I stood her up, and watched her in so much pain. I …

First Outside Swim

Avery had her first real swim this weekend. Isn't she adorable?????

The Nikki/Jenna Weekend Of Fun

My friend, Nikki, came into town this weekend (isn't she beautiful??). We had so. much. fun. It was really good to actually hang out with her, in a social setting. It's been so long since we've done anything but have a quick dinner every few years, so we really deserved some time to ourselves.
We had originally planned on going to Austin, but those plans fell through, so we had decided to just come to my apartment and spend a girls' weekend. We went out together on Friday night - I was so glad to see Nikki out as a woman, not just a wife and a mom. Like I said, I think all women need this once in a while.
Saturday, we had kind of decided, kind of needed, to spend the day just relaxing. We went down to my mom and dad's house and just hung out and talked. I like to just talk sometimes.
By Sunday, we still felt like we really hadn't spent all that much time together. Just because you are having a girls' weekend doesn't mean that life just stops, or that you…

My, How You've Grown

I don't know why, but I wanted to go through Avery's pictures today to show how much she's grown in six months. First of all, I need a new camera phone. I rarely ever take pictures with our actual camera because I hate uploading them, when I can just send them directly with my phone. July, it's coming. An HD camera, to be exact.
This moment seems so far away now!!!
One Month

Two Month

Three Month

Four Month

Five Month

Six Month

Moving Stuff Around DOES Work!!!

Have you ever NOT been in love with something in your home and then move it, and then, you are in love again?
I got this really awesome shelf from a friend of my family. I have not done a great job of taking before pictures. But, it was a great quality shelf, real wood. It was just red. Just a little bit of Kilz and some black paint, and bam. Totally awesome.
I also did not take a before picture of this area of my kitchen. It was totally ok before, but nothing really special. I had a rod iron shelf that held a bunch of, well, crap. I had a basic dry erase calendar on the wall, and dog dishes on the floor.
But NOW, it's my most favorite place in the whole house. And it's not even done yet!!!
Here is the before of where I had the black and tan blocks as decor. They were too spread out for that big wall. So, they just looked out of place.

I didn't really know what I wanted to put on this shelf, but I had a bunch of dishes and plates that I got for my wedding that were shoved in …

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

As I was blog-hopping again, I came across this blog and thought, cool idea!! So, here I go!!!

These are things I love (or not) RIGHT NOW. Not a list of my all-time favorite things. Just to clarify.
She Loves Me:

Big Girl Bath, Singing and a Bib

So, it's a little misleading - I am not posting pictures of Avery in her big girl bath. I really don't know why, but I feel a little uncomfortable posting them on a public blog. If it was private, I wouldn't have a problem. But I've been getting alot of spam comments lately, and so, I don't know.
Anyway, she is sitting up now pretty good! So in her bath, we have her sitting up (with a firm hand, of course). Last night, we put all of the rubber duckies in with her and she looked like such a big girl, playing with those duckies. I think she is going to be like her sister - Sophia LOVES the bath and will play and play, if you let her. I remember when she had just turned 4, it was hard just to get her to wash her hair. Bath for her is not to get clean and get out, it's to play. Jordan, on the other hand, doesn't bring in his toys - he wants to get clean and get out. Kids are so funny, how different they are. When she sits up, she just hits the water with her hand…

How do you get good at decorating?

I definitely think that there are talents that only some of us are really good at. I have my talents.
Decorating was/is not one of them.

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Avery Grace!!

There once was a girl who was very alone.
She met a boy, they fell in love, and got married.
The girl found out she was going to have a baby.
She was very scared.

Weaning and This Weekend

I was really not prepared for how weaning from breastfeeding was going to affect my mood. I guess I didn't really think about the changes in my hormones after I stopped, so this week has taken me a little by surprise.
I stopped nursing altogether about 3 weeks ago. This last week, I have never felt so cranky, volatile, sad, depressed, frustrated, mad, short tempered, tired or upset in my whole life. Never, not even when I was pregnant. I told Jason that I just didn't feel like myself, nor was I acting like myself at all. I mean, I have had my small, temporary moments of frustration, but not for this long.
It's not really anything specific, just things. Something silly that could make me cry. Or Jason not answering his phone could set me off. I mean, just silly, really.
It makes me a little nervous, especially when I hear alot about post-partum depression, so I think I will take a visit to my doctor soon, if things don't get better after about a week. I don't want to…

What To Do For Dinner? Modified Chicken Pot Pies

During lunch at work, I will go and watch the Food Network. Usually, it's either Paula Dean or Barefoot Contessa. Yesterday, I caught them both. They were both doing pockets, Paula was doing apple strudel pockets and Ina was doing some greek pocket. On my way home I thought....hmmm....I can modify that with what I have, easy.

What does a Daddy do in our house?

A daddy entertains you.

A daddy makes you laugh.

A daddy loves to play.

A daddy makes you feel better when you are scared.

A daddy makes sure the mommy is happy.

A daddy will always make great popcorn.

A daddy will always forgive you.

A daddy will always do whatever he can do to make you happy.

A daddy will give you great hugs.

A daddy will always be patient.

A daddy will always watch you, over and over, even if its nothing great to watch.

A daddy will always do the dirty work.

A daddy will teach you about Jesus.

A daddy will always watch what you want on TV.

A daddy will always teach you about sports.

A daddy will always help you with your homework.

A daddy will always tickle you.

A daddy will always tell you a beautiful or handsome you are.

A daddy will always be there, to watch your games, practices, or recitals.

A daddy will always walk the dogs.

