Monday, January 14, 2013

New Decor Additions

I made this wreath from the burlap and wired ribbon I used for Christmas trees, and I wire hanger. I am actually pretty impressed with how it came out! And it took me 15 minutes? I wish I could have made a bigger one, but I just had an idea for it right after I decided to through all of that away and changed my mind, so I wasn't about to make a run to Hobby Lobby for a wreath ring.

Not bad!
That frame is wooden and I got it at a garage sale for $1. It came with a frame of a Jesus-looking man, but I didn't keep the painting. I just wanted the frame.
I also got this painting/frame combo at the same sale for $1. I really wanted just the frame, as it's gold metal and really neat looking.

I put the picture up one day, just to see how much space it would take up on the wall, and suddenly realized that the colors in the painting actually went with the rest of the room. Then I thought, hey, I have no ugly-art-conversation starters? So I just left the painting in and hung it up. We actually all like that painting, even though it's just dumb looking cougars in a canyon? Although, we all have different opinions of what it is. I do know that the signature says "1968" so that's pretty cool.
I can't wait to make this space really cool. I want to paint those curtains chevron one of these days, just to add some depth. We shall see!


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