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Playing in the Dirt

When I was little, I used to go to my Mimi and Pappaw's in the country. They had a big lot of land and a garden and lots of dirt. I would play in that dirt for hours. Even at my house, I would make mud pies and just play and get dirty and muddy. I remember just playing by myself for hours and hours outside, with nothing more than some old tupperware containers, sticks, and a big patch of dirt. It was awesome.
Well, Sophia and Avery have proven to me that this tradition has not changed. In fact, that's what they love to do in our backyard the most. I love it.
The just come in filthy, and we have to give them a bath immediately after, but it's totally worth it.

Then, we heard a ear piercing shreik/cry, from Avery. That is the worst sound because you just have no idea what you are about to walk up to. It scares me a little, thinking one of these days I am going to see one of their arms broken or tons of blood, but this was not one of those times. But it is the first time she's ever really broken skin. I mean, it was barely a scrape on her hand, and she was just crying and crying. I said, "do you want a band-aid?" And I gave her a Barbie one, and the crying immediately stopped and she ran outside to show everyone else.
Here she is admiring it:
It was only on for about two minutes, and then it was pulled off because it was in her way of playing. Awesome, I have a little trooper on my hands.

It was kind of cool, but such a beautiful day!


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