Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Have You Given Up For Your Children?

On Babycenter today, one of the bloggers posed the questions What did you give up for your children? after reading an article about the Oscar nominated movies this season. It made me really think about that and I thought I would write a response on my own blog, and perhaps pose the question to those 3 of you who read it.
Let's put aside the notion that anything you gave up for your kids are "small sacrifices compared to the greater blessings you received instead." Of course, I love being a mother and wouldn't give it up for the world. But sure, there are things I gave up after I had her. Now, alot of these things I am about to list would have probably gone by the way side anyway, as I got older, but that is neither here nor there.
1. I have given up my sick days.
Very rarely do my sick days or personal time off days ever go to me. I was actually thinking this morning about the last day I took off, JUST to spend the whole day doing what I wanted to do. It hasn't happened since before I was pregnant. Even if I took a day off, I would probably feel guilty that my daughter was at daycare, when I could get her and spend more time with her, and probably end up picking her up early anyway.
2. I have given up the opportunity and ability to sleep in, past 6:45.
EVEN IF I WANTED TO, since my daughter came along, I couldn't sleep in, without waking up at 6:45. There have been a few evenings we've spent with Avery sleeping at her Gigi and Pops and the next day, we pop right up, so excited to take advantage of an adult breakfast and our time kid-free. Wasting an entire kid-free morning sleeping just seems silly.
3. We have given up the ability to be spontaneous as a couple.
OK, I guess you could still be spontaneous with kids. "Hey honey, I know we were supposed to eat in tonight and we put that stuff in the crockpot, but let's be spontaneous and go eat out at Dickeys (because we have a buy one, get one free dinner coupon to there.)" You can't just decide, last minute, to do something in your relationship. like even after work dinner, without having a plan for the kiddo/s.
4. I have given up the ability to be able to get ready to go anywhere in less than an hour.
Especially when all three kids are with us, even to go to the park or somewhere simple, you have to make sure all things are done in your mental checklist. Have you all brushed your teeth? Check. Have you all gone to the bathroom? Check. Have you fixed both girls hair? Check. Has everyone eaten? Check.
5. I have given up my own new clothes so my kids can be cute.
I don't know how many times my daughter has gone out of the house looking more trendy and cuter than me. Seriously.
6. I have given up the ability to ever have an entire box of candy or treats in the pantry without being guilted into sharing with the rugrats, or to eat said candy or treats, out in the open, without the munchkins smelling/seeing/hearing you eat it and bothering me for some.
Don't lie. You've got a box of Little Debbies at the top of your pantry that your kids don't even know about, don't you? DON'T YOU??
7. I've given up the ability to eat cereal or other non-nutritious junk food for dinner (on a regular basis).
You have to set a good example, and make sure the kids are getting the good stuff, so you can no longer eat junk for dinner and call it a day. I remember when Jason and I first started dating, he asked me for the first time, "What's for dinner?" and my thought was, "I haven't thought about this whatsoever, I was just going to eat a bowl of cereal and chips that I had in the pantry. THE ONLY thing I had in my pantry."
8. I have given up the ability to eat the afore mentioned cereal and chips every night for dinner and still being thin and trim, despite never working out.
Yeah, not happening now that I have had a child.
9. I have given up the ability to live frugally or give up certain "essentials," such as healthy groceries or life insurance, to have a more fun life or to buy things I actually want instead.
Yeah, you can't live in that little bitty apartment, with things that might not work all that great in, so save money to go out on more girls' nights with friends. Or have a car that needs to be fixed in so many ways, that isn't dependable, but that is PAID OFF so you can have more money to buy clothes. I can't tell you how many times I used to say, "If I can only spend $20 on groceries, I can use the rest to go out this weekend. What, Snackables are on sale for $1? Those can last me for days!" (Yes, that actually happened to me.)
10. I've lost the ability to come home to a quiet house and turn on the TV to any old show I want.
From the second I walk in the door, a child, husband or animal bombards me immediately. Then, instead of being able to watch Friends before dinner because it might contain innappropriate language, I must watch Tangled for the millionth time or a show on Disney. In fact, I've pretty much given up control of the TV anytime the kids are awake.
Well, there are 10 items on my list, what are some things you've given up for your children?


Mariella said...

Hi! I loved your post!! I have given up pretty much everything you have plus getting my hair cut regularly, my job and reading for hours and hours... but I wouldn't change anything, I love my life just as it is!!! Hace a nice day :) and continue writing!!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Hello! Thank you for commenting!!! Yeah, I got lucky that my sister started her own salon, she MAKES me get my hair cut now, but before, I would go months!!