Monday, January 21, 2013

My Weekend with the Kids

Ok, honestly, connecting with my step-kids hasn't always been easy. I try to find ways for us to spend time together that are enjoyable for both of us, but it's not always simple to do.
So, I was surprised when Jordan suggested last Thursday that we make dinner out of his Usbourne travel book that his Aunt Faith gave him for Christmas. He said we could go shopping and cook everything from scratch! He came over Friday and made me a shopping list before I even came home from work, so I knew he was serious!

Ok, so, this dinner was pretty costly and I had to go grocery shopping again to replace some items we needed for the week, AND it totally ruined my diet that day, but he was so excited about doing this with me, that those were all wonderful sacrifices to see him have fun.
He made the cupcakes 100% by himself, with me only helping when it involved the oven.
He even wore this apron, that was made specially for him by a friend of our family when Jason and I got married!

I think he like baking especially cause it really is alot like science!

We made a greek salad (which was alot like bruschetta)...

And open faced sandwiches, which were basically just sandwiches with only one piece of bread.

Everyone got theirs exactly how they wanted it. 

To make the evening truly special, we decided to dine by candlelight.
Such a nice day!

 I decided the next day to spend some time with Sophia. What better way to relate to my step-daughter that loves to dress up than tea parties??
I offered us having a tea party and she RAN with the idea...
so we went to my old make-up kit that is now designated just for Sophia, and I am sure, Avery, when they want to be made up.

And Sophia loved it. At one point, she looked at me and said, "Do I look scary? I kind of think I look scary."

I decided to donate one of my old dresses to the "Sophia's Dress Up Fund" and let her borrow a pair of my heels...
And my wedding china even got some use today! What you see here are Swiss Rolls (Little Debbie, of course), butter cookies covered in chocolate, and Andes mints, her favorite. Like I said, my diet suffered this weekend. Oh, and sweet tea.

She had some great pretend conversation...

and we enjoyed being in Paris, meeting together over some wonderful pastries and tea.

It was pretty fun. My mimi and me used to have tea when I was little. I was glad I can carry on the tradition.

This weekend was great fun. I am so glad I got to spend time with the kids, doing exactly what they wanted to do!


Kaydi said...

Looks like so much fun! You're a great step momma!

dpetty17 said...

That is so sweet Jenna! I know they each had a great time!