A daddy will always do the dishes.
A daddy will spend his last $2 on a slushie for you, even if he doesn't get on…

Hard Day

We've been seeing alot of this lately...yes, that would be the remote control. I guess she is already wanting to be in control of the TV! 

Flashback Friday

I am going to keep doing this, even though I haven't had too many people participate, because, well, I like it.
What was your favorite television show growing up?
A girl from work, who teases me about my blogging habits (love you girl) wore an awesome shirt today. It reminded me how much I love the Golden Girls!

It's very hard to say this was my absolute favorite because I had alot of favorites growing up. My sisters always teased me because I loved cheesy shows like this as a kid.
It's in my top 5, but they all rotate depending on what mood I am in, so here they are, in no particular order:
1. The Golden Girls 2. Saved By The Bell 3. The Cosby Show 4. Charles In Charge 5. Full House
I want to hear from you!!! 

What's Going On?

I am tired today, guys. Not gonna lie. Avery woke me up around 4:00, I put her back to sleep and then woke me up again at 4:30. So I fed her, then I went back to sleep for about, oh, 20 minutes. She went back to sleep for 2 hours. This is her usual routine. Since she goes to bed around 7:30, she wakes up about 4:30 because she is hungry. Makes it hard for me, because that's when my day will start now. Yawn. I bring her in our bed so I can keep an eye on her while I get ready to go to work. She is just so peaceful. I am glad the camera click didn't wake her up!

Upcoming Blog Challenge

On the news last night, I saw a segment entitled "The Man Repeller." It was about this website which discusses who women REALLY dress up for. Is it for men, their husbands, or other women?
The basic premise is that some of those trendy things women wear, men just do not like or cannot get into. I had this idea, to let Jason dress me one day to see what he would, on Yahoo, I find this and thought, "I like this!" 
Starting Monday, my husband's challenge is to dress me for the whole week, only using items from my closet I already have.
I am scerred. I put this up now, in case anyone else would like to participate in this challenge!! What do you think??

Table and Lamp Before and After

I still haven't quite finished the girls' room, but this was the next project on my list.
What is it with kids and stickers? Jason had let the kids put stickers on everything before I came along, so this cute little nightstand needed some work before I started. All I did was take off the sticker, spray the top with white spray paint to prep it, then took black enamel paint I had leftover from another project and painted the stripes.

The lamp shade was pretty easy also, but I painted those stripes with acryllic.

All in all, it turned out pretty good, I think!


I finally figured out what exercise motivates me to actually get up off the couch....running with my daughter. For the past few days, I've taken her out in the stroller and just gone through our neighborhood. The only challenge I am having is when I run directly into the sun - I am going to have to fashion some sort of extra shield for that. She loves it too, she just hangs out and is along for the ride. I am finding myself very grumpy lately and I don't really know why. I guess I am finding myself a little lost with what my next step will be for my life, career, whatever the case might be. Do you ever just get a little frustrated with things? I am sure it will pass shortly. Really, that's all I have today. Oh yeah, and I am preparing a special post about the woman who is suing Chuck E Cheese. Oy.
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The Wonderful World of Repurposing

Since I've started reading blogs, I have learned so much about so much. And there are LISTS of things in my head that I want to try, from cooking to sewing to painting, decor to clothes, and on and on. But, I can only do so much at once, so I have to really say, "I can't start that now, but I will keep it in mind." The first thing I had to do was redo the kids rooms. So, I learned this:  

You really can redo old furniture with paint. Instead of spending tons of money on new stuff, you can paint the old stuff for little to nothing. And since you are using old furniture you probably don't care about reuining anyway, if you don't like the paint, you can paint it again.

I honestly can not believe this name!

I came across something that made my skin crawl....
They are shooting a new show in Dallas that will be on the ABC lineup for fall. This show is entitled "Good Christian B*!^&es."

Could you use $100 worth of Adsense dollars?

If any of you are selling products or have a website that sells products and could benefit from $100 worth of Adsense dollars, shoot me an email or comment on my page. I am not doing a giveaway, but first come, first serve!!

God's Timing

Well, like I said, we had a great weekend. On Friday evening, Jason and I decided to turn the phones off, move ourselves out on the patio, and spend time with just us, talking. The baby was asleep, so out came the monitor. We sat out and talked for a good three hours, kind of like we used to when we were first dating. It was a beautiful night, I had redone the patio, so why not??
I think this is very important to do in a marriage. Just spend time with one another, and not with your phones in your hands or in front of the television. Like, spend real time. It's amazing what you miss during the day to day about how your partner feels or thinks about stuff. Or what is really going on in their life, even when you live with them every single day!

On Saturday, we went to Gigi and Pops. Jason and I were supposed to go to the movies so we were going to drop Avery off and leave, but we decided, why? They have cable, they have a media room, they have microwave popcorn and sodas. So, we went …

Strawberry Mini Tarts

What an interesting and wonderful weekend! I did alot of baking yesterday, for some reason. I made some cinnamon rolls and ended up with tons of cream cheese icing leftover. I didn't want to throw it away, so I started browsing through blogs.I found these treats.....

I didn't have everything she had and I wasn't about to run to the store to get it, either. But I did have strawberries, cream cheese icing, and the ingredients for homemade sugar cookies off the bag of sugar in my pantry. I pretty much think you can use any sugar cookie recipe, so just use your favorite.
So, in her recipe she mentions a mini tart maker from Pampered Chef. I do have alot of gadgets, but I didn't have that, so I improvised! This would be a kids' cup and the top off one of Avery's bottles. And you know what? It worked perfectly! So, I rolled the dough pretty thin (not TOO thin or else it won't make it into the cupcake pan without cracking). I used the cup to make circles in the dou…