Sunday, February 17, 2013

Big Girl Bed Update

So, as you now, Avery moved in to her big girl bed around the middle of January. We were all prepared that she would get up, not go to bed, wonder around at night, and just sleep horribly. Well, much like everything else Avery does, none of this has happened at all. In fact, she won't even get out of her bed in the morning until we come get her. It's like there is an invisible fourth side that we can't see but that locks her in. We have NOT pushed her knowing otherwise. Our new bedtime routine consists of bath, her brushing her teeth, read a story, turn off the light and I rock and sing to her for about 5 minutes, then I tuck her in. Now, it's pretty funny because as I am leaving the room and walking down the hall, she and I will yell back and forth, "Good night!" and "I love you!" She goes right to sleep.
I really have no idea how I got such an easy kid. I don't know if or think that it's anything we've done, I think she is just a kid who deals very well with change and therefore, none of the transitions in her short little life have been difficult or frustrating, for her or for us. I am really, really, really, scared that the hard part is going to come one of these days! This is another reason why having another kid scares me, I just know I would be daring God to give me a challenge! Ha ha!
I really don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I think doing the whole crib to toddler bed thing, where you just remove one side, has really been the reason she's done so well. She isn't going to fit in that bed much longer, she is already getting pretty long, but I think putting her in a totally different bed straight from a crib would have made things much more difficult.
Well, I guess that's it for now! Have a good Sunday!

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April Bacon said...

We left my daughter in the toddler bed until she was 6. A new bed was actually her birthday present this year. She had been in that bed from 20 months when we had to kick her out do the crib for #2! She was also our easy child and still is. Our son is the complete opposite.