Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guess Who Has A New Potty???

This girl!!

Jason and I took Avery to Target tonight to find a potty chair. We didn't know what kind to get. When we got there, she loved the Sesame Street one. It's the kind that sits on the toilet, not an actual chair. I've heard both reasonings on a chair and a pad for the real toilet. On one hand, the chairs are little and easier for them to sit on and they aren't scary to flush. On the other, the pad doesn't require you to have to clean out a chair and they teach kids to sit on the big potty from the get go. What it really came down to was that we just don't have a big bathroom at all, so keeping an actual chair in the bathroom would have been hard. So we got the pad.

It has a little hook that you attach to the tank, so you can hang the pad on it. I love this!

I have no intention of actually potty training Avery full out, just yet. I don't think she is ready. But I have heard it's good to have one that they can practice sitting on and get used to for a while. Avery carried her seat all around the store, she held it in the car, but when I put in on the toilet before her bath and asked if she wanted to sit on it, she said, "No! No!" so I think we have a way to go.

And of course, in an effort to celebrate her new phase in life, we had to have some frozen yogurt at Peachberry.

I have to say that Avery simply amazes us every day with what she knows. There is a Chick Fil A by the Target and right when we drove by, she said "Cow!" because they usually have a big cow in front. She couldn't see the cow, but she knew where we were. My parents take her to this donut shop sometimes, and when we drive by it, she says, "Donuts!" She is such a bright little girl and I just love listening to her and hearing what she knows.

She is definitely in the two year old difficult phase. Everything is mine, NO, and fits if she is asked to do something she doesn't want to do. She whines and throws fits. But we try and set good expectations as best we can with her, to prevent problems. When she whines or grunts, instead of using her words, we make sure to tell her to use her words because she knows exactly how to say what she wants. When she goes to bed now, she doesn't like to do it all the time. So we have to tell her, "No crying at bedtime, right Avery?" And she will say "ok" or "alright." And she won't cry. It's pretty awesome.

Have a good Friday, everyone!

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Brooklynn said...

She looks just like you!!!! And yay for potty training! Just think what you can do with the savings on diapers :)