Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Weekend and A Little Insight Into Me....

We had a big weekend around these parts!
My dad turned 60 and we decided to have a surprise party for him. I think this was the first surprise party I have ever attended, much less hosted, and the first one he'd ever had. We pulled it off so well, he was so surprised!
These are some of his friends from high school. They mentioned that they'd been friends for 45 years. 45 years! You must be doing something right as a friend to hold on to people that long, I think! (by the way, I straight-up stole these pictures from Brooke's blog. Had to give credit to my source, ha ha!)
Did we get one picture of our whole family? Nope. Bad Pecors!
Brooke and Colbi spent the night after the party, so Avery liked having Colbi there when she woke up!
My daughter is so social...she went to bed with the party going strong, and when she woke up, she said, "Mommy, I want to see everybody!" She was upset that everyone had gone home!
So, I don't know if I have ever mentioned this on my blog, but we have lots of gatherings at our house, so it should be pretty obvious that I love having people at my house. (It always makes me think of that Friends episode when Monica tries to entice people to come over to her apartment when they switch apartments, and says, "I am always the hostess!")
Even before we moved into our large house, we would always have people over, even in smaller houses or apartments. I just loved having people at my house. One of the reasons we loved this house and wanted to move here was because our house is PERFECT for parties, gatherings, Disciple Nows, slumber parties, etc. It's big, it has big rooms, it's all one floor, it's got marble/tile floor, it's got a big playroom with lots of games and toys for kids. It's just a good house for having people over. I love having people over to be with me - I like cooking for people, I like making people feel welcome in my home, I love hearing people laugh in my house, and talk in my house.
I was talking to a friend of mine and it seems like this just doesn't happen as often anymore. When we were young, I remember lots of church fellowships, parties with parent's friends, stuff like that. I remember playing with lots of kids and just hanging out with each other, with my parents in another room. I am not sure why, but it just seems like there aren't many gatherings at people's houses, not like it was years ago. I am not sure if people are just more critical of having people over, or if they just don't want to clean up after, or if they don't think there house is big enough, or if they think they don't have entertainment for kids at their house, or if they think their cooking isn't good enough, or what. Sometimes, I feel like I plan things as much as I can as excuses to have people come together. If there aren't showers to use as reasons for gatherings, people just don't think to have people over. I love planning stuff. I love having gatherings as events to look forward to. Do you? Do you have people over as much as you'd like? Do you like being the host of gatherings? I would love to know what people think about this, because I think it's important, especially as parents with changing social lives, to continue to fellowship and be around other adults and get to know them. What do you think?

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alegna79 said...

I love having people over. It is so fun. I remember being a kid and having friends over or family for holidays or whatever. It is something Iove now. My kids ask everyday who is coming over...maybe we do it too much. Haha!! I'm glad you like it too. :)