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Pregnancy Scare #2

Friday, I had noticed some pains in my stomach that were similiar to menstrual cramps. My hip joints had also begun to hurt quite a bit. I was texting my sister in law back and forth about it and she finally convinced me to at least call the doctor. Apparently, menstrual cramps are not a normal part of your third trimester, so I went ahead and called just in case. They had me come in right away, just to get checked out. As soon as they told me to come on in to the office, my heart started racing and I got very nervous. I was scared they were going to tell me something was wrong.

When I got there, they immediately took me in to the sonograph room and took some pictures of Avery. Whew. There she is, looking good! The sonograph nurse told me that everything seemed to be fine, my cervix looked long and closed (which means I hadn't started dialating - good thing) but that the baby looked to be frank breech. For those of you who had no clue what that meant, I have attached a picture. I …

First Real Pregnancy Scare

This last weekend marked my official trip into my 3rd trimester. My pregnancy has pretty much played out like a text book pregnancy. The first trimester was marked by mood swings and sickness. The week I entered my 2nd trimester, my sickness pretty much went away and I got all of my energy back. My 3rd trimester is proving to also be a different stage, however, I must say, the further I get into this pregnancy, the more fear I have and the more I am scared by even the slightest change.

Yesterday, I had noticed Avery's movements had changed. Before, I would feel very distinctive kicks pretty much all day. Yesterday, I hadn't felt Avery move in a long time. All day, I had a cramp in my stomach. When we got home from work, we decided to go on a walk. I had to stop a couple of times because the cramp in my stomach had gotten worse, like Avery had moved down really far and it was very painful. I hadn't really felt "pain" before, it was more just an uncomfortable feeli…

First Part of my Furniture Makeover

Well, I have never been a crafty person, so I must say I am very proud of myself right now. We got the furniture for Avery's room, which is beautiful, but I need it to be black and white and the hardware was all brass. I was going to go buy all new hardware, but after looking at another blog this last week that featured a dresser makeover, I figured out I could do this alot cheaper. So, I went and got some painter's tape and black spray paint and Jason spray painted the existing pieces of hardware. Below you see the chest of drawers before and after. I still have a design I want to paint on the top, which will hopefully take place tomorrow.

This makes me so motivated to want to see what else I can redo in my house. :-)

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29 Week Belly Picture

Wow, am I only 11 weeks away from having a baby?? I can't believe it. I know I am not looking the best I have ever looked, but here I am anyway!