Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where Have All The Princesses Gone?

You will find them at my daughter's daycare!

For the first time ever, my daughter's babysitter says she has no boys, they all grew up and now, it's just all girls, all the time!
When I drop her off, I usually see them all getting on their pretty dresses to play. Jenn said yesterday they were just all at each other's throats and weren't getting along at all, which sure, all girls=drama, drama, drama. But I love that she gets to do this all day long. Every time I think about moving her to a daycare which has more structure and learning curriculum, I think, she's two! There will be plenty of time for that. She knows how to count to 15, she knows her ABCs, she knows some colors and shapes, she knows how to color, she's potty trained and speaks really well. I think for only being 27 months, she is doing really well. She needs to just play as long as she can in her young years!
Speaking of Avery, we are working on now the names of people in our family. We quiz her constantly. "What's mommy's name?" and since she has always called Jordan "bubba" and Sophia "sissy" we always ask her what their names are. We will also say, "Who is Colbi's mommy?" stuff like that. We will also ask her what is her last name and her whole name and she can sometimes tell you.
Avery is getting into the "no" phase and throwing herself down or going limp when she doesn't want to do stuff. Just tantrums. I try to just ignore them and just correct her behavior. Most of the time, a good stern look in the eye and saying, "You do not tell Mommy no" does the trick. We try spankings, but she's the kid who we will say, "do you want a spanking?" and she will turn her toushy around and say "yes..." so, that's not really a punishment. Timeouts are what she hates the most, but most of the time, I just tell her that what she is doing is not acceptable and that does the trick. Or, if she is whining that I won't do what she wants until I am asked in a big girl voice and nicely. I don't know, she pushes our boundaries for sure but she is supposed to...how else is she going to know what the rules are?
At night now, she loves to be rocked. When I turn the lights off, she ALWAYS says, "You rock me a minute?" and we rock and sing. She has to be covered up and if one little space is not covered, she makes me fix it until she is all snuggly and warm. It's what she likes and right after that, she goes right to sleep. Last night, she fell out of her bed at about 3 am and I hear loud crying and she comes to our room and I hug her, poor thing! I mean, the bed is only about 6 inches off the floor, but what a surprise when you are asleep! She's been that bed almost 2 months and this is the first time that's happened.
Have a great day everyone!

